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Location Maw of Lorkhaj
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health Normal6,500,000roundedVeteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Dro-m'Athra

S'kinrai is a large Dro-m'Athra found within the Maw of Lorkhaj. Together with Vashai, he serves as the second boss that must be defeated to progress.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

As a boss type enemy, S'kinrai is immune to all forms of crowd control effects.

Basic Attack[verification needed]

The boss will slash at players using his maul dealing high physical damage. If taunted the boss will be forced to use this attack on the tank only.

Monstrous Cleave[verification needed]

The boss will swing his weapon around, doing moderate physical damage to all players in front of him. Blocking will reduce the damage taken and prevent the knockdown. If taunted the boss will be forced to use this attack on the tank only.

Radiant Oppression[verification needed]

S'kinrai will cast a beam on a random player that stuns and deals high damage over time. Other party members have to interrupt this spell as soon as possible.

Bright Aura[verification needed]

S'kinrai will always have a bright aura around his head (as visible in the image above), and shortly after the beginning of the fight he will grant the bright aura to the six nearest players. DPS players are advised that to not attack him while you share the bright aura with him, as all damage you do will be greatly reduced.

Infernal Combustion

Likewise, players near Vashai will gain a dark aura around them. If two players of opposite auras get near each other, both players will explode for high magical damage in a large radius. Thus players of opposite colours should stay separate from each other. The aura persists through death, so if a bright aura player dies, the corpse will be bright. If a dark aura player revives that player, both will explode the moment the bright player gets up. To minimize this, players should only revive players of the same aura as them.

Colour Change[verification needed]

An additional mechanic that only appears in vet mode, S'kinrai will randomly select three players near him that are dark and switch their auras to bright. Vashai will also do the same but reversed. The players affected will have a yellowish circle appear around them warning them of the incoming colour swap, and those players have to quickly move away from others to prevent Infernal Combustion. Players who have their auras switched to dark will have to move across the room to the other side to attack Vashai and vice versa.

Explosion[verification needed]

Vashai and S'kinrai will eventually teleport to opposite ends of the room, dividing the room into a dark and a bright half down the middle. S'kinrai's half will have a dark floor and vice versa. After a short time both bosses will explode for high magical damage. Players must avoid this by standing on the half with the floor colour matching your own aura. After the explosion, all auras are removed from all players. The bosses will then reapply the auras as mentioned above and the fight repeats. A common strategy for this encounter is to divide the trial group into two subgroups of six each. Each subgroup has a tank holding one boss. After the auras are applied, the tanks use Inner Fire to taunt the boss that has the opposite aura as the one of their subgroup, causing the correct boss to come over to their side.

Summon Will of Vashai[verification needed]

He also is able to summon a Will of Vashai to aid him. The enemy summoned will have a dark aura, and only bright aura players will be able to kill it. The enemy should be killed quickly to simplify the fight.

Shadow Blaze

Both Vashai and S'kinrai have to be killed at roughly the same time, as once one dies the other will begin casting Blood Moon. This uninterruptible spell takes a while to cast and players must kill the remaining boss before it fires. Failure to do so will likely result in instant death for the whole group. Most groups will coordinate DPS between the two subgroups to ensure that the remaining boss can be finished off quickly once his twin dies.


Intro (spoken by both):

  • "We are fear." "We are suffering." "Recondite and eternal."

Casting Explosion (spoken by both):

  • "Drown in shadow." "Burn in light."
  • "These souls are weak. Hollow." "Break them."
  • "Pathetic husks." "Like straw before the scythe."
  • "Jode will burn." "Jone will rot."
  • "Namiira speaks." "The word is death."
  • "Life is disease." "The cure is pain."
  • "They scramble as rats do." "Vermin. Worthless."

Casting Shadow Blaze:

  • "Vashai's moon sets. The blood moon rises."
  • "The maelstrom approaches. Your soul is forfeit."

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