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ON-icon-achievement-Scalecaller Savior.png Scalecaller Savior
Type Dragon Bones Achievements
Points 10
Collect both of the necessary ingredients and cure Jorvuld Davaux of the cult's plague.

Scalecaller Savior is awarded for Curing Jorvuld Davaux of Zaan's plague after you defeat her. To do this, you must find the two components necessary for Jorvuld to devise a cure. After fighting Matriarch Aldis, look to the left of the door and find the Leimenid Corpse. Interact with the corpse and get the disease sample off of her. After defeating Plague Concoctor Mortieu, there is an alchemy table on the left hand side of the room. Interact with it and take the ingredient off of it. When Jorvuld is infected at the end of the dungeon, speak with him and give him the ingredients he needs to cure himself.