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Projection of Vanus Galerion
Location Outside The Black Forge
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
Projection of Vanus Galerion

The Projection of Vanus Galerion is a spectral projection of Vanus Galerion found outside the Black Forge. It was created by the Great Mage to inform those part of the Coldharbour invasion force of his whereabouts, and is more of a recording than a live projection, as Vanus has been captured by the time you encounter it.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngVanus Unleashed: Prevent the Daedra from using Galerion's essence to power the Planemeld.


When approached, the Projection wlll say "The great and wondrous Vanus Galerion has a message for you." and you can speak to it to hear the

"Greetings! This magical projection presents my current plan to my allies. Separated and alone, I decided to complete our mission. Personally.
I entered the Black Forge through a side door with the intention of destroying the Great Shackle beyond."
Why did you go in alone?
"In case it needs to be said, the Black Forge creates all of Molag Bal's vile weapons, including the dark anchors and the Great Shackle.
With the Great Shackle destroyed, the threat of the Planemeld should come to an end."
You can't actually hear me, can you?
"No need to concern yourself. I'm sure I have this well in hand. I imagine I've already destroyed the Great Shackle and even now we're celebrating our victory over the Lord of Brutality.
Yes, I'm sure that's what has happened."
I don't think that's what happened. I should go in and find Vanus.

If you talk to the projection after deciding to find Vanus, it will just repeat the initial message.