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Sergeant Firion
Location Shattered Shoals, Cat's Eye Quay, Haven
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Follower The Tempest Unleashed (Optional)
Faction(s) Broadhead Marines, Aldmeri Dominion
Sergeant Firion

Sergeant Firion is the leader of a squad of Dominion marines which were on board the Little Alkosh when a freak hurricane blew up and shipwrecked them upon Khenarthi's Roost at the Shattered Shoals. She has been separated from the rest of her crew, and she needs your help finding them and treating their wounds. Later, she may accompany you on a mission to stop another hurricane.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Cast Adrift[edit]

She can be heard calling for help near the road along the shore "Can any of you hear me? Where are you?"

You can then talk to her.

"You there! Have you seen my squad?"
I don't know what you mean.
"We were on the Little Alkosh, part of the Dominion fleet sailing for Khenarthi's Roost. Then a hurricane blew up out of nowhere. Sails tore, hulls cracked, and we were thrown into the ocean.
I ended up here, but I can't find the rest of my squad."
Did they survive the hurricane?
"I thought I heard one of them calling out, but the ocean twists up sounds. If they're wounded or pinned down ….
Could you keep an eye out for my soldiers? They answer to Edhelas, Onglorn, and Nistel. Two of us can cover more ground."
I'll help find your squad.
"I'm sure my squad made it to shore alive. Dominion marines constantly defy the sea's attempts to drown us, but hurricanes are another matter. I fear my squad is banged up worse than I am."
What can I do about their wounds?
"Our ship's hold was packed full of an old Bosmer healing remedy. The labels say Torchbug Treacle, but marines call it glow juice.
The wreck scattered bottles across the beach, must be what brought out the alits."
Alits? What do you mean?
"Squat creatures made of teeth, claws, and endless hunger. I've heard their cries up and down the beach since I came to.
Their sweet-tooth is bigger than their walnut brains. I saw one of the stupid things swallow a whole bottle of glow juice."
If I see any, I'll bring torchbug treacle to your squad.
"Good luck. Do me a favor? If you find them before I do, tell them the ocean hasn't killed me yet."

While you find the missing squad members, one of them will mention that Lieutenant Gelin was taken into a nearby cave. After some investigation, Firion and the others will be waiting for you outside.

"Turns out my squad were the ones who found me. Ever consider a career as a Dominion marine? You'd make quite the scout.
My squad said you were looking for Lieutenant Gelin. Have you found him?"
I found his body in the cave. Someone killed him.
"What do you mean?"
It looked like he was killed in some kind of ritual.
"First a hurricane blows out of nowhere and destroys our fleet. Then an able-bodied Dominion marine is captured and tortured to death?
What else was in that cave?"
Lots of bones, candles, and snakes. Also, wooden posts.
"Some kind of sacrifice? This is too big for my squad to handle. We need reinforcements.
Nistel spotted a beached ship nearby. It looks intact, and she spotted Dominion sailors aboard."
What are you going to do?
"We need to combine our forces and find who murdered Lieutenant Gelin. My squad and I need to pull his body out of that damned cave.
Would you warn the sailors on that beached ship? They need to know it's not safe to wander around."
I'll warn them.

If you gave the marines torchbug treacle, she'll give you three bottles of it in return:

"Wait, take this. I found some glow juice while I was looking for my squad, but they're on the mend. You'll get used to the taste. We'll be along shortly. Watch yourself."

Should one or more of the marines still be injured, she'll instead part with:

"Good. The squad's wounds are slowing them down, but we'll be along shortly."

If you talk with her again she will warn you, "The crew of that beached ship may be on edge. Let them know you're with the Dominion."

After talking to the quartermaster of the Prowler, he makes a deals with you, if the ship is repaired—they can help with reinforcements. After speaking with him the squad will have arrived and Sergeant Firion can be spoken with.

Sergeant Firion and her squad
"These aren't Dominion sailors, they're privateers. Just our luck."
Quartermaster Oblan promised reinforcements when the Prowler is repaired.

Her responses depend on if you gave torchbug treacle to her squad members. If none of them received any:

"We're a little banged up, but we can still defend a beached ship from pirates. We'll show that old cat what Dominion marines are made of."

If you had given torchbug treacle to any member of the squad:

"We'll show that old sea-cat what Dominion marines can do."

Your possible responses also depend on which squad members got torchbug treacle from you.

The Prowler needs a replacement helmsman's wheel.
"Edhelas is the best scrounger in the regiment. If you want, I can send him out to look for a helmsman's wheel."
All right. Send Edhelas to find a replacement.
"He's on his way. Anything else we can do?"
I'll find the helmsman's wheel myself.
"Suit yourself. Anything else we can do?"
There are leaks on the Prowler that need patching.
"Nistel is as good with a mallet as she is with her sword. I can have her patch the Prowler's leaks."
Yes, have Nistel patch the leaks.
"She'll have those leaks fixed in no time. What else?"
No, I'll fix the leaks myself.
"All right. What else?"
The Sea Vipers stole the Prowler's sun-sighter.
"Onglorn is our best tracker. He can recover the sun-sighter in no time."
Sure, send Onglorn to recover the sun-sighter.
"I almost pity the Sea Viper who's holding onto the sun-sighter. Onglorn will recover it soon enough. What else needs doing?"
No, I'll look for the sun-sighter myself.
"Have it your way. What else needs doing?"

If you don't wish to talk to her about the other items, you can simply choose:

I can handle the rest myself.
"All right. I appreciate what you've done for us. We'll keep the Prowler safe while you take care of the rest."

However, if there are no remaining tasks:

There's nothing left to do.
"Then it's time for that mangy privateer to make good on his promise.
Maybe you should do the talking. I'd just rub it in."

If you talk with her again, she will instead tell you, "Marines do their part. No privateer will accuse us of shirking duty."

Once you have learnt from one of the sailor's about their friends being kidnapped for a Sea Viper storm ritual, Firion will be annoyed she can't go with you.

"Damn it! As much as I want to slaughter those Sea Viper bastards, they'll swarm over this ship the moment we leave for that island.
We'll keep this ship safe. Go, avenge Lieutenant Gelin. Kill every last one of them."

When you have rescued the sailors and stopped the ritual, Firion and squad will have earned free passage and a job offer.

"Thanks to you, my squad has safe passage to Mistral.
Captain Jimila offered to make us part of the Prowler's crew. Don't know if I'll have a choice once the fleet puts itself back to together, but it's better than sitting around and counting sand."

After you have spoken with the captain:

"I'm glad we could help get the Prowler seaworthy. If the Sea Vipers are causing any more trouble, the Dominion needs all the ships it can get."

The Tempest Unleashed[edit]

You find her by the gate leading to Cat's Eye Quay. If you are yet to finish Cast Adrift, her place is taken by a generic Broadhead Marine.

"What are you doing here?
Doesn't matter. If you're in the mood to cave in some Sea Viper skulls, I don't really care."
One of the survivors said you're planning a counterattack.
"You feel that cold air rushing off the sea? Just like it was before the hurricane.
We can't wait to cut off the snake's head. We are the Dominion counterattack."
What can I do?
"I sent my squad to scout Cat's Eye Quay. If they haven't learned what the Sea Vipers plan is, we can poke around until we figure out what needs chopping."

If you also finished Tears of the Two Moons, she'll add, "And don't worry, your wizard friend can seal the gate behind us."

Shouldn't you hold the gate?
"I'll hold the gate, if you think you'll have need for a wizard.
Or you could bring a Dominion marine. Up to you."
All right, come with me.
"Then let's fillet these Fish Elf bastards."
I might need to bring a wizard. Let me think about this.
"Don't take too long. The sooner we hit the Sea Vipers, the sooner we stop their plans."

If you return to her after talking with the wizard, she will instead greet you with:

"You ready to go? I don't know what the Sea Vipers plan, but I doubt we have much time to stop them."

In the case that you choose to take the wizard with you, she will ask you to look out for her squad members.

"Keep an eye out for my soldiers. I'm sure they'll help you hook some Fish Elves."

However, if you chose her, Firion will accompany you through Cat's Eye Quay while you look for clues and collect Ealcil's research notes. When first enter the Quay, she will give you some advice if you speak with her.

"We should check the houses, or secluded areas with good visibility of the quay."

After finding Edhelas tending to the hurt Onglorn in the ruined tavern, she'll try to keep them away from the rest of the fight:

Sergeant Firion: "You've done your part. Get back to Mistral when you can."

When you find Nistel's body in the warehouse.

Sergeant Firion: "Oh, Nistel."

Once you talk with Mazar at the blocked mine entrance and hear about Ealcil and an alternate entrance, she will suggest where to look for it.

"There has to be a way into those tunnels.
I've fought enough smugglers to know how they think. We should search the buildings near the cliffs."

When you enter the Wind Tunnels you will find Eacil performing an experiment on a storm totem. Sergeant Firion will give her opinion about him when she sees him.

"Is he the one who wrote all those notes? Thought he'd be uglier."

After Ealcil asks you to test his lodestone's ability to disable the totems, she will be skeptical, "He wants you to use that magical toy on the totem that's covered in lightning? Good luck, I guess." But when it is successful, Firion will admit he might know what he is talking about, "As much as I hate to say it, the wizard knows what he's talking about. Maybe he knows how to stop the Sea Vipers."

When Ealcil explains the potential destruction the Maormer's successful blood ritual could cause, Firion will suggest that you get started on deactivating the totems straight away, "The wizard seems agitated. We need to drain those Storm Totems."

Once the five totems in the tunnels have been deactivated, Ealcil will telepathically speak to both of you, Firion will comment on the sensation when you talk with her.

"Did you hear that? It's like the wizard spoke directly to my mind. What's a "sijick projection?"
I don't know what any of that means, but it sounds like we should find a way out."

After you have spoken with Ealcil's projection about the final steps you need to take to stop the ritual, Firion will be frank.

"So we stop the ritual or die trying? All right.
An honor to fight beside you. You'd make an outstanding marine."

When you finally reach the site of the Maormer ritual, Firion will be stunned by the view.

Sergeant Firion: "Wow. I wish Nistel could have seen that thing."

Once Storm-Slave is freed, she will follow you and Razum-dar up the path to escape the blast. She will be among the crowd at the Quay.

"It's done. The Sea Vipers are defeated.
I should feel like we won, shouldn't I?"

Unsafe Haven[edit]

After completing the quest, she is found in the harbor near Jeer-Tei's ship, The First Witness. "I'm surprised there's only one vessel. They must have been absolutely packed in here."


  • While she is following you during The Tempest Unleashed, she will appear as Broadhead Marine to other players.