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Royal Bodyguard
Home Settlement Jorunn's Stand
Location In front of the healer's tent and the Dunmer camp
Race Nord Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Noble
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Royal Bodyguard

Royal Bodyguards are generic Nords guarding King Jorunn at Jorunn's Stand. They have no unique dialogue.

Royal Bodyguard
Home Settlement Fort Amol
Location Jarl's Manor
Race Nord Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Royal Bodyguard

These Royal Bodyguards appear after you clear out the Jarl's Manor during The War Council. They are accompanying Prince Irnskar and Thane Oda Wolf-Sister.

Royal Bodyguard
Home City Skywatch
Race Altmer Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion
A Royal Bodyguard
Female Guard

Royal Bodyguards are Altmer guards that can be found around Skywatch. Their duty is to protect Queen Ayrenn

Related Quests[edit]


When you speak to them, they will say one of several things:

  • "Fair day, citizen."
  • "Move along, citizen."
  • "Do something for you?"
  • "State your business."
  • "Greeting [sic], citizen."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Lifting the Veil[edit]

Around and in Skywatch, a Royal Bodyguard may be waiting for you.

"Fair day! I've been given instructions. Razum-dar needs to speak with you, at once."
What's wrong?
"Not sure. I have orders to send you to the royal manse at once."
All right. I'm on my way.

Wearing the Veil[edit]

Approach a bodyguard during a related quest, and you will be able to ask for their swords after a generic greeting:

I need your sword. Hand it over.
"Get out of here. Another word and I'll have to bring you to a magistrate."
I'm working for the Queen. And I can pay.[Bribe]
"Hmm? Oh, I remember seeing you around. Here. Just take care of it."
[Intimidate] Listen, I really need this blade. And you do not want to cross me right now.
"Hold on, hold on! Just take it.
I'm here to guard the Queen, not fight every maniac in the street."
[Persuade] Trust me. I'm under cover, working with agents of the Queen.
"Hmm? Oh, I remember seeing you around.
Here. Just take care of it."


  • During Wearing the Veil, the persuasive option is available for female guards, while the intimidation option is only available for males.