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Shadowy Supplier Shadowy Suppliers are special vendors only available to Dark Brotherhood members with the relevant skill unlocked. They offer free supplies every twenty hours, and can be found in every Outlaws Refuge as well as at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary itself. In reality there's only one Shadowy Supplier, an Argonian named Remains-Silent who appears at every service location.

Zone Settlement Location Shadowy Supplier
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Vulkhel Guard Vulkhel Guard Outlaws Refuge Remains-Silent
Grahtwood Elden Root Elden Root Outlaws Refuge
Greenshade Marbruk Marbruk Outlaws Refuge
Malabal Tor Velyn Harbor Velyn Harbor Outlaws Refuge
Reaper's March Rawl'kha Rawl'kha Outlaws Refuge
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Sentinel Sentinel Outlaws Refuge Remains-Silent
Bangkorai Evermore Evermore Outlaws Refuge
Glenumbra Daggerfall Daggerfall Outlaws Refuge
Rivenspire Shornhelm Shornhelm Outlaws Refuge
Stormhaven Wayrest Wayrest Outlaws Refuge
Ebonheart Pact
Deshaan Mournhold Mournhold Outlaws Refuge Remains-Silent
Eastmarch Windhelm Windhelm Outlaws Refuge
The Rift Riften Riften Outlaws Refuge
Shadowfen Stormhold Stormhold Outlaws Refuge
Stonefalls Davon's Watch Davon's Watch Outlaws Refuge
Clockwork CityClockwork City (Crown Store) Brass Fortress Slag Town Outlaws Refuge Remains-Silent
Craglorn Belkarth Belkarth Outlaws Refuge
Gold CoastDark Brotherhood (Crown Store) Anvil Anvil Outlaws Refuge
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Hew's BaneThieves Guild (Crown Store) Abah's Landing Thieves Den
SummersetSummerset Alinor Alinor Outlaws Refuge
VvardenfellMorrowind Vivec City Vivec City Outlaws Refuge
WrothgarOrsinium (Crown Store) Orsinium Orsinium Outlaws Refuge