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Princess Visanne
Location Carzog's Demise
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Princess Visanne

Princess Visanne, a Breton, was the daughter of King Renwic and Queen Nurese. She is seen in King Renwic's vision of the past, where she was taken prisoner by Warcaller Targoth's soldiers.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

After speaking to Hunt-Wife Othikha, you'll find Princess Visanne under the watch of a Seamount Executioner:

"Why did you invade our island? We had no quarrel with you!"
Answer me true, and you live. Lie, and you die.
"I was raised by the knights you cut down. They taught me to be brave. I'll not beg.
Father will cast all of you into Oblivion!"
Your father can't control what he's about to summon. Help me stop him.
"No! You'll just murder him before he can save us.
I won't let that happen. Father knows a secret power, one left by the Ayleids."
Tell me about your father's spell, or I will hurt you.
"Hurt me? You'll hurt us all if Father doesn't stop you.
I'm not afraid of you, Orc! I'm not.
Tell me how to open the door, or I'll kill your mother.


"Why did you invade our island? We had no quarrel with you!"

If you tell the executioner to kill her, she'll scream:

Princess Visanne : "No, wait. Please, don't kill me! Show mercy! Mercy!"

Her spirit will become tethered by magic. Speak to her and she'll say:

"I hate you. I hate you so much. Why would you do this to me?"
By this charm, I compel you to answer me.
"Cruel beast! Father will make you pay for what you've done."
What is King Renwic planning?
"He's going to defeat you! He'll avenge me, avenge everyone. He'll use the magic in this ruin to wipe you all out.
You'll die, too. You can't stop him."
How do I open the door that guards your king?


Where is the king hiding?


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