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Slay the most vicious creatures in the Stonefalls countryside.
Zone: Stonefalls
Quest Giver: Shaali Kulun in Ebonheart
Location(s): Daen Seeth, Zabamat, Varanis
Reward: Ashlander's Girdle
Average Leveled Gold
Battle of the Beasts
The wilderness of Stonefalls is filled with predators and hostile creatures. The citizens of the region would sleep better knowing the worst ones are dead.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Kill Gurlisk, Bleiger, and Varnag, and collect a special item from their corpse as proof.
  2. Return to Shaali Kulun.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

An Ashlander named Shaali Kulun seeks the death of three fearsome creatures: a clannfear named Gurlisk, a netch named Bleiger, and a nix-hound named Varnag. These creatures have killed many people in recent months.

You can find Shaali Kulun in Ebonheart, near the stables. you can ask her how she was injured, and she'll tell you about the beast that roughed her up. She challenges you to kill three powerful beasts in Stonefalls, which she was considering hunting before she sustained her injury. You can ask her about each creature.

"The first is Varnag, a feral nix-hound. The next is worse: Bleiger, a vicious and territorial bull netch. Worst of all is a clannfear named Gurlisk."
Tell me about Varnag.
"He's the least vicious of the three, but look what he did to my leg! We met him on the road southeast of Ebonheart. Our best guess is he escaped from a Goblin tribe … or ate them."
Where can I find Bleiger?
"He floats along the shore west of here. Do not ask me the origin of his name. I assume it stems from the way netches float through the air."
What do you know about Gurlisk?
"Strange story, that. Summoned by an old conjurer who lived in the hills east of Kragenmoor. The conjurer died, but it stayed. No one knows why, and no hunter's ever tracked it to its lair."

If you forget you can always ask her again where each beast is located, although she'll seem concerned about your sense of direction. On the road from Ash Mountain to Ebonheart, you'll find a mess of disemboweled guar. Investigate their corpses.

<This guar's body was ripped open, and it's partly devoured. The beast that killed it might be nearby.>

These corpses will lead you to Varnag, in a tiny cave made by fallen rocks and littered by bones. Don't forget to collect his head before moving on.

Bleiger can be found by following a trail of mudcrabs lying dead on the sand, poisoned by the beast. Avoid his tentacles and electric shocks, and be sure to collect his remains. There are may also be two treasure chests and two runestones nearby on the beach, before the trail of mudcrabs.

Follow the terrifyingly dense trail of dead soldiers up from Magmaflow Overlook to find Gurlisk. Once you defeat him, collect his head and the loot from the treasure chest behind him.

Once you've killed each creature and collected Varnag's Head, Bleiger's Tentacle, and Gurlisk's Head, you may return to Shaali for a reward. She'll be eager to see you, anticipating a completed quest. She'll be even happier when you confirm the deed's completion, and offer you the Ashlander's Girdle and some praise.

Quest Stages[edit]

Savages of Stonefalls
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Collect Varnag's Head
Objective: Collect Bleiger's Tentacle
Objective: Collect Gurlisk's Head
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