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Banish the dark spirits plaguing the plantation.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Sathram Plantation — Discover what happened at Sathram Plantation.
Quest Giver: Ruvali Manothrel
Location(s): Sathram Plantation
Prerequisite Quest: An Unwanted Twin
Reward: House Cousin's Cowl of the Red Mountain
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Banishing a nightmare spirit
Ra-shadda, the Khajiiti shaman who summoned the monster, didn't leave the plantation. Ruvali speculates that he wanted to stay behind to watch the monster tear them apart.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Ra-shadda
  2. Use the totem on five nightmare spirits and kill them
  3. Talk to Ruvali
  4. Talk to Ulov Stormwall
  5. Pray at the Altar
  6. Talk to Ruvali inside the stables
  7. Use the totem on Ulov, then follow and kill him
  8. Talk to Ruvali

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After the events of the previous quest, you should try to find out how to get rid of the body-stealing monster. Find Ra-shadda. He's the one who summoned the beast, maybe he knows how to deal with it.

You'll find Ra-shadda in the barn just across from the house. He's praying by a pile of burning crates. Ra-shadda says that he summoned the dro-m'Athra that you see around the plantation because his wife, Jazadi, was killed by their masters' torture. Despite the pain he feels from the loss of his beloved, he regrets summoning the dro-m'Athra.

The Lunar Altar

Ra-shadda tells you to use the totem on five spirits and kill them to capture their essence. The next step would be to finish charging it at an altar. This would protect you from possession, and the beast would be destroyed if it tried to possess you. Meanwhile, he's going to apologize to Ruvali for the mess he summoned. Meet him in Ruvali's house when you've captured the essence of five of the Dark Spirits around the plantation.

You need to fight five of the Dark Spirits and capture their essence. If you're having a hard time killing them before the idol wears off, weaken them before using the idol, then finish them off to collect their essence. If it helps, try to single out lone dro-m'Athra and capture those. You'll find Nightmare Spirits all over the plantation, with numerous professions. There are Nightmare Shades, Nightmare Defilers, Nightmare Butchers... plenty of dro-m'Athra to capture.

When you enter the house, Ra-shadda isn't there, and Ruvali is still kneeling over her husband's corpse. Try asking her if she's seen Ra-shadda. She says that Ra-shadda came by and apologized. She states that Ra-shadda should pay for Tiril's death. At this point, you can either side with Ruvali and agree that Ra-shadda should pay, or convince her that he genuinely mourns his dead wife, whom Ruvali's people killed.

Meet Ruvali in the barn

No matter which option you choose, Ruvali will tell you of a way that Ra-shadda said would vanquish the monster. First, you need to tell Ulov to meet you and Ra-shadda at the stables so that you may banish the dro-m'Athra. Ulov goes on his way to the stables, and you must finish charging the idol at an altar south of the stables.

When you exit Ruvali's house, head straight southeast, across the bridge. Keep running southeast until you get to a stone monument with Khajiiti urns around it, and some flowers set in front of it. Use the Lunar Altar. You are now protected from being possessed. Head to the stables.

When you arrive, Ra-shadda is bound and Ruvali is questioning him. Curiously, Ulov is absent. Talk to Ruvali. She says Ra-shadda was already bound when she got there, and that she hasn't seen Ulov. While you're in the middle of The conversation, a silent Ulov walks into the barn behind Ruvali. That might not be the real Ulov. You should use the idol on him to find out. You were right to use the idol on him, because the dro-m'Athra is wearing him like a coat. Pursue the fake Ulov through the door into the courtyard in the back of the barn and slay it. When the dro-m'Athra attempts to possess you after you kill Ulov, it disintegrates. The menace is gone. Return to Ruvali with the good news and for your reward.

If you told Ruvali that Ra-shadda should pay for summoning the dro-m'Athra, she will choke him to death while you are killing the fake Ulov. If you told her that he genuinely mourns his wife, Ra-shadda will be alive when you exit the barn courtyard, and he will go free after the quest.

Quest Stages[edit]

Shattering Mirror
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Ruvali gave me Ra-shadda's idol. The Khajiit is the only one who might know how to deal with the monster. I must speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ra-shadda
Ra-shadda believes we can banish the dro-m'Athra using the Idol of the Hollowed moon. To charge it, I must use the idol on the dark spirits of the plantation, then slay them to steal their power.
Objective: Use the Idol on Spirits and Kill Them: 0/5
I must return to Ra-shadda. He waits in Ruvali's house.
Objective: Go to Ruvali's Home
I didn't find Ra-shadda at Ruvali's home. Ruvali is kneeling over her husband's corpse. Perhaps she's spoken to Ra-shadda. I should find out.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali
I must tell Ulov to go to the stables and wait for me, as Ra-shadda suggested. We will banish the dro-m'Athra there.
Objective: Talk to Ulov
Ra-shadda asked that I finish charging the idol at the altar south of the stables.
Objective: Use Altar
I've finished with the idol. I'm protected from possession. Now I need to go inside the stables and find the dro-m'Athra.
Objective: Enter the Stables
Ra-shadda is bound and Ruvali is questioning him, but I don't see Ulov. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali
While I was talking to Ruvali Ulov entered the stables. It might not be him. I should use the idol on him to find out.
Objective: Use Idol on Ulov
The dro-m'Athra stole Ulov's body. He ran out the back of the barn. I must chase after him and slay him.
Objective: Kill Ulov Stormwall
☑Finishes quest Ulov is dead, and the dro-m'Athra destroyed. I must return to Ruvali and Ra-shadda.
Objective: Talk to Ruvali