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Location Sanguine Reveler's Camp, White Fall Valley
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Sanguine's Revelers

Skeewul is an Argonian found in a camp of Sanguine revelers in Cyrodiil, east of Shurgak Clan Estate and north of Fanacas. (map) He and his fellow revelers, Akhbar, Diana Flaccus, Hemjak, Raeirfa, and Seraphyne Sansone, will be drunkenly celebrating Lord Sanguine's revel. The lorebook The Exclusionary Mandates can be found in a cart behind him.

If you speak to him, he will offer you a special drink, and should you accept you will black out and wake up at a tree slightly west of where you were. (map) If you return to the camp, Skeewul and all his fellow revelers will be gone.


"Lord Sanguine provides needed relief in dire times like this. Do you wish to participate? I have a special drink, brewed just for this occasion!"
What's in this special drink?
"That would be telling! Lord Sanguine guarantees a good time to those who drink. Would you like some?"
I'll try it.
(You exit out of the dialogue and proceed to take drink from a mug, then black out and wake up west of the camp.)
No, thanks.
"Your loss, my friend. You don't know what you're missing!"