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Location East of Orkey's Hollow
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Runs-In-Wild is an Argonian hunter who has been transformed into a skeever by a strange mage. He is found east of Orkey's Hollow. When you talk to him back at the village after saving him, he will thank you.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Underfoot: Rescue three villagers who have been turned into skeevers.


Bleakrock Village, after his rescue:

"Thanks for your aid. That was like being touched by Sheogorath."

During Escape from Bleakrock:

"I fear the flames. The heat is drying my scales from here.
We must escape down the river, so we can swim again another day."

After arriving at Bal Foyen, Runs-in-Wild can be found sharpening a blade:

"Has to be sharp. Has to be very, very sharp. Has a lot of work to do, yes?
Many new friends to make."

Before picking the fort or the docks:

"Whatever comes down the river, I'm ready.
Let's see whose teeth are sharpest, yes?"
You're ready for the Covenant?
"Oh, yes. The lizard and the Nord with the stump... we shall stand in front of the wave and break it with our blades.
Actually, I just hope we both survive. I've grown used to the dumb lumberjack."

After helping Rana at the docks:

"The wind sings a victory song, yes?
I think I'll take some time to bask in the sun and forget about killing."


  • He is the author of a note containing tips for animals suitable for eating.