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Collection Mysteries and Clues
Related to The Dragonguard's Legacy
Found in the following locations:
Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 1
Written by Commander Oholin of the Dragonguard

The Dragonguard is dying. This is something I cannot deny, no matter how I wish it were not so.

Yet I also cannot deny that it was our order's own ineptitude that led us down this path. It was we who failed to protect our Emperor, we who allowed that vile snake to swallow the Empire whole. Disbanded and disgraced, those of us left with the decency of shame have scattered to the winds. And so our pride is broken and our order in disarray.

But I have learned of an artifact which may become our salvation; the Horn of Ja'darri. Legend states that it is the most powerful Dragonhorn that our order ever created, possessed of a mysterious self-replenishing magic unlike any other Dragonhorn.

With such a relic, I believe we can rally others to our cause and bring honor back to the Dragonguard. It seems, however, that Wind Scour does not hold the Horn of Ja'darri. And so we travel to Storm Talon next, in hopes that we may find the Dragonhorn within that sanctuary's halls.