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Soul of Dusk
Location Imperial City Prison
Species Grievous Twilight
Reaction Friendly
The Soul of Dusk before being bound to the shield

The Soul of Dusk[1] is the animus of Lord Warden Dusk, briefly seen after his defeat in the Imperial City Prison. After the completion of the quest Summary Execution, he is bound to the Grievous Leeching Ward, a Xivkyn-style shield Lyranth gives you as a reward for the quest. Periodically when the shield is drawn, the Soul of Dusk will let out a spiteful comment towards the wielder.

Related Quests[edit]


After defeating the Lord Warden, he is sealed inside the shield by Lyranth.

Soul of Dusk "No! I will not suffer this!"
Lyranth: "My clan suffered it. And now, you will."

The Soul of Dusk can say one of the following things when the shield is drawn:

  • "Who are you to ensnare the Lord Warden of Coldharbour?"
  • "Lord Bal won't suffer a servant of his treated this way. He'll come for me. For you."
  • "Do you fancy yourself the benefactor of Daedra, mortal? Why not free me?"
  • "Lyranth deserved everything we did to her. The injustice is imprisoning me."
  • "You will suffer for this indignity, mortal."
  • "You fight boldly, but without skill."
  • "A futile act, by a futile creature."
  • "Your kind works so hard to survive. Why?"
  • "One day I'll be free. And nothing will stop the nightmares from taking you."
  • "When I get free I'll tear your mortal shell to pieces."
  • "You won't hold me forever."

If you return to the Imperial City Prison and draw your weapon with the shield equipped:

  • "Do you return here to mock me, wretch? I assure you I will free myself and then free the life from your mortal shell."
  • "Again? Do you come to mock me, wretch?"
  • "I will return to power here, one day. And you will regret it, mortal."
  • "One day, I'll be free. I'll tear you to pieces and return you here, where you will suffer agony unending."
  • "You are foolish to return to this place. Why tempt fate twice?"


  • The Grievous Leeching Ward is unique in that it is the only piece of equippable gear that can talk.


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