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Star-Gazer Nudryn
Home Settlement Belkarth
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Star-Gazers
Star-Gazer Nudryn

Star-Gazer Nudryn is a Dunmer member of the Star-Gazers. She is found sitting outside Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Shattered and the Lost[edit]

When you talk to Nudryn outside the Crossroads Tavern, she says, "You were at the observatory earlier, weren't you? I thought I saw you talking to Hara. Are you going to visit the tavern? If so, watch out for two lunatic High Elves. I don't know if they're dangerous, but you can never tell."

What are you talking about?
"Two High Elves inside the tavern claim—quite loudly, in fact—that they are aspects of the Mage. The very Celestial that fell from our starry skies! I took my drink and came out here. My companion ... not so lucky."
Did they want something?
"They're asking the Star-Gazers to help them put the pieces back together or some such nonsense. Even offered to let me touch some strange relic to see the truth. But let me tell you, nothing good has ever come from touching strange relics."
Thank you for the information. I'll look into it."

After obtaining the quest, Nudryn reminds you, "When the High Elves approach you, remember that I warned you. Those women have a strange way of spotting anything related to the Star-Gazers. And guess what? If you're working with Hara, you're related to us now."

Can you tell me anything more about these High Elves?
"They've been making a nuisance of themselves in Belkarth for the last few days. Claim they need to speak to Hara of the Star-Gazers immediately. Of course, Hara hasn't been available, so they came here to wait."
Did they meet with Hara yet?
"No, and that's why we're here. Hara wanted us to make sure they had legitimate business with the Star-Gazers before she sees them. But all I found out is that they're legitimately crazy! Still, I kind of want to believe them, you know?"
Have they given you a reason not to believe them?
"Well, for one thing, all of the pictures of the constellations portray the Mage as a bearded old man. For another, shouldn't the Celestials look more ... I don't know ... intimidating?"

Later in the quest:

"Are you really thinking of helping those crazy High Elves? Well, I guess it's your time to waste."