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Home City Elden Root
Location Temple of the Mourning Springs, Cat's Eye Quay
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower During The Tempest Unleashed
Faction(s) Aldmeri Dominion

Rurelion is an Altmer mage working on behalf of the Aldmeri Dominion who can be found in the ruined Temple of the Mourning Springs. After Ealcil removed the Mourning Stone, Rurelion found himself possessed by the spirit Uldor who was imprisoned in the temple.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Tears of the Two Moons[edit]

You find Rurelion, or rather his body possessed by Uldor, in the Central Ruins. While you fight the skeletons the spirits summons, they will fight for control over the body:

Uldor: "Stay back!"
Rurelion: "Uldor! Get out of my body, now!"
Uldor: "Silence! None command Uldor!"
"Uldor, I command you! By the Tears of the Two Moons, return to your prison!"

Follow Uldor to the Great Hall to witness Rurelion succeeding in overpowering him.

Rurelion: "Uldor, I command you! By the Tears of the Two Moons, return to your prison!"
Uldor: "Ahh! That won't hold me for long!"
Rurelion: "You're Gathwen's ally, yes? Please, disable these traps so she can make it to us safely."

If you speak to him before pulling the lever, "Thank you, friend. I need a moment to recover. If you wouldn't mind disabling the traps, Gathwen can make it through without fear of perforation."

Once the lever is pulled, you can talk with Rurelion, whereupon he will detail his experiences with Uldor and his plan to deal with him.

"Despite all my knowledge, Uldor's influence over me was absolute. I'd be little more than a puppet without your timely intervention."
Are you hurt?
"Only my pride. But we have a more pressing matter.
As Uldor sensed my thoughts, I could sense his. He plans to overwhelm and enslave Khenarthi's Roost with an undead horde by the next dawn!"
How is that possible?
"Uldor was a powerful Maormer wizard who learned to separate his spirit from his body, even in death. He can "wear" hundreds of mindless forms at a time.
Thankfully, I know his weakness."
What weakness?
"The Mourning Stone's endless water supply tied Uldor's spirit to his body. When Ealcil removed the Mourning Stone from the temple, he set Uldor free.
Once again, Ealcil's sloppy methods nearly cause the death of me."
How do we restore Uldor's prison?
"These gems focus the Mourning Stone's power. Uldor had me remove them from his tomb.
I propose Gathwen recovers the Mourning Stone from Eagle's Strand. Meanwhile, we restore Uldor's prison. Simple enough."
What does the Mourning Stone do?
"The centerpiece of this old Khajiit temple. After Uldor's reign of terror, the Sea Elves gave it to the Khajiit so it'd become the key to his prison."
Am I in danger of being "worn"?
"No, which is why we must be the ones to enter the tomb. After he saw you through my eyes, he seemed convinced that to "wear" you would destroy him.
For some reason he feared you."
If he can't affect me, I should enter the tomb alone.
"No, we must enter the tomb together. Though he can't "wear" you, he could quite easily obliterate you with his magic. Only by splitting his attention can we hope to defeat him."
I'm ready to face Uldor.

After you disabled the traps and have spoken with Rurelion, Gathwen will approach you both, clearly worried.

If you talk to Rurelion, he'll say: "Gathwen clearly has an opinion about my plan. I've learned it's best to hear her out."

Talk to the worried Gathwen, who reveals that her master is actually planning to let himself be sealed away with Uldor, and begs you to let her take his place. You have the option of speaking with Rurelion about it.

"We should hurry. Uldor won't be trapped for long."
Gathwen wants to take your place in the tomb.
"That's madness. I've experienced so many summers. My greatest accomplishment was watching Gathwen blossom into someone who'll far surpass my own deeds.
No, she must recover the Mourning Stone. You and I should confront Uldor."
I'll seal you in the tomb with Uldor.
"Then we should waste no more time."
I'm ready.
I agree with Gathwen. She'll take your place.
"Then I'll respect her choice, no matter how much I disagree with it."
I need a moment to consider this. (Ends Conversation)


Choosing Rurelion to be sealed away, Gathwen will be desperate:

Gathwen: "You can't do this, master!"
Rurelion: "The Dominion will thrive without me. It's far stronger than it knows."
Gathwen: "Then I should recover the Mourning Stone. Farewell, Rurelion. I …."
Rurelion: "I know, Gathwen. I know."

Talk to him after Gathwen disappears into a portal to get the Stone: "Give me a moment to collect myself. I'll be right behind you."

Once you enter the tomb, Rurelion will walk up to Uldor's spirit.

Uldor: "You! I won't wear a poisoned outfit."
Rurelion: "I've reconsidered what our combined power could do, Uldor. I willingly give myself over."
Uldor: "I knew such power would tempt you! Very well."

Uldor attempts to possesses Rurelion.

Rurelion: "Hurry! Place the Tears of the Two Moons in the pedestals!"
Uldor: "Wretched fool! I'll turn your friend to ash! You'll not leave this tomb alive!"

After the plan is executed successfully, he'll can be found lying next to Uldor's original body.

"Go, quickly. I feel Uldor's weakness fade. Hurry, tell Gathwen of the plan's success. But don't mourn for me, friend. I earned a useful fate. Few can say the same."
What will happen to you?
"Uldor will sustain me. Better a living form than a dusty old skeleton, I suppose. I'd hoped for more time to meditate, but this wasn't what I had in mind.
Goodbye, my friend. You're what all in the Dominion should aspire to be."
Farewell, Rurelion.


Gathwen says farewell to Rurelion

If you choose Gathwen to be sealed in with Uldor, they will part with the following:

Rurelion: "Gathwen, I beg you to reconsider."
Gathwen: "You're too important, Rurelion. If the Dominion lost you, we would be lost."
Rurelion: "Then I'll recover the Mourning Stone. Farewell, my dearest friend."

Rurelion disappears into a portal.

Gathwen: "Farewell, Rurelion."

After Uldor is contained, he will not be entirely happy with the outcome:

"We've restored the Mourning Stone. But if you're here, then Gathwen is lost to that monster."
She saved everyone on this island from Uldor.
"You speak truth, and yet the young should never die for the old. It is the singular travesty of war."
What will you do now?
"I need to record everything that happened here. Uldor's skill troubles me. Without further study, the Dominion will bear no defense against his strange capabilities."
What about Gathwen?
"I've rarely encountered a creature of Uldor's power. There may be a way to separate him from Gathwen, but it will take much time and study.
She's not just an apprentice, she's my friend. If there's a way to free her, I swear I'll find it."

Complete the quest and receive the Mourning bow as a reward. You can then speak with Rurelion further.

"Please don't think me ungracious. Without your aid, I'd still be under Uldor's influence. I won't forget.
I can open a portal to the temple courtyard, if you wish."
I'd appreciate that.
"There you are. I'm afraid it won't remain open for long."

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

If you chose to seal Gathwen away with Uldor, you can find Rurelion by the gate leading to Cat's Eye Quay, along with Sergeant Firion. He might be replaced by a generic Dominion Wizard if you haven't dealt with the Temple of the Mourning Springs issue. If you talk with him before the marine, he will comment on his lack of success concerning freeing Gathwen.

"Why, it's you. We do seem to meet in the strangest places."
What are you doing here?
"My attempts to free Gathwen from the Temple of the Mourning Springs proved fruitless. I came to Mistral, seeking texts on ancient Maormer sorcery.
But it should seem the Maormer brought sorcery to Cat's Eye Quay."

After you speak with Firion/Broadhead Marine you have the option of bringing him with you.

"If you wish my company, we should hurry. The Sea Vipers wouldn't commit their forces unless they're certain of success."
Can you handle yourself in a fight?
"I haven't forgotten how to keep my allies on their feet, if that's what you're asking.
My time in the laboratory involved the practical application of magicka under hostile conditions. I don't fear the rush of battle."
All right, come with me.
"We shouldn't tarry. Lead on, friend."
I need to think about this.
"I urge you to think quickly. The Sea Vipers' magic will soon reach a threshold from which it cannot return."

Should you choose the marine to accompany you to Cat's Eye Quay, he'll only say: "Give those Maormer a few kicks to the shin, would you?"

If you chose him, talking to him before entering Cat's Eye Quay, he'll say: "Lead the way. We'll learn what the Sea Vipers plan soon enough."

Once you have entered the Quay, he will have some suggestions if you talk to him.

"Survivors of the Sea Viper attack will likely have hidden. Perhaps the buildings around Cat's Eye Quay?"

After you have searched the building and entered the Wind Tunnels, you will encounter Ealcil, Rurelion will warn you to be careful.

"Ealcil believes his theories are infallible. From my own experience, this isn't the case. He means well, but weigh his advice with care."

After listening to Ealcil's theory, he will ask you to test his lodestone, "Hmm. I would definitely heed Ealcil's advice about the puddles." Though when the experiment is a success, Rurelion will admit that Ealcil is correct in this case, "His initial assumptions are rarely correct. I suppose lightning can strike twice."

Once you have spoken with Ealcil who will explain, the destructive potential of a successful ritual and his plan to counteract it.

"Ealcil's theory is arguably sound. We should channel the energies from the Storm Totems."

As you and Ealcil part ways, Rurelion will comment:

Rurelion: "That man can be rather … trying."

Fight through the tunnels and deactivate the five totems. Afterwards, Ealcil's bodiless voice chimes in, Rurelion will comment on it if spoken with, "Did you hear Ealcil's message? We should locate his Psijic projection as quickly as we can."

Once you have spoken to Ealcil's porjection, Rurelion will confidently say, "After trapping Uldor in his crypt, this "Storm-Slave" will be no trouble at all."

His mood changes quickly as the ritual unfolds before him:

Rurelion: "Those fools! What are they doing?"

You can meet him again on the shore after the tempest is stopped.

"Don't ever doubt the scale of your victory. Everyone on Khenarthi's Roost lives because of your actions.
Safe travels. I hope our paths cross again."


Gathwen and Rurelion reunited

Elden Root[edit]

He can later be encountered in the Elden Root Mages Guild Hall, where he will be working on a special project with Ealcil:

"Ah, my friend from Khenarth's Roost. Rest assured, we're doing everything in our power to free my apprentice. Uldor will not hold her for long.
Forgive me, I must return to my calculations. The magic is quite delicate."

Later on, you will find that he succeeded and Gathwen has been freed:

"All is well. Gathwen is returned to Elden Root, free of Uldor's control. Though I admit, I can hardly call her my apprentice anymore.
Now, we are more like equals. Different roles for us both, but I welcome the change."
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