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This article is about the NPC. For the Khajiit breed, see Senche (Khajiit).

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Location Baandari Trading Post, Blessed Crucible, Garlas Agea, Malabal Tor, Tamriel, Velyn Harbor, Vulkwasten
Species Senche
Health 31364
Reaction Hostile
Medium Armor Materials, Foul Hide

Senche are large, quadrupedal felines found in Elsweyr and Valenwood. Variants include Senche-Tigers, Senche-Panthers and Senche-Lions. The term is also used to describe the Senche and Senche-raht breeds of Khajiit, but they are not actually related.[UOL 1] Their intelligence is difficult to measure, but Khajiit seem to sense an intelligence in them that other races do not.[UOL 2] Many alchemical myths surround the creature's bones, claws and teeth.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
A basic melee attack that does minor physical damage.
A basic melee attack that hits twice for minor physical damage.
Double Strike
A charged melee attack that does moderate physical damage. This attack can be blocked to set the senche off balance.


Unique Senche[edit]




  • Some senche are tame and passive, unable to be attacked, but wild ones will usually attack you on sight.
  • They come in several colors: the typical orange tiger pattern, a gray tiger pattern (senche of this color are sometimes referred to as "mist tigers"), solid black, and even a spotted variety. The creatures are labeled as 'Senche' and 'Senche-Tiger' in-game.
  • Several Senche mounts and pets are available from the Crown Store.

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Note: the following references are not from official sources. They are included to provide a rounder background to this article, but may not reflect established lore.

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