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This page lists all books found in Shadowfen.

Shalidor's Library[edit]

These books can only be found in Shadowfen.

Shadowfen Lore[edit]

Title Author Description Location
Dust's Shadow
A short tale of a Dark Brotherhood assassination
Fair Argonian Maiden
A lewd Argonian poem
Freedom's Price
A tragic tale of forbidden love between a Dunmer slavemaster and her Argonian slave
A Mother's Nursery Rhyme
A dark nursery rhyme surrounding the Night Mother and her five sacrificed children
On the Knahaten Flu
Archivist Neleminduure A description of the Knahaten Flu
Remember Me
The tale of an Argonian seeking to understand his nightmares
The Right Mattock for the Job
An ogre attack on a mine
The Ruby Necklace
A warning goes unheeded
A Shallow Pool
A poem regarding the Hist
Suril's Journal
Suril A Mages Guild research journal documenting field studies in Black Marsh

Other Books[edit]

These books may also be found in Greenshade or Rivenspire.

Title Author Description Location Collection
Ancient Scrolls of the Dwemer XI
Marobar Sul Book 11 of a series of fictional stories about the Dwemer Dwemer
Antecedents of Dwemer Law
A historical account of the development of Dwemer law and custom from its roots in High Elven culture Dwemer
The Book of Daedra
Excerpts from a lengthy tome describing the nature of each of the Daedra Oblivion Lore
Darkest Darkness
A description of various Daedra Oblivion Lore
Dwarven Automatons
Herebane, Nord A guide to Dwemer Constructs Dwemer
The Doors of Oblivion, Part 1
Seif-ij Hidja The chronicles of Morian Zenas' journey through the realms of Oblivion, penned by his apprentice Oblivion Lore
The Doors of Oblivion, Part 2
Seif-ij Hidja The chronicles of Morian Zenas' journey through the realms of Oblivion, penned by his apprentice Oblivion Lore
The Firmament
Ffoulke A book of constellations and their meanings Myths of the Mundus
Gods and Worship in Tamriel
Brother Hetchfeld, Associate Scribe at the Imperial University, Office of Introductory Studies An overview of how the presence of Gods affects temple life worship Divines and Deities
Invocation of Azura
Sigillah Parate A work written by the High Priestess of Azura arguing the superiority of Azura to other Daedra Princes Daedric Princes
Modern Heretics
Haderus of Gottlesfont An account of one researcher's visit to the shrine of the Daedric Lord Azura Daedric Princes
Monomyth: The Heart of the World
A theological book containing the Altmer creation myths Divines and Deities
Nine Commands of the Eight Divines
An overview of principles relating to ethics and worship under the Imperial pantheon Divines and Deities
On Oblivion
Morian Zenas A guide to Oblivion and the Daedra Oblivion Lore
The Pig Children
Tyston Bane Discusses the history of the Orcish threat in the Iliac Bay Myths of the Mundus
Ruminations on the Elder Scrolls
Septimus Signus, College of Winterhold A philosophical view on the role of the Elder Scrolls Myths of the Mundus
On Sithis, the start of the house Myths of the Mundus
Spirit of the Daedra
A look into the Daedric mindset Oblivion Lore
Varieties of Daedra, Part 1
Aranea Drethan An analysis of Daedra forms, focusing primarily on the Dremora Oblivion Lore
Varieties of Daedra, Part 2
Aranea Drethan An analysis of Daedra forms, focusing primarily on the Dremora Oblivion Lore
Vivec and Mephala
Informational book about ALMSIVI and Mephala Divines and Deities

Eidetic Memory[edit]

Title Author Description Location Collection
Albus' Journal
Albus, White Rose Prison Guard A prison guard's journal entry complaining about his living conditions Personal Journals
Angry Angry
A note from someone who is always angry The Devoted and the Deranged
Argonian Journal Pages
Personal Journals
The Argonian Mating Ritual
Valrendil of the Crystal Tower, Research-Appointee to the Thalmor Research notes on Argonian mating habits Research Notes
Articles of the Sakkr-al-Behr
Rules of conduct for a pirate crew Criminal Correspondence
The Assassin of Alik'r
Anonymous A Shadowscale tracks his targets through the Alik'r desert Tales of Tamriel
Ayleid Library?
A fragmented journal entry from within an Ayleid ruin Final Words
Badly Damaged Journal
Partial remains of research notes into local customs Research Notes
Broken Tusk Ritual Notes
A summoning ritual Rituals and Revelations
Captive's Journal
Library of Incunabula
Chid Moska
  • Hissmir, Central Pyramid, southeast corner, on the stone edge
Notes and Memos
The Dark Husband
On Sithis, Dark Husband of the Night Mother Rituals and Revelations
A Discarded Letter
A letter from a soldier to his loved one Hearts and Flowers
Dominion Agent's Report
Military Orders and Reports
Dominion Soldier's Journal: Zuuk
Notes on the capture and torture of a Kothringi villager
  • Zuuk, at a small camp (southwest of the map icon)
Military Orders and Reports
Dominion Troops General Order 719a
An order to Dominion troops to avoid damaging Hist trees Military Orders and Reports
Dranos's Diary
Dranos Velador Library of Incunabula
Drillk's Journal
Drillk A journal fragment of the last Kothringi of Zuuk Personal Journals
An Easy Assignment
Surii Dreth Houses, Shops, and Trade
Evacuation Order
Porcius Sisenna Details on the planned evacuation of White Rose Prison Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Exploring the Xal Ithix Ruins
Looks-Under-Rocks Notes on the ancient ruins of Shadowfen
  • Xal Ithix, small ruin southwest of the village
Diaries and Logs
Eyes of the Queen Only
A letter revealing a weakness in the government of Stormhold Notes and Memos
Farewell Note
Seesaus Library of Incunabula
Feyne Vildan's Diary
Feyne Vildan Hearts and Flowers
A Final Appeal
War Chief Helushk Daedric Cults
A Fitting Tribute
Musings on the previous use of a Daedric ruin Diaries and Logs
The Founding of Zuuk
Ashalaku, Black Marsh On the Kothringi tribesman Zuuk and the settlement named after him The World and Its Creatures
A Free Argonian's Manifesto
A paper denouncing slavery Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Free Our Goblin Brothers!
An Argonian-centric poster condemning the slavery of Goblins Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
The Fruit and the Stone
A tale surrounding the fruit of the Hist Rituals and Revelations
Galmon's Note
Galmon Notes and Memos
Geel-Ma's Diary
Geel-Ma Library of Incunabula
Gordag's Journal
Gordag The journal recounting a father's quest to find an antidote for his daughter's illness Diaries and Logs
The Green Singing
The ritual incantation of a Spinner of Y'ffre The World and Its Creatures
Hidden-Hands' Journal
Hidden-Hands A thief's journal Criminal Correspondence
The Hist's Fire
Pegareem How two Argonians met Hearts and Flowers
The Holy Wamasu: Care and Feeding
Houses, Shops, and Trade
How to Train Your Guar
An easy guide The World and Its Creatures
Incomplete Letter
Letters and Missives
An Invitation to Wealth
A trader appeals to peoples pockets Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Keystones of Loriasel
Notes on the mysterious Keystones and their relationship to Argonian magic Rituals and Revelations
Knahaten Flu Confirmed
Shaman Chirah Diaries and Logs
The Knighting Ceremony
  • Loriasel, on an altar in a southeastern alcove
Rituals and Revelations
Lamentations of the Lost
Anonymous Poem about a life cut short Words of the Poets
The Lamia Threat
Underil An order to retreat if lamias breach the Dominion's defenses
  • Loriasel, behind the barricade in front of the door to Loriasel Inner Bailey
Military Orders and Reports
Letter from Oleenla
Oleenla Letters and Missives
Letter Home
Filpinil An Altmer soldier's thoughts on his Khajiiti and Bosmeri allies Letters and Missives
List of Instructions
Alchemist Ruuvitar Instructions and guidance on Hist sap extraction Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Listens-to-Water's Observations
Listens-to-Water Diaries and Logs
Log of the Intractable
Military Orders and Reports
The Lost Communion
An Argonian rediscovers a connection with the Hist The Devoted and the Deranged
Mark of Egg-Births
A log of Argonians born at the Hatching Pools Diaries and Logs
Morrowind Needs You!
A travel brochure Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Na-Kesh's Journal
Tree-Minder Na-Kesh Library of Incunabula
Need More Animus Geodes
Felra A letter surrounding the fragility of Animus Geodes Research Notes
Neelo's Notes
Neelo Rituals and Revelations
Not Long Now
  • Ten-Maur-Wolk, behind a southwestern pillar of the circular pavilion
Diaries and Logs
Ofglog's Journal
Ofglog gro-Barkbite The journal of a young mage and his attempt to impress a girl Personal Journals
On Argonians
Cirantille A description of Argonians and the Hist Lore and Culture
Order of the Eye Dispatch
Skaldir A request to the Arch-Mage for help from a member of the Order of the Eye Letters and Missives
Partially Legible Letter
A breakup letter between lovers after a mistress is discovered Hearts and Flowers
Path of the Pilgrim
Bikkus-Ze, Hissmir Oblate Notes on the pilgrims of Hissmir Lore and Culture
A Perfect Score
Hundred-Scales A letter regarding the potential treasures within Arx Corinium Criminal Correspondence
Pillagers of the Hist
Letter regarding the Dominion's collection of Hist sap Notes and Memos
Quartermaster's Report
Houses, Shops, and Trade
Request Denied
Military Orders and Reports
Rest Gently
A failed rescue attempt Final Words
Rituals of Contempt
  • Xal Ithix, in the cave under the skyshard to the west
Daedric Cults
Ruuvitar's Journal
Ruuvitar Experimental notes on Hist sap Research Notes
Sacred Places
Goes-Here-and-There An Argonian treasure-seeker reflects on her heritage The Devoted and the Deranged
The Sanguine Cult
A suspicious note regarding a cancelled bounty on Sanguine cultists Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Scout Report: Arx Corinium
Military Orders and Reports
Seafood Supper
Houses, Shops, and Trade
Seeking Tenant!
Felande Demarie A handbill advertising free property to prospective tenants Handbills, Posters, and Decrees
Sep's Kiss
Instructions on brewing a poison Rituals and Revelations
Shadowscale's Journal
The journal entries of an assassin investigating a series of peculiar events Personal Journals
Shul's Letter
Shul A Kothringi bids farewell to his wife as the Knahaten Flu takes him
  • Zuuk, on the west side of a broken column leading to the Temple of Sul
Final Words
Song of Despair
Anonymous Song on the Daedric Princes Words of the Poets
Stonefire Ritual Tome
A Stonefire cult text praising Molag Bal Daedric Cults
The Strange Case of Ja-Reet
The story of an Argonian born away from his people Research Notes
Three-of-Claws' Note
Three-of-Claws Notes and Memos
Tommy Bones's Journal
Tommy Bones Personal Journals
The Treasure of Stillrise Village
Deskin Worm cultists prepare to take over Stillrise Village Daedric Cults
A Treatise on the Knot
An overview on various knots used by sailors Houses, Shops, and Trade
Tree-Minder's Journal
Tree-Minder Raleetal Personal Journals
The Trials of Hissmir
Sali-Ze, Hissmir Oblate Advice on offering oneself to the Hist Rituals and Revelations
Tribunal—Living Lies
"Disordinator" A conspiracy theory The Devoted and the Deranged
The True Balance
How to understand a foe Tales of Tamriel
Tsanji's Ship Records
Tsanji The recent activity of a Khajiit pirate Criminal Correspondence
Urgent Letter
Junal Library of Incunabula
The Voyages of Il-Am-Hakim, Vol. 7
On the exploits of Il-Am-Hakim Tales of Tamriel
Weapon and Armor Care Notes
the Office of the Quartermaster Notes on keeping weapons and armor in top shape Military Orders and Reports
Web-Covered Diary
Library of Incunabula
What Flows Downstream
Diaries and Logs
White Rose Guard's Journal
Personal Journals
The Wolf in the Sky
A Nord seeks help from his inner wolf Tales of Tamriel