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Location Ezduiin
Race Altmer Gender Female
Health (?)
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Sirinque is an Altmer member of the Mages Guild team found at the Ayleid ruins of Ezduiin.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

An Act of Kindness[edit]

You find her outside Ezduiin, wondering to herself: "The magical lattice can be disrupted, but the underlying problem remains..." Speaking to her, she'll say: "Fair day. How goes the translations? Wait. You're not one of Telenger's students."

No, I'm not.
"A fair day, indeed. I'm studying the spirits that now haunt these ruins. I believe they can be released. Sent on to their final reward. Perhaps you'd be willing to help with an experiment?"
Perhaps. What do I have to do?
"Take this crystal. I've etched a series of microrunes onto its surface. Weaken the spirit's hold on the physical world and then focus your will. That should sever the spirit's hold on Nirn. Allow it to pass into Aetherius."
I'll give it a try.

This starts the quest.

"My talents do not lie in the brute application of spellpower. Otherwise I would be at your side. Field experimentation is fascinating!"
What was that about microrunes? And focusing my will?
"Much of magic is in the detail. These spirits should not be here. Their presence is inherently fragile. With manipulations of the magicka-field around you, your will can carry the punch of a warhammer."

Talking to her right after this, she'll say: "The microrunes were time consuming to etch, but not challenging. To expand the scope of this experiment, we merely need larger crystals." Talk to the spirit of Quaronaldil Duure, who directs you to vaults of Ezduiin to find a larger crystal to expand the effects of Sirinque's work. After getting the crystal, you find her outside the vaults, talking to Quaronaldil.

Sirinque: "Fascinating!"
Qaronaldil: "Indeed."

Talking to her, she'll say: "You've returned. And with the spell-lattice?"

Yes, I see you've met Quaronaldil.
"He came to me and spoke to me about my crystal. When he told me you were retrieving the lattice, I found my courage and followed Quaron out here. You still have the micro-etched crystal I gave you?"
Yes. What are you going to do?
"This lattice is an elegant extension of the principles the crystal uses. By enmeshing it within the lattice, it will amplify the power of the crystal. It will free these spirits of the Mallari-Mora's curse."
I hope it works. Here.

She then begins to lift the curse, saying: "Wish me luck." Quaronaldil will comment: "Look! It's working! Almost there." After Sirinque completes the spell, he'll say: "You did it! I can feel it!" Talking to her after this, she'll say: "Incredible! Did you see that? Unfortunate that the crystal lattice was destroyed in the process, but it served its purpose well."

So it worked?
"Yes, can't you feel it? The spirits still remain, but in time they will learn they are free to move on."

Complete the quest to receive the Micro-Etched Ring.

"I'll get these to the Artificer. I'm certain he'll know what to do. The dead of Ezduiin will finally know rest."