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The Fang of Lorkhaj
Location The High Lunarium, Maw of Lorkhaj
Species Grievous Twilight
Health Normal24993878Veteran64634364
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dro-m'Athra
Rakkhat casting Void Sphere

Rakkhat, The Fang of Lorkhaj, is a demonic dro-m'Athra found within the Maw of Lorkhaj. In appearance he looks like a large Grievous Twilight with glowing blue stripes. He serves as the trial's final boss.

During the fight, shadowy images of ritualists will appear in the center of the room. Some players then need to pass through the gate to the back of the room, and defeat a total of six ritualists there (Bent Cats and Void Callers). While they are present, the lunar images on the floor will begin to darken. Should all eight be dark, Rakkhat will cast Void Sphere, which deals large amounts of damage across the entire room.

His loot, which may include Defiled Whiskers, will appear in a nearby reward chest.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

  • Consumed by the Void:
  • Threshing Wings
  • Crushing Void:
  • Annihilation Sphere:
  • Searing Shadows:
  • Void Blast[verification needed]:
  • Void Bomb[verification needed]:
  • Void Sphere:
  • Wrath of the Void:

Related Quests[edit]


Rakkhat's emergence:

  • "Ruin, pain, and shadow! Die, fools! Die!"

Combat Dialogue:

  • "Burn!"
  • "Moonlight cannot thwart me!"
  • "Dancers in the dark, come forth!"
  • "The end is nigh, vermin."
  • "Moonlight... a fool's refuge!"
  • "You think you've won? Pathetic."
  • "Unleash your fury!"
  • "Bathe in the hail of sorrows!"
  • "I will break you!"
  • "Submit!"
  • "You cannot hide from me!"
  • "Ghost cats, arise!"
  • "Weak! You are all weak!"
  • "Drag them to the Darks!"
  • "Behold, the power of the void."
  • "Behold the wrath of Lorkhaj!"
  • "Forward, child of darkness!"
  • "Rejoice, children. The void approaches!"
  • "These seals are mine!"
  • "You persist? Very well."
  • "Wither and die!"
  • "You will fall!"[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "There you are!"[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "Despair!"
  • "Rise, child of Lorkhaj."
  • "Drown in shadow!"
  • "You only delay the inevitable."
  • "Show them the wrath of Namiira!"
  • "The storm approaches..."
  • "Kneel!
  • "Back, vermin!
  • "There is no escape!"
  • "Sar-m'Athra! Your banquet awaits!"[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "Back to the darkness, churl."[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "Your fate is sealed."[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "Vazh. Hissirna kassaad."[verification needed — Does he say this?]
  • "You have no power here!"
  • "Shadows, take shape. Slaughter them!"
  • "Doom stands upon your threshold."
  • "No ward can stop me!"

Casting Void Sphere:

  • "Look on me, fools, and see the end of all things!"
  • "The Moons have forsaken you! All that remains is shadow and death!"
  • "Doom is upon you. You will drown in shadow and blood!"
  • "All is ruin! All is sorrow! Die!"

If all players die:

  • "The void prevails."
  • "Your souls are ours to shape―ours to destroy."

Restarting the fight after a group wipe:

  • "Shall I teach you another lesson in futility?"

Bringing him into execute phase:

  • "Enough! This ends now."


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