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(lore page)
Location Varies
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Eyes of the Queen

Razum-dar, known simply as Raz to his friends, is a Khajiit initially found in Eagle's Strand. If you are aligned with the Aldmeri Dominion, you will meet him upon leaving Coldharbour. After you help Commander Karinith and Ealcil at his behest, Razum-dar will relocate to Mistral and later to Auridon to ask you for aid in several more quests. Eventually, Razum-dar reveals himself as one of the Eyes of the Queen—personal agents of Queen Ayrenn, whom he knows personally from her days exploring Tamriel as a princess. He frequently serves a liaison between you and the Queen in matters she cannot be seen as publicly involved in.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Khenarthi's Roost[edit]

Storm on the Horizon[edit]

If you begin the quest after returning from Vulkhel Guard, Razum-dar will seek you out after you've spoken to Captain Tremouille and starts the conversation abruptly

"We need your face to become familiar so your presence won't be questioned. Come, stay by my side."
What do you mean?
"This one saw you fall from thin air. Pop, drop, splash. Raz would have tried for a backflip, but under the circumstances this one is most impressed."
Why did you send me to Vulkhel Guard?
"Razum-dar is here on a mission of some … delicacy. This one did not know how your presence here would change it. But honestly, Raz is glad you returned. You may be just what he needs."
Why do you need me?
"First, a question. Where did you come from?"

Alternately, if you stayed on the island, he'll call to you:

Razum-dar: "You there! Wet one! This one needs to speak to you."

You can then speak to him.

"Welcome to Khenarthi's Roost, friend. The hurricane must have been very disorienting. So many injured, confused … keep your voice down. Try not to draw attention."
What are you talking about?
"Razum-dar is here on a mission of some … delicacy. You are just what the Baandari ordered. Between your hands and Raz's good looks, we are certain to see this through."
What kind of help do you need?
"First, a question. Where did you come from?"
You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
"If you'd landed five paces north, you'd have squashed a rat, slipped on its guts, and cracked your head on a signal drum. The whole island would have known of your arrival. So where did you come from, truly?"
Coldharbour, Molag Bal's realm. He plans to invade Tamriel.
"A Daedric Prince, you say? Raz has a nose for lies, but you seem clean as an ocean breeze. Hmm. If anyone else asks you … where will you say you came from?"
Coldharbour. Molag Bal possesses my soul. Tamriel is in great danger.
"My, my. You're a focused one, aren't you? It is good to be focused. But it is also good, right now, to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in. You understand?"
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"

However, if you retrieved your soul from the God of Schemes you will have a different option among the others.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
"If you'd landed five paces north, you'd have squashed a rat, slipped on its guts, and cracked your head on a signal drum. The whole island would have known of your arrival. So where did you come from, truly?"
The Daedric Prince Meridia asked me to set things right across Tamriel.
"A Daedric Prince, you say? Raz has a nose for lies, but you seem clean as an ocean breeze. Hmm. If anyone else asks you … where will you say you came from?"
The truth. Why would I lie about Meridia's request?
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"

References to Coldharbour will be omitted if you have the Morrowind chapter and consequently did not escape Coldharbour during the tutorial:

"Welcome to Khenarthi's Roost, friend. The hurricane must have been very disorienting. So many injured, confused … keep your voice down. Try not to draw attention."
What are you talking about?
"Razum-dar is here on a mission of some … delicacy. You are just what the Baandari ordered. Between your hands and Raz's good looks, we are certain to see this through."
What kind of help do you need?
"First, a question. Where did you come from?"
[Lie] I'm a Dominion soldier who survived the shipwreck.
"Yes, lie with confidence! A straight face, and a gleam in your eye. Well done!
It is very good right now to fit in. Your sudden arrival? It does not fit in, you understand?"

The further dialogue is the same in any case:

Why should I trust you?
"You should not! You should trust your instincts. Leave if you wish! No one will stop you.
Or, come with Raz and do what you can to help us recover. In the process, grow your stature and wealth. It is entirely up to you."
Who are you?
"Just a friendly Khajiit, privileged to see someone drop from nowhere and land in sea. A shame you cannot do that at will. You could make piles of coin, sell tickets!"
Why are you helping me?
"Because you are no soldier, which is useful. You can speak with the locals, assure them we are not invaders or marauders.
Now, come. Let us try to fit in."
Very well.

He will take you over to Commander Karinith and provide an introduction:

Razum-dar: "Commander Karinith, a moment? This recruit survived the shipwreck without injuries. You mentioned something about the Shattered Shoals, yes?"

After you have spoken with the commander and received your orders, Karinith recommends you speak to Ealcil, so Razum-dar will lead you to him.

Razum-dar: "Ealcil is this way,"
<Razum-dar gets Ealcil's attention.>
Razum-dar: "Ealcil, this recruit wishes to speak with you."

After introducing you two, Razum-dar will want a find word away from prying eyes.

Razum-dar: "We should speak privately. Before you depart, let's meet by the statues north of camp."

He will wait for you at the exit of the settlement once you believe you've gathered enough information. He seems to think you are off to a good start.

"There, you see? You fit in and no one will stop you from walking away. But, as this one said, there are opportunities here for people that fall from the sky."
I'm listening.
"Ealcil is most impressed with his newest bauble. But the undead are a threat to all of Khenarthi's Roost.
If you want to, you could search the Temple of the Mourning Springs. Determine how to contain the dead there. Then the locals should see we came here as allies, not conquerors."
All right. Anything else?
"Karinith told you how the hurricane dashed the fleet into Khenarthi's Roost. Now the Sea Vipers are picking at the bones of our ships. Strange, yes?
You could scout the coast, as the commander said. Prove yourself to the soldiers."
Where are you headed?
"Oh, there's far less glamorous work to be done in Mistral, at the northern end of the island. Let's meet up there, after you've done what you decide to do.
Until then, Bright Moons guide your steps."

If you speak with him again, he will tell you, "Good luck out there. This one will stay here for a moment. Relax, so that no one says we do not fit in."

After you have investigated the Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs, you can seek him out in Mistral.

"This one has heard reports. You've kept busy. Good! You fit in now more than ever. How did things go?"
I put an end to the troubles in Shattered Shoals and the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
"Clearly, you were meant to help us out. Jone and Jode have a sense of humor, yes? And, of course, Raz thinks discretion deserves a reward."

This concludes the quest and you receive the Gold Fleet's Beacon as a reward.

The Perils of Diplomacy[edit]

Meeting Razum-dar in Mistral, he'll say when seeing you: "You're here! Good, good!" Talk to him.

"Keep your wits about you, my new friend. Mistral's houses cast deep shadows, and vipers lurk in the tall grass."
What do you mean?
"Mistral is the jewel of the southern seas, a free port with trade ties to half of Tamriel. Ambassadors from the Dominion arrived weeks ago to negotiate its admission into the alliance. Unfortunately, things have not gone smoothly."
Why? What's happened?
"Khenarthi's Roost has an old treaty with the Maormer. They claim the Dominion fleet intended to invade their home waters.It's a sticking point in the negotiations. The Silvenar could use some help. Find him, give him this token. He'll know you're a friend."
<Take Razum-dar's token.>
"Without Mistral's support, the Dominion will have precious little defense on its southern coasts. But we are not here to conquer anyone. The Silvenar knows this. He's in the Chancery, seeking a peaceful resolution here."
Tell me about the Dominion.
"The High Elves, Wood Elves, and Khajiit stand united under the Eagle banner. We secure our borders against invaders, from the Covenant and Pact, but it is no easy task. And Queen Ayrenn leads our Dominion, of course."
Who is the Silvenar?
"He is the voice and spirit of the Wood Elves. They say he is, was, and will be their greatest leader... whatever that means. This one knows him as an unrivaled diplomat. He is also the Dominion's best hope of resolving this matter peacefully."
Who are you, really?
"Razum-dar is just a simple Khajiit. He seeks the best for all the people of Tamriel. Also, a saddle that won't pinch the tail. One day..."

After talking to the people at the Chancery, you meet him again at the tavern. "You think this one drinks on the job? Good, then so will everyone else. What is the word, my new friend?"

The Silvenar needs to see the treaty, but nobody will provide a copy.
"Ulondil certainly won't-his viper tongue is sharp. But Harrani can't because her copy was stolen. It only takes three drinks to loosen the tongue of a Chancery clerk, if you were curious."
Who stole Harrani's copy of the treaty?
"A good question? Raz answers it with an interesting bit of trivia: Ulondil posted a guard at his quarters the day of the theft. His subtlety is rivaled only by his pleasant personality. Oh, and it's five drinks for embassy staff. Six puts them out."
Are you certain Ulondil has the stolen treaty?
"Someone needs to slip into [sic] Maormer embassy, find a way past the guard, and rifle through Ulondil's private quarters. Oh, and do it without bloodshed that could provoke war with the Maormer. In case he was not clear, Raz is talking about you."
Why me?
"The pragmatist in this one says it's because you have no firm connection to the Dominion. The optimist says it's because you have proven yourself more than capable already. When you have the treaty, meet both of us at the bridge."

After stealing the treaty, he's found by the bridge. "The spring in your step! Did you know a sense of accomplishment can alter one's stride? You learn to notice it in others."

Indeed. Here's the treaty.
"The Silvenar is certainly being watched by the Maormer. You should inform him the treaty is safe. He will know what to do next."
I'll tell him.
"The Silvenar and the Green Lady are being put up in the armorer's home. Er, this one recommends you knock before entering. Green Lady gets jumpy at silent approach."
Do you think having the treaty will help?
"At a quick glance? There are holes in the treaty. When the Silvenar worries at them, he'll tear a hole in the Maormer's side. The treaty, of course. Not Ambassador Ulondil. Though... heh, that would be funny."

If you talk to him again before finding the Silvenar, he'll say, "Best not to mention our methods. It will only bring questions and hard feelings, yes?"

You find the Silvenar dead in the armorer's home, and the hunt for the murderer begins. Examining the leads that Harrani provides, you find the apothecary being accused (and captured) by Ulondil. You tell Raz what you found.

"Killing the Silvenar was foolish. The Green Lady and the Silvenar shared a lifebond. She has little time to avenge him before she too will die, and the Green Lady is a most dangerous creature. But then, you have that spring in your stride again. What have you learned?"
Nothing that leads to the Silvenar's killer. Here.
"The Maormer plan something, but what? Wait, the apothecary sold Daedra blood in these specific amounts? That would explain the strange liquid upon the... Oh no. Bright moons, no."
What's wrong?
"This is a sample of the vile cloud from around the Silvenar's body. Bring it to the Green Lady. Tell her it killed her beloved. As for the rest, Harrani will see what you found. We must move like Khenarthi herself is at our backs."

If you talk to him again right after this, he'll advise you to be cautious near the Green Lady: "You must tell the Green Lady what killed her husband. Try to stand to the side, just beyond her reach. A simple precaution."

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

After stopping the ritual, you meet Raz again who leads you to safety. "My friend, you've done it! Quickly now, you must run! Come, you must leave this place! Follow me!" Follow him to the docks.

"My friend! To escape death so triumphantly is a constant thrill, yes? Not so thrilling for the Maormer, of course."
How did you find me?
"The Maormer are fled or dead, thanks to your efforts. Khenarthi's Roost is safe, and voluntarily a part of the Aldmeri Dominion. So, if you must know? Razum-dar keeps an eye on promising people."

This completes the quest and you receive Storm-Slave's Razor.


To Auridon[edit]

Talking to Raz on Cat's Eye Quay will lead you to the next quest. "If Raz had known you would do so well, he would have scrounged you a nicer reward. Apologies. The Mistral armory is not what it once was."

So what now?
"The Maormer are like [sic] drunken uncle. Chase them off and they always come back. Next time Khenarthi will be waiting for them. Problem is, there are places that will not be so prepared."
What places?
"If the vipers are here in numbers strong enough to assault Khenarthi, all of the southern seas are in danger. The Queen is in Auridon right now, beginning a royal visit. Raz would ask you to head to Vulkhel Guard and report to Watch Captain Astanya."
I'll do it.
"Astanya can pass word to Her Majesty. Perhaps you can catch a ride on the Prowler. Raz heard Jimila plans to set sail. He suspects she may owe you a favor."
Ask you a few questions before I go?
"Of course! After all you have done for us here, it would be rude of Raz to say no."
Who is this Watch Captain?
"Astanya is the lovely watch captain of the Wulkhel Guard Watch. Raz has shared more than one drink with the captain, and more than one fight. She's getting a bit grouchy now that she's tied to one port, but she should set you arights."
What do you do, Raz?
"This one is a simple Khajiit, like he said when we first met. He resolves issues as they come up. He acts in the best interest of the Dominion and the Queen."
What can I expect in Auridon?
"Very tall Elves and very pretty shores. Auridon is the most worldly part of the Summerset Isles, and still many of the High Elves consider it a sanctuary away from the rest of the world. This one thinks they are kidding themselves."
Do you think I'll see you again?
"Oh, Raz would not be surprised. You have already proven yourself a competent sort. Simple Khajiit like this one have a tendency to need competent people like you."

A Hostile Situation[edit]

After being captured by the traitorous watch captain, he somehow finds you and lets you escape the prison. :"Raz must admit. Even he did not think we'd be seeing each other again so soon. How are you, my friend?"

Terrible. Raz, what are you doing here?
"He is here to help, as always! You may have noticed your new friend Fasion lies dead on the ground behind you. Raz knew Fasion well. As he thought he did Astanya."
What happened to him?
"The captain happened. Fasion and Raz worked together, as agents of the Queen. Fasion was not willing to give up secrets. And so now Fasion is dead."
You going to let me out of here?
"You will soon be free. But as on the island, Raz must ask your aid. You must warn the Queen, and her battlereeve. The captain will attempt to murder the Queen at the temple."
Just tell me what to do.
"You must get past the captain's men. Seek out another of our lady's agents, Eshaba. She stands watch in the marketplace, peddling her wares. Ask her for a souvenir of the First Marines, and she will set you on your path."

He lets you out of your cell, saying, "Now, out of here! Save the Queen."

"This one imagines you may have some questions. What can Raz tell you?"
How did you find me?
"You have this one's apologies. He was looking for Fasion. It is a happy accident, for us both, that you could be saved. You escape the cell. And Razum-dar's new plan to warn the Queen moves forward."
Why can't you warn the Queen?
"It is somewhat embarrassing, but... this one's face is known to some of the royal court. If Razum-dar were to approach, they would know something is amiss. You, a new face in a marine's uniform. They would suspect nothing."
That makes sense.
"ls there anything else this one can convey?"
So you work for the Queen?
"Yes. As did Fasion. He told you true. We are the Eyes of the Queen. We are few, and we stick to the shadows. But we have the honor of being the Queen's most-trusted agents."
The most-trusted agents? What about the First Auridon Marines?
"The battlereeve is fiercely loyal. He believes his marines are immune to manipulation. Like newly forged steel blades. But Razum-dar knows, better than most, how quickly stains can set in."
Can you tell me anything else about the Veiled Heritance?
"They don't think we need the Dominion to survive. They think the Queen is making a mistake, "elevating" the Bosmer and Khajiit to be equals with the High Elves. Racists. Isolationists. And general idiots."
Why didn't you tell me this before?
"Do you go around admitting your dark secrets to strangers? Raz knows you know how to keep a secret. This one's service to the Queen is an honor and a privilege. But not something he brags about in island bars."

If you skipped the quests on Khenarthi's Roost, his dialogue is different:

"Ahh. Razum-dar's new friend is awake. How do you feel, new friend?"
Terrible. What's going on?
"It is as this one said. Razum-dar is your new friend. But then, this one's friends call him Raz. You may have noticed your last new friend, Fasion. He lies dead on the ground behind you."
What happened to him?
"The captain happened. Fasion and Raz worked together as agents of the Queen. Fasion was not willing to give up secrets. And so now Fasion is dead."
You going to let me out of here?
"Raz needs a partner, now. So yes, you will soon be free. For a price. You must warn the Queen and her battlereeve. The captain will attempt to murder the Queen at the temple."
Just tell me what to do.
"You must get past the captain's men. Seek out another of our lady's agents, Eshaba. She stands watch in the marketplace, peddling her wares. Ask her for a souvenir of the First Marines, and she will set you on your path."

After he let's you out, you can talk to him again: "You have questions, new friend?" The answers and questions are the same as above, except you cannot ask him why he didn't tell you this before.

To Mathiisen[edit]

As per the battlereeve's instructions, you contact Raz outside Mathiisen. "Ah, my friend. This one was just thinking about you. Nothing personal, of course. Raz threat-assesses all of his assets."

The Battlereeve said you're looking into a Veiled Heritance connection here?
"Yes, yes. We are here to gather some intelligence, right some wrongs. And perhaps slit some throats. We'll see how the day goes."

Complete the quest and receive some gold.

Putting the Pieces Together[edit]

If you did not get the quest To Mathiisen, you still find Raz outside Mathiisen. He'll say when seeing you: "Such a lovely day for a stroll past Mathiisen." Talk to him to receive orders:

"Ah, hello. Perhaps you would be willing to help old Raz with a quick errand?"
What do you have in mind?

If you arrived to him during the quest To Mathiisen, his initial dialogue will be slightly different, but continues just the same: "You'll be perfect for this. You'll see. Raz has an eye for this sort of thing."

What do you have in mind?
"Her majesty set this one a task—investigate the leadership of the Veiled Heritance. The Veil's trail leads here, to the town of Mathiisen. Well known for their steel blades, yes? But also, apparently, weaponsmiths for anarchists."
Where do I fit in?
""You contact agent Fistalle on the east side of town. This one pads around her house. Then, we meet to discuss her report. Too bad Raz is so handsome, yes? He would get noticed.""
Whatever you say, Razum-dar.

This starts the Mathiisen objective.

""The Heritance are racists, yes? Idiots. But dangerous, destabilizing racist idiots. We must act.""
Can you tell me more about the Veiled Heritance?
""Raz may have oversimplified. These Altmer, the ones who wear the veil. They do not see themselves as racists. They see themselves as members of a far superior race. The rest of us just need some... help.""
What's their ultimate goal?
""Auridon for the Altmer." Cats like this one out, shortie Elves out. Nothing but tall folk, fair skin, and pointy eyes as far as the eye can see. Boring, yes?"
You trust me even though I'm new to the Eyes?
"Her Majesty trusts you. And you were of great help in Vulkhel Guard. Why would this one not trust a new, fresh face? Raz would never watch you with careful eyes, ready for the first sign of betrayal. Never!"

You find Fistalle dead in her home, and a curious note beside her body.

"And how is Fistalle, my friend? Raz loves her laugh. What did she learn?"
I'm sorry Raz. Fistalle is dead.
"Dead? Darm Moon and dull claws. Damn these fanatics."
I found this note on her body. I don't understand what it means.
"Let Raz see that."

"Even in death, she laughs at this one. Clever girl. It is a code, telling us who she suspected."

What do you make of it?
"She mentions a rat with a blade. Condalin is the forgemaster here, controls the smithy on the far end of town. Go, see what you can find. And be careful. Meet Razum-dar around the other side of the forge when you are done."

You can chat with Raz some more before heading to the forge. "So many good people lost these last few years. Don't let her death be meaningless."

It seems like you knew Fistalle well.
"Raz recruited her into the Eyes. Vouched for her to the Queen, and trained her as best he could. Now this one has to tell her parents. Another sad tale of the Queen's Eyes."

You search the forge and find the armament inventory.

"What did you find?"
I found this inventory. Condalin and the Canonreeve were arguing about this earlier.
"Interesting. Raz knows Mathiisen's Canonreeve. Malanie. Would not have suspected her. If she's donned the Veil, she's probably running the show here. Explains something, too."
What do you mean?
"A guard now stands before the door. Seems an odd place for a guard, yes? Want you to investigate. This one has another lead to run down."
I'll get into the house and meet you when I have something.
"We're close, my friend. We will act soon. Trust Razum-dar."
Why did you say you were surprised the Canonreeve wears the Veil?
"Just thought better of her. This one knows she and the Queen used to correspond regularly. To think she's fallen in with the Heritance. Shows even good people can do stupid things."

In Malanie's house, you find a Heritance officer's uniform. Outside the house, you find Raz has taken care of the guard.

"Our friend here was too noisy. Had to have some fun with him. What did the Canonreeve's home yield?"
An officer's uniform. Looks like you were right.
"It's true, then. Malanie leads the Heritance here. This town is corrupt, down to the roots. Damn it! The Queen will not be pleased."
What do we do?
"When the roots are fouled, there's only one thing left to do - rip them out of the ground."
Where do we start?
"The time to stay in the shadows is past. Now we step into the light."

You complete the quest for some gold.

"All right, now. You trust in Razum-dar, yes? He must ask you to trust him further. Malanie, Condalin. They are in the town barracks. You must go in, make a big noise. They will almost certainly capture you."
They'll what? Why should I let them capture me?
"Condalin's too observant. He knows we are here. If you go strolling in like the pompous hero, allow yourself to be taken, they'll let their guard down. Then old Raz finds you, frees you, and we strike!"
Fine. For the Queen.

This starts the next quest.

The Unveiling[edit]

"Razum-dar trusts you. Do the same for him, and he will not let you down."
This is your plan, really? Let me get captured?
"You have, perhaps, something better to do? Look, we are the Queen's Eyes. We do the tasks that must be done, even if it means getting hit on the head. Killing those who do not deserve it. Riding a guar naked through an Argonian temple."
Sorry, what?
"Raz only shares that story with veteran field agents. Perhaps another day."

You let yourself be captured by Malanie and Condalin. You are knocked out and wake up imprisoned, Raz waiting outside your cell door.

"You're awake now, sleeping kitten?"
Ow. I take it your plan worked?
"Just as we'd hoped. You did very well for new blood."
Are you going to make fun of me for the jail thing?
"What? This one would never note that this is the second time he is saving you. From jail. In less than a month. Not out loud, anyway."
Right. How'd you get down here, anyway?
"What do you think Raz did while you searched the town? He watched, observed, calculated. Raz has very good eyes, you see."
What now?
"Razum-dar unlocks the door. You go find Condalin. This one finds Malanie. Just be careful."
Where is Condalin?
"Near Fistalle's house. Bastard. Meet up with Raz near the forge when you are done. He'll know where Malanie is then."

You meet up near the forge then.

"The Canonreeve is inside, near the forge. She is trapped."
So this is it, then?
"Aye. Come, my friend. For Fistalle. For the Queen!"

If you try to talk to him before heading in:

"Let us finish the task at hand. We can chat afterward."

Inside, he'll hurry you further: "Let's take her out quickly. Be done with this place." The two of you will defeat Malanie inside the Smuggler's Tunnel:

Raz: "You are under arrest, Canonreeve. For treason against the Queen."
Malanie: "The only queen I serve is the Veiled Queen!"
Raz: "This is fine, traitor. We could use the exercise."

You two defeat Malanie. He'll say, "We are finished here. Raz can't stand the stink of the forge anymore." Exit the tunnels.

"Razum-dar wants to say that went pretty well. Then he remembers Fistalle, and her parents."
She'd be proud, Raz. She didn't die in vain.
"You're right. On behalf of the Queen, we give you thanks. One day you will be a great and mighty agent. Almost as great as Razum-dar. If that's possible."

This concludes the quest and you receive the Queen's Eye Leathers as a reward.

"Raz needs to report our success here. Her Majesty will be pleased."
What is our next move?
"I will return to Skywatch and see what can be learned there. Speak to Captain Tendil when you arrive. He will know where to find me."
Got it.

This starts the quest To Skywatch.

Lifting the Veil[edit]

You are greeted at the Skywatch Manor by a suspicious "Skywatch Noble": "Looking for Razum-dar? Follow th—me."

Who are you?
"Just follow."

Following him around the corner will result in Razum-dar removing his disguise to reveal himself. "Perhaps now you recognize Razum-dar, yes?"

Why the disguise?
"Skywatch is a dangerous town—today, of all days. You know of the festival? Estre's ceremony, yes?"
What's the ceremony about?
"To cement their relationship, the Queen plans to elevate Estre within the Thalmor. Everything must be perfect."
So what's the catch?
"The Heritance. Raz has word the Veil has fallen on Skywatch. They plan to attack the royalty, make a statement. We need someone to find the cell and snuff it out. And by someone, Raz means you."
Of course.
"It is a pleasure working beside you, my friend. Start at the Barbed Hook tavern, down by the docks. Use the phrase, "The wine here is made with Alik'r grapes." Raz is certain that will get you somewhere."
Anything else?
"Take the earring Raz used to disguise himself. You won't get far under the Veil looking like that."
I'll get it done, Raz.

Talking to him right after this, he'll say, "Moons guide you on your journey, my friend."

The Veil Falls[edit]

After successfully infiltrating the Heritance and learning the identity of their leader, you return to Skywatch and meet Raz again.

"Ah, good. Raz was beginning to worry about you."
Where's High Kinlady Estre?
"Calm yourself, friend. She's inside with the Queen. They're practicing for the Thalmor ceremony tomorrow. No need to worry."
You don't understand. Estre is the Veiled Queen.
"Truly? You are certain? If you're mistaken, accusing her-"
Raz, you have to trust me. I saw her speak to the Veiled Council.
"Then we end this. Come with Razum-dar!"

You go together to confront Estre in Hightide Keep. "Let's go. We must stop this." He approaches Queen Ayrenn. "My queen, this one apologizes. We must speak with you at once."

Ayrenn: "Razum-dar? What's going on here?"
Estre: "What is the meaning of this? Who let that cat in here?"
Razum-dar: "Our friend here will tell the tale."

You explain the situation to the queen, who is skeptical right until the point where Estre disappears into a Daedric portal. Razum-dar comments, if you talk to him after this: "That vile witch. I never liked her."

To Dawnbreak[edit]

"So, Estre is plotting to attack the seat of the Rilis family.
This one is not surprised. She has always been jealous of their rule in the north. We need to move, and we need to move now.
What do I do?
"Battlereeve Urcelmo was already on his way to the city. He will know what is happening.
Head to Firsthold, seek the Battlereeve. Raz will be right behind you"
I'll get going then.

Breaking the Barrier[edit]

Help the Mages Guild destroy Estre's wards in Firsthold, then meet Raz again.

"My friend. It is good to see you again. Your talisman? Razum-dar sees you have met Sinien. Cheerful, isn't she?"
Very. What's our next move?
"We storm the castle and the realm beyond. This one imagines Estre is very upset. She threw in her lot with Dagon and now .... Now nothing stands in our way."

This completes the quest.

Sever All Ties[edit]

You can get this quest from Raz right after finishing the previous one.

"Estre is vulnerable. But Tamriel is still open to the Deadlands. This must not be. We must close her gates. End the threat of the Daedra."
How do we close the gates?
"Each gate is maintained by a sigil stone. Enter the portal, find the stone, and destroy it. Raz is going to guess they will be guarded."
So I should be careful?
"Just so, my friend. Good luck in there. Raz will rejoin Urcelmo and the others. Ensure Firsthold is still here when you get back."
Good luck, Razum-dar.

Talking to him right after this, he'll say, '"Raz cannot say what you will find in the lands beyond. He doubts what you find will be friendly." Close the gates and return to him.

"The gates are closed. And Tamriel is just a little bit safer. What do you say we put an end to Estre?"
Where's the Battlereeve?
"He and Sinien are already inside. We have one more portal to close. The High Kinlady Estre clutches to Dagon's robes. Hides within the Deadlands."
Will you come with me, Raz?
"It would be Razum-dar's pleasure to fight by your side. Follow. He shall lead the way."
Right behind you.

He says, "This one shall open the door!" Enter Firsthold Castle. Go and defeat Estre with Urcelmo, Sinien and Raz. Return to Tamriel.

"Estre dead. Rilis found. Razum-dar couldn't have asked for more. Even this one must admit: you do good work. Without you leading the charge, today could have gone very differently."
What now, Raz?
"Queen Ayrenn has arrived. She is just outside, with her retinue. This one is certain she'll want to hear your report. Go. We will speak again soon."
As you say.

If you talk to him again right after this, he'll say, "Poor Queen. Razum-dar can't imagine her sitting out the fight willingly. Her retinue must have held der down to keep her from entering the fray." After finishing the quest by talking to the queen, he'll say, "Moons know our paths will cross again, my friend."


Frighten the Fearsome[edit]

Veil of Illusion[edit]

"This one would ask a favour. If this Thalmor mage turns Razum-dar into a monkey, you must exact vengeance.
Oh, and you would need to track down Pelidil on your own. Raz hopes this will not be the case though."

Double Jeopardy[edit]

A Storm Upon the Shore[edit]

Reaper's March[edit]

Rawl'kha Temple[edit]

During certain stages of the First Step:

  • "It is good to see you, my friend. Cariel has been updating this one on your work in Arenthia. Very nice. Razum-dar is impressed."
  • "Get gone, my friend. Don't keep the moon-sugar-induced visions waiting."
  • "You have returned! This one hopes the visions were not too intense. Raz has heard stories."

At the start of the Path to Moonmont, he will say: "My friend, before you go, Raz would tell you: he leaves now to travel to Senalana, an Ayleid ruin west of Arenthia. The Colovians are still fighting to hold those old stones. This one must know why."

Gates of Fire[edit]

Within Senalana, Razum-dar can be seen at the other side of an Ayleid gate and will yell "Over here!" You cannot go to where he is, but you can still speak to him:

"It is good to see a friend in such a dark place."
What's the situation, Raz?
"We are trapped, my friend. We hold the door against the Colovians, but that is all the good news Raz has. Beyond us, the ruin has collapsed. We cannot reach you and you cannot reach us."
There's no way to get you out of there?
"Raz and his men came down here knowing what had to be done. You and I have done the Queen's work in the past, yes? Raz must trust you to do what we cannot. You must unlock the shrine behind you and destroy the circlet."
Why is this all so critical? Is this thing that dangerous?
"We cannot risk it, my friend. The tales of the circlet make it a clear and present threat to the Queen and all of the Dominion. It must be destroyed... even though it may cost Raz his life."
How do I get to the circlet?
"You have to depress the triggers in the proper order. We found runes along this corridor saying it's a sequence of four triggers. Press the first to the left and then the last to the right. The other two... we could not find."
I'll figure it out.
"Raz feels he should say... ahem. He should say his farewells. Do not worry, my friend. This one will not hold his death against you."
Why would destroying the circlet kill you?
"The defenses in the ruin will allow you to destroy the circlet. But the mage with me says unlocking the circlet will trigger the collapse of this complex. Destroying it will most likely seal us in."

Optional dialogue:

Why do you have to die?
"Well... the truth is that it is your choice. You could take the circlet and free us from this room. The rune on the wall behind you, the Tower. That should fire up the defenses and end our Colovian problem."
What happens if I destroy the circlet, again?
"The defenses in the ruin overload and trap all of us in a collapsing avalanche of rock and dust. Do not worry... Raz and his men are prepared for what must happen."
Can't I just take the circlet and we can destroy it later?
"No, would that it were so. The runes were clear, the only way to destroy the circlet is here. In the defenses the Ancients put in place for just this purpose."
So I could just take the circlet and give it to you for safekeeping.
"No! The circlet is an abomination. It must be shattered, destroyed. Razum-dar's duty here is clear. The circlet cannot be allowed to leave the vault."
Is it really worth your life?
"Razum-dar is first in the Eyes of the Queen. He has sworn his life to the service of Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri. To die in service to Her Majesty, it is what he prays for in the morning. Well... perhaps not prays for."
Why do you trust me with this?
"You are Razum-dar's friend. His comrade, another trusted soul in the Eyes of the Queen. Raz knows you will make the hard decision. You will do what must be done."
I can't just take the circlet and do something terrible with it?
"Hah! Raz trusts you not to do that. But more importantly, holding the circlet and using it are very different propositions. Without the proper incantations, the circlet is useless. Incantations Raz intends to see destroyed with Senalana."

After you have picked up the circlet, Raz will say "Now, quickly, destroy the crown. Place it in the furnace. Burn that abomination. For the Queen and the Dominion!" You have the option of speaking to him again before making your choice:

"It is out of my hands now, my friend. It has been an honor serving with you."
The decision is mine?
"There is no one else. Yes, if you touch the Tower rune... I live. If you place the circlet in the furnace... I die. You must decide."
Can we chat a moment, Raz? I need a moment to think.
"Of course, my friend. We can hold the door a few minutes more. What did you want to discuss?"
Our time on Auridon. That was quite the battle.
"Of course. To which daring adventure in the Summerset isles are you referring?"
The mission in Skywatch.
"The High Kinlady and her little insurgency. Of course... Raz got to go disguised as an Elven noble. This one had a long conversation with one of the noble ladies at Estre's party. She spent the whole time complaining about 'stinking Khajiit.' Heh."
Our mission in Mathiisen.
"Yes, the little town with the forge. Raz had just gone there to get a report from Fistalle. Just a routine check-in. And we found that nest of... vipers. Pah. How brave those racists were, to kill a young woman."
That business in Vulkhel Guard.
"The day you proved yourself to Her Majesty! She has often spoken of that day to Raz, commenting on your bravery. Heh. It is a shame this one will never get a chance to tell you the story about the bear."
That business on Khenarthi's Roost?
"The day you fell from the sky, my friend? How could I forget? We had quite the time that day. Diplomats and pirates... and such a storm! Raz had to dry his fur for weeks afterwards."
The work we did in Greenshade. That was interesting.
"How could I forget? Which of Razum-dar's several missions in the Wilderking's kingdom are you referring to?"
How can I forget Hectahame?
"Pah, that pathetic Prince. To think Her Majesty shared blood with that one. The day we ended him, once and for all, is a day Raz remembers well. This one has always been proud to fight beside you."
Woodhearth was quite the adventure, right?
"The traitor, yes? And another disguise... heh. It took Raz days to convince Her Majesty to let this one impersonate her. And to work on the voice... it took more days yet. Ahh, some days this one really did enjoy the job."
I was thinking of the Seaside Sanctuary.
"Pelidil, the Maormer, and... the sea serpent, yes? Hah, this one wishes he had been along for that fun. So it always goes, the Eyes must do what must be done. They do not get to choose what fun they have."

If you choose to destroy the circlet, Razum-dar will yell "Thank you, my friend. I'll see you on the other side!" as he runs out of the ruin on his side of the gate.

If you choose to keep the circlet, he will yell "What are you doing? You should have destroyed it!" and run out of the ruin alongside you.

When you get back to the camp and destroyed the circlet, you will have to speak to Centurion Burri. If you kept the circlet, you will have to speak to Razum-dar, who is quite frustrated:

"Why? Why did you do it? Razum-dar was clear in what he said."
I couldn't let you die.
"That was not your call! Razum-dar told you what had to be done. Now, he must carry this circlet. Search for a new place to hide it. A fearsome burden, and one he does not take lightly. Damn it!"

After completing the quest, he will throw a smoke bomb and vanish.

The Moonlit Path[edit]

If you are still on the Fires of Dune, he will greet you with "Congratulations, Hallowed. This one is not very spiritual... but even a fool knows we need a shield against the darkness."

At the start of the Moonlit Path, he will say "Good luck in there. Raz would not face a vision quest for all the moon-sugar in Elsweyr. But he is sure you will do fine."

Within the Demi-Plane of Jode, you can speak to the alternate timeline Razum-dar in the "Urclemo's Betrayal" portion:

"Ah good... you're here. Razum-dar was afraid he would have to bleed to death by himself."
Are you injured?
"This one? Injured? Nobody can injure Razum-dar. He is invincible... but he must ask that you talk quickly. He does not think he will be awake long."
Was that Battlereeve Urcelmo that attacked you?
"The Veil is stronger now than it ever was. Where... where have you been? The Battlereeve turned on Her Majesty when she tried to hold the Dominion together by force of will. The other alliances... took Cyrodiil, march on Summerset."
What can be done?
"For Raz? Nothing. Raz will rest here, until this Eye of the Queen closes. All that Raz has left is his oath. He swore he would protect Ayrenn. He swore he would protect his dearest friend."
I'll find her, Raz. I'll keep her safe.
"Good... good. Razum-dar is tired. He... he will sleep. If he does not wake up, this one hopes to see you where the Bright Moons dwell. Good luck, my friend."
Good luck, Raz.
"Why... why are you still here? We have already said touching farewell. Go!"

Back at Dune, you can speak to Razum-dar again and he will say "Hunal has been giving us a running commentary of how it's going in there. Truly, your vision showed me falling to Urcelmo's blade? Raz thinks Jone and Jode do not know him very well."

After completing the quest, he will say "Hallowed, the Queen already has plans to make use of us again. Speak with her, if you would."

Messages Across Tamriel[edit]

Dominion Version[edit]


Covenant and Pact Versions[edit]

During Messages Across Tamriel, if you have to convince Queen Ayrenn to attend the meeting on Stirk, Raz will be by her side in the Elden Root throneroom. If you try and speak with him he will make it clear that he will not hesitate if you try anything, saying "This one's eye is on you. Make one move against the Queen and this one will cut you down."

After speaking with the Queen, Razum-dur will make some comments depending on your faction alliance. If you are part of the Covenant:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Copper Dariah that this one looks forward to seeing her lithe figure in her tight leathers."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

If you are part of the Pact:

Razum-dar: "Tell the lovely Dunmer, Naryu, that she is very welcome to disguise herself as a serving girl and show off for this one."
Queen Ayrenn: "Raz! Inappropriate."
Razum-dar: "This one has no regrets."

Gold CoastDark Brotherhood (Crown Store)[edit]

Debts of War[edit]

If you have met Razum-dar before, he will greet you with "My friend! What a happy coincidence! This one never imagined to find you skulking around an Ayleid ruin! Since you are already here, you will help Raz deal with a dangerous war criminal, yes?" instead.

"This one must respectfully request that you move along. Raz has dangerous business in these ruins and you would just get in Raz's way. Unless... You would be willing to help stop a dangerous war criminal, yes?"
What kind of dangerous criminal?
"Only the notorious Butcher of Bravil―Captain Jena Apinia! My talkative prisoner finally revealed the Captain's location. And she's close. Very close. Soon, with your assistance, Raz will make her pay for her crimes of war and terror."
What did Captain Apinia do exactly?
"The coward and her loyal soldiers fled the Imperial City when the chains fell. In Bravil, they stole valuable items to finance their retirement. When the mayor complained, she ordered her soldiers to start killing. Now Raz must make an example of her."
I'll help you deal with this war criminal and recover the items.
"This one recognized you as a warrior of distinction! We should split up, yes? Explore separately and locate the Captain and the stolen items. If you find the captain before I do, please give Raz's utmost regards. Preferably, right in the heart."
Who are you again?
"Questions? At a time like this? As you wish... This one is Razum-dar, just a simple Khajiit who seeks the best for all people of Tamriel. And a soap that won't dry the fur. One day..."
Then why are you chasing a war criminal?
"Some answers are too dangerous to hear, yes? But this one is also an Eye of the Queen. That means... no, nevermind what that means. Just understand. Captain Apinia decided it was all right to kill innocent people. For that, Raz will make her pay."
Tell me about the items that were stolen.
"Official trinkets. Valuable to the right people, Raz supposes, but mostly important to Bravil's citizens. Let's see... There's the city's seal, the tax collector's ledger, and the mayor's signet ring. You can see why Bravil wants them back, yes?"
What's Captain Apinia doing in these ruins?
"Raz's friend here, a pirate on the ship Apinia hired, says they found safe haven with the agents of the Gold Coast Trading Company. What they're doing in these ruins, Raz has no clue."
So the Gold Coast Trading Company is evil?
"Evil? Raz doesn't like to judge. Greedy? As the day is long! If Raz is feeling generous, maybe he'll send Apinia's head to the company's boss when we're done. Meanwhile, my friend will sit quietly while we hunt. Or he'll be dead. Raz can't decide."

After killing Captain Jean Apinia:

Nothing sharpens the claws like dispatching criminals and murderers! And we all survived, which makes the victory that much sweeter."
We killed the war criminal and recovered the stolen items.
"Apinia is dead, so she won't slaughter any more citizens. That will please Queen Ayrenn, which pleases Raz. And we recovered Bravil's trinkets. A good day's work, yes? This one might stick around. Looking into Trading Company. Stay fragrant, my friend!"

Speak to him again and he will say "This one truly appreciates all the help you provided. May your claws stay sharp and your fur never tangle, my friend!"

The Sweetroll Killer[edit]


The Queen's Decree[edit]

Upon approaching Razum-dar fighting a Yaghra Strider:

Razum-dar: "Raz enjoys a good fight as much as the next cat, but these are horrible creatures!"

After Razum-dar destroys the pearl floating above a Geyser:

Razum-dar: "Five-claw, good to see you! Raz has a proposal if you have the time."

Upon talking to Razum-dar for the first time if you accepted the quest from Calibar:

"Have you ever seen such creatures? Raz has not. Probably neither have you.
You are a newcomer, yes? New to this island of High Elves? This one has an eye for such things. And you look capable. So, can Raz interest you in some cloak-and-dagger work?"
Cloak-and-dagger work? Sounds ominous.
"Ominous? No, nothing of the sort. Well, maybe a little of the sort. Depends on how things develop.
Raz has come to Summerset at the behest of Queen Ayrenn. To make sure her decree regarding the opening of the island proceeds as she directed."
So how can I help?
"Ask some questions. Determine the mood in Shimmerene and see how the newcomers are faring.
Rumors have reached the Queen and she is concerned. So Razum-dar comes to see what's happening and fights strange creatures. Now Raz is concerned as well."
I'll ask some questions around the city.
"While you ask questions around the city, Raz can take care of some other business. It may or may not involve scratching and clawing.
Let's meet near the entrance to Shimmerene when you have something to report."
Anything I should know about Shimmerene before I head out?
"Hmm. Raz knows very little about city ordinances or how to tell the difference between mead and ale, so let's avoid these topics, yes? Otherwise, this one knows all about the Queen's decree and the initial reactions of the nobles and Kinlady."
Who are you again?
"Raz is wounded to the core! Forgotten already. This one usually leaves a better impression.
I am Razum-dar, Queen Ayrenn's Eye and dark-lantern agent extraordinaire. But that is a secret between you and me. To everyone else, this one is simply Raz."
Tell me about the Queen's decree.
"Queen Ayrenn, Her Most Excellent Leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, has issued a decree opening the once-forbidden land of Summerset to traders, visitors, and immigrants of all races.
Controversial, yes, but part of her plan for the Dominion's future."
And this is a problem?
"For some. High Elves talk of perfection, but they are a complicated people. Various individuals in Summerset take issue with their Queen. With change of any sort, actually. The Kinlady, for example. Some nobles.
Makes my job ... complicated."
What's that about the Kinlady and the nobles?
"Kinlady Avinisse has made her views on the Queen's decree quite clear. She calls it unreasonable. Dangerous. A few of the city's nobles have sided with the Kinlady. As has the new Aldarch at the monastery.
My Queen permits discussion—to a point."
So the Kinlady opposes the Queen's decree?
"She has spoken against it. Now Raz needs to know how far she will go to defy the will of the Queen. Does she grumble but welcome the newcomers, or is she using every option at her disposal to block their arrival? Raz will find out—with your help."
What were those strange creatures I saw you fighting?
"Raz never saw such monsters in his life! They appear related to water, but this one tends to avoid the stuff. That pearl, though. Raz swears it was calling those creatures.
A mystery for another time, perhaps. Now we need to see to the newcomers."
Anyone in specific you want me to talk to regarding the Queen's decree?
"As a matter of fact, Raz made a list!
Olnewil, a High Elf artisan, spoke out. See what she complained about. Then there's Tsoxolza, a persecuted Argonian newcomer. Finally Rhanul, a city resident noted in the Divine Prosecution's observation log."
What did Olnewil speak out about and where can I find her?
"Olnewil complained about … no, no. Raz doesn't want to prejudice your investigation. You will find out when you talk to her.
The artist likes to gather shells along the eastern coast. She uses them to make paints and dyes."
Rhanul? That doesn't sound like a High Elf name.
"True. Not enough syllables. Rhanul's a Redguard whose family has lived in Shimmerene for generations. He's a well-respected trader with a few warehouses along the docks.
Talk to him before the Divine Prosecution decides to arrest him."
What's the Divine Prosecution?
"The Divine Prosecution serves as lawkeepers and protectors of social standards. Very persnickety.
When rules are broken, they record it in their observation logs. If your name winds up on their list, things get complicated."
What do you mean, Tsoxolza is being persecuted?
"Something to do with monks and newcomer registration. Raz is still looking into that.
Last I heard, Tsoxolza was seen leaving the city and heading west. Probably trying to reach the water. Lizard like water, yes? Not Raz. Raz hates the wet stuff."
What does all this have to do with that geyser and those creatures?
"Nothing at all. Unless you think they came to Summerset because of the Queen's decree? No, that would be ridiculous. Let's not lose focus.
Just see what Olnewil, Tsoxolza, and Rhanul have to say about newcomers and the mood in Shimmerene."
What do you expect me to learn by talking to these people?
"We need to confirm these rumors or else put and end to them.
Everyone should be pleased with the Queen's decree. Opening the borders shows progress, yes? However, if any of her loyal subjects reject progress ... well, Raz needs to know that, too."
I'll go talk to Olnewil, Rhanul, and Tsoxolza.

If you get the quest directly from Raz, should you agree to ask question around the city, he'll say, "Shimmerene serves as the arrival point for newcomers to the island. It's the perfect place to ask a few leading questions and determine what the people think of the Queen's decree. Raz would go, but many know his face, yes?" The dialogue structure will mostly be the same, but the 'Shimmerene' topic only appears after agreeing to talk to Olnewil, Rhanul, and Tsoxolza.

If you knew Raz before this quest, his dialogue is also different:

"My friend! Raz is happy to see you, but surprised you didn't help me with these creatures. Not that Raz needed any help. You must tell me what brought you to Summerset... after you agree to assist Raz with his usual cloak-and-dagger business."
Complications, Raz? That sounds ominous.
"Ominous? No more than usual, my friend! But there's work for the Queen's Eye, and this one could use an extra blade, if you're willing. Queen Ayrenn issued a decree to open the borders of Summerset and allow outsiders to have access to the island."
That doesn't sound too terrible.
"That's what Raz said! But rumors reached the Queen. So this one made the journey and was immediately attacked by strange creatures. Raz doesn't think the two are related, but if you could ask some questions, check on the newcomers. That would help."
I'll ask some questions around the city.

The further dialogue is the same as above, except, obviously, you cannot ask him who he is.

Find the three people mentioned above, then enter Shimmerene again to talk to Raz. You will witness Aldarch Tilcalar and some citizens arguing about the newcomers. Talk to Raz:

"Such anger! Raz never expected to hear such words from the Queen's loyal subjects. The sentiment isn't universal, but enough feel this way for Raz to be concerned. Did you learn anything interesting from the people I sent you to talk to?"
The artist's assistant and the Redguard's cousin have both been sequestered.
"Sequestered, hmm? Just a different word for imprisoned, yes? Rhanul's cousin just arrived, but Olnewil's assistant has lived on Summerset since long before the Queen ever issued her decree. What about the lizard? What did Tsoxolza have to say?"
Tsoxolza was dead by the time I reached him. I found this letter in his pack.
"Why would the Aldarch gather up newcomers and non-High Elf residents alike and send them to the monastery? Does the Kinlady condone this behavior? Raz's head itches, and not in a good way. Our course is clear, five-claw. We must go to the monastery!"
All right, I'll help you investigate the monastery.
"Raz admires your enthusiasm, but this one needs you to enter the monastery on your own. Raz has other fish to catch. This one will help you get past the sentry, though. When you notice that the sentry is distracted, just slip quietly inside."

If you talk to him again before approaching the monastery: "You have no idea how much Raz appreciates a good assistant. In this line of work, decent help can be the difference between life and death. Not that the work is dangerous. Much. Now, let's investigate the monastery!"

He will then distract the sentry before the monastery:

Raz: "Sentry! Raz owes you for that game of cards and has come to pay!"
Monastery Sentry: "Huh? I don't recall any... you say I won some gold?"
Raz: "Don't you remember? Raz always pays his debts. And he always buys the drinks!"
Monastery Sentry: "Gold and drinks? Well, my relief should be along soon, so why not!"

You can now sneak inside. Returning to Razum-dar after visiting the monastery:

"Ah, this one's new partner returns! What interesting scandal did you uncover in the monastery? Tell Raz every juicy detail!"
The people that were sequestered were killed to power a Daedric ritual. I found this letter.
"This isn't the kind of scandal Raz was hoping for. Murder, Daedric rituals, and traitorous behavior have a way of ruining an otherwise perfect day.
We need to learn the extent of the Kinlady's involvement. And by we, Raz means you."
You want me to go and accuse the Kinlady of conspiring with a Daedric cult?
"Accuse? Not exactly. Raz wants you to talk to her. See what she knows about the Aldarch. The Kinlady is meeting with local leaders. Attend that meeting and learn the truth.
This invitation and set of elegant clothes will get you through her door."
I also met a mage from the Psijic Order in the monastery.
"A Psijic? Raz has heard rumors, but there are always rumors about the Psijics. For an island of sages who disappeared more than three hundred years ago, they certainly seem to get around.
Did this Psijic mage say what the Order was investigating?"
Something about a warning, and she seemed pretty interested in the life-sucking pearl.
"There was a life-sucking pearl? You should probably have led with that bit of information!
Well, we can worry about the Psijic mage and figure out where these pearls came from later. For now, go see what the Kinlady has to say."
Shouldn't you speak to the Kinlady? You do work for the Queen, after all.
"Kinlady Avinesse and Raz … do not get along. You see, there was a horse, a platter of pudding tarts, and—no, this one won't bore you with the sordid details.
Besides, everyone behaves well when they see Raz. You'll learn more than I would."

If you talk to him again before talking to the Kinlady, he says, "Go on. Pretend you belong and no one will notice you, especially once you put on those elegant clothes. Meet Raz nearby after you talk to her. This one looks forward to hearing what she has to say about all of this."

After exiting the manor, approach Raz.

"Pretend you are adjusting your boot or admiring the architecture. As hard as it may be, look anywhere but directly at Raz. Good, good. Now, tell Raz what you learned at the Kinlady's manor."
The Kinlady believes that the newcomers are being sequestered and sent away.
"Raz thinks Avinisse is as naive as she is complicit, but she is not a murderer. This new Aldarch, though, has so much blood on his hands it looks like he's wearing red gloves. From what I could discover, he didn't exist before he came to Shimmerene."
I overheard that the Kinlady was going to meet the Aldarch in the Coral Forest.
"The Coral Forest? A strange meeting place. Raz thinks we should go and see what the Aldarch is up to. After I take back that outfit. I might need it again later. Ah, you have a pretty admirer, my friend. The Psijic sage, yes? Here she comes now."
Let me find out what Valsirenn has to say.

Valsirenn will walk to the both of you.

Valsirenn: "I'm glad I found you. While watching the Kinlady's mansion, I saw her ladyship sneak out the back and leave the city."
Raz: "The Kinlady is meeting the Aldarch in the Coral Forest. Raz smells something and it isn't moon-sugar biscuits!"
Valsirenn: "Your reputation proceeds you  [sic], Eye of the Queen. I am Valsirenn of the Psijic Order. And I agree that the Aldarch is more than a simple monk."
Raz: "We should work together, yes? But let's travel separately to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Raz will find you both at the Coral Forest."

Valsirenn disappears with a poof, Raz simply walks away. Go to the Coral Forest and team up again with Valsirenn to confront the Aldarch. After you're done, talk to Raz, who apprehended the Kinlady in the meantime.

Raz: "Ah, five-claw! The Kinlady and Raz had the most illuminating conversation."
Kinlady Avinisse: "You can't treat me like some sort of criminal, you horrid creature!"
"Queen Ayrenn will be disappointed that the Kinlady of Shimmerene allowed a false Aldarch to murder so many newcomers. Such a scandal makes other travelers uneasy about coming here, yes?"
The Aldarch called on the Prince of Bargains before I killed him.
"The Prince of Bargains? That could only be Clavicus Vile! What Oblivion inspired nest of vipers has Raz stumbled into? This one has a very bad feeling about all this. Where is the Psijic sage? Raz would like to ask her what she thinks."
Valsirenn returned to Artaeum. She invited me to come and speak to their Ritemaster.
"The Psijic Order's interest in all of this concerns Razum-dar. This one has never had much love of magic or those that practice the art. On the other hand, now Raz has his own person on the inside. An Eye of Raz, if you will, yes?"
Valsirenn said the Order would try to find out more about the Aldarch and the abyssal pearls.
"Then you must go to Artaeum and discover what the Psijics have learned. When you return, you can tell Raz all about it so he can pass it along to the Queen. Yes, Raz likes this plan. In the meantime, Raz will investigate the Daedric connection."

If you talk to him again, he says, "Stay alert, five-claw. Raz has heard Psijics turn people into chickens and make them explode. To die covered in feathers instead of fur, such a horrible demise. In the meantime, Raz will send Avinisse home until the Proxy Queen renders judgment."

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

As you approach Rellenthil, Razum-dar will hail you:

Razum-dar: "Ah, this one has been looking for you!"

He'll then engage in conversation:

"Raz's investigations have brought him to Rellenthil. When this one noticed your Psijic friend slip into town, Raz figured you'd be along soon.
So, what did you discover on Artaeum, the island that isn't here anymore? Ow. That made Raz's head hurt!"
We learned the false Aldarch belonged to a Daedric cult called the Court of Bedlam.
"Yes, this one has been exploring the Daedric connection as well. But Raz hates Daedra. In Raz's experience, very little good comes from dealing with Daedra or their cultists.
And this revelation brings you to Rellenthil, yes?"
Other members of the cult mentioned that something was going to happen in Rellenthil.
"That's disturbingly vague. Why must cryptic cultists be so ... cryptic?
Well, Raz saw Valsirenn head toward Canonreeve Farmeldo's house. This one suggests we start our investigation of the area there."
Right. That's where I was supposed to meet Valsirenn.

After speaking to Canonreeve Farmeldo, Raz will speak:

Razum-dar: "Raz wants to ask the Canonreeve a few more questions. Take the Psijic and go investigate the sinkhole."

Exiting the Rellenthil Sinkhole with Valsirenn, you hear Razum-dar:

Razum-dar: "Hurry, this way!"
"Somehow Raz knew he'd find you here!"

Once Valsirenn returns to Artaeum, Raz will speak to you:

"Did the pretty Psijic say ... Sea Sload? No, Raz must have heard wrong. That could not have been what she said."
The Sea Sload K'Tora is working with the Court of Bedlam-including the Canonreeve's son.
"Sload? That's bad. And Sea Sload? That sounds even worse! If the Sea Sload threaten Summerset, Queen Ayrenn must be informed. We need to act!
Wait. What did you say about the Canonreeve's son?"
Nedoril joined the Court of Bedlam. He killed a fellow initiate and was working with the Sload.
"Daedra worshipers. In Summerset. And Sload! Raz likes this situation less and less.
As for Nedoril, Raz knows how to deal with traitors. This one will meet you at the Canonreeve's house."
I'll see you there.

After speaking to Canonreeve Farmeldo, the following scene will play:

Nedoril: "I have a lot to answer for? The Court of Bedlam is going to turn me into a god!"
Razum-dar: "Foolishness can be ignored. Murder and treason , not so much."
Nedoril: "You and your Queen have no authority over a true Altmer, you mangy cat!"
Razum-dar: "This 'one cannot allow your crimes to_stand unanswered."

At this point, Razum-dar kills Nedoril with a single stroke of his blade.

Canonreeve Farmeldo: "Nedoril! No... no. I understand. Rellenthil is loyal to the Queen."

Speaking to Razum-dar once he puts down Nedoril, you'll find him less congenial:

"Sometimes the Eye sees treason and must cut it out before it spreads. This one is sorry you had to witness that."
Couldn't you have arrested Nedoril instead of executing him?
"Blasphemy, treason, murder. How many crimes must one commit to attract the attention of the executioner's blade?
Raz decided that a message had to be sent. Enemies of the Queen will not be tolerated."
I've rarely seen you this serious.
"Treason and the Queen's justice are serious business.
Raz has been forced into this role on rare occasions, but he never seeks it out or looks forward to wielding the blade. A necessary part of my job, yes?"
Is there anything else you need from me right now?
"No. Raz will see to the Canonreeve and send word to the Queen before looking deeper into the Court of Bedlam.
You should return to Artaeum and let the Psijics know what we learned. I tell you, five-claw, this whole situation makes Raz want to hiss."

If you speak to him again before leaving, he'll say:

"Raz will report to the Queen while you tell the Psijics about Sea Sload and Daedric Princes. Jone and Jode, this one never expected to use such words in a sentence!
Good luck, my friend."



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