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Location City of Ash II
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Undaunted

Sobabe is a Khajiit member of the lost Undaunted expedition in City of Ash II.


When you speak to her:

"Give this one a moment, please. She just stopped a howling ball of flame with her face. Sobabe was excited to come here, but the Wood Elf was right.\n\nThis is the worst place in the world."
You need to get out of here.
"Don't worry—Sobabe will leave when she can more easily walk."

Talking to her again:

"Go! Sobabe promises to hurry. It is in her best interest."

In Whisper Grove, after smashing the Knives of Discord sigil stone portal:

Sobabe: "Sobabe is done with this! Done with the Undaunted."
Caeleneth the Hapless: "The things I was willing to do to get out of torture—never again."
Axel Malveaux: "I wasn't meant for this life."
Eats-Aged-Meat: "Enough with the Undaunted. I have been thoroughly daunted …"
Zantan the Magnificent: "Zantan is too old for this."
Umbarume the Undertaker: "Someone come find me when you need something cut. I'll see you idiots when I see you."
Bloody Mayra: "I'm going to get a drink. A short vacation from getting stabbed sounds nice."
Glad Glatha: "I'm not quitting, but I am going home. Knock on my door in a week."

Talking to her:

"Sobabe appreciates all you have done. She thinks she is finished with adventuring. She had her fill in Oblivion. Now she will fill with delicious Moon Sugar—to forget the battle and the blood.


There is one achievement associated with this person:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Undaunted Rescuer.png Undaunted Rescuer 10 Rescue all of the members of the failed Undaunted expedition to the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon.