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Most cities' sewer systems are managed by a local department of sanitation—which will have inspectors who can be bribed to stay out of sensitive areas.
Secluded Sewers
Discoverable No
Dungeon (?)
# of Zones (?)
Stonetalon Clanslayers, Stonetalon Initiates (Carries lantern), Stonetalon Shaman, Stonetalon Thornslinger, Allunen Stoneshaper
Pack Archer, Pack Sentinel, Pack Hunter, Dreadclaw
Stormfist Infantry, Stormfist Healer, Ortvar Bonebreaker
Quest Chain
Thieves Guild
Secluded Sewers

Secluded Sewers is a sewer network that serves as a heist location. You'll be taken here by Fa'ren-dar during the related quest. It can be occupied by multiple factions, including the Stonetalon Clan, the Magnar Pack, the Stormfists,

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Secluded Sewers
Secluded Sewers hidden rooms
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