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Location Labyrinth
Race Altmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Hollow
Condition Undead

Sumiril is a Hollow found at the Labyrinth. You'll find him at the eastern entrance to the complex.

He is strangely self-aware and asks you to learn of his history during the related quest, where it is revealed that he was the first Hollow created by the Wilderking.

Related Quests[edit]


"Do you know how to read?"
Who are you? What are you talking about? Of course I can read.
"I am called Sumiril. I am one of the "Hollow." We live to serve the Wilderking, who is our god, our creator.
I ask you if you can read because I have this book, which is supposed to tell the true story of the Wilderking, and of my creation."
Why can't you read it yourself?
"I can read it, but I am afraid to.
I am not like the other Hollow. I can question my existence. I can believe or not believe.
What if the book reveals something about the Hollow? Our purpose. I might crack and splinter from within."
I will read the book, and tell you if your fears are justified.
"It must be done and I would be most grateful.
You should know that who or whatever wrote this book bound it to the labyrinth. To traverse one, you need the other."
How so?
"This book holds a single passage only. The words for the next passage will appear once you have opened the book. Follow them. They will transport you to a point deeper into the labyrinth, then settle on the page and create another passage."
Very well. I will read this book for you.
"I will await you on the other side of the labyrinth."

Follow the words and read the passages and eventually you'll return to Sumiril on the other side (southwest) of the labyrinth:

"I have roamed this land since before many of these trees were seeds. In that time I have wanted to know how I came to be.
Yet here you stand with the answer and I hestitate  
[sic], uncertain."
Would you like me to tell you what I read?
"I am unsure what I will regret more, knowing or never knowing the truth.
Forgive my indecision. Please, continue."

You have two options; either tell him about Ostion and the Wilderking, or be vague about who the Wilderking is. If you are exact:

The Wilderking was once a mortal, as were you. His name was Ostion.
"Mortal… like you? What happened to me?"
Ostion fought the Valenwood. You were among many who died.
"Yet I live. Don't I?"
Ostion and Valenwood remade you.
"The past, present, and future are stark, stripped of illusion. And I am left with more questions.
I will have to find a new way to exist, neither living nor dead, neither doubting nor believing."

If you are vague:

The Wilderking is both mortal and immortal. He is both from this land and a land far away.
"I felt this to be true. What of me? Did the book speak of how I became?"
You were the Wilderking's first creations and his most beloved.
"Please, tell me more."
You are the master to which the Hollow are only copies.
"All of what you have told me, I somehow knew. I felt it to be true. I hoped it would be true.
I will no longer dread the unknown. You have lifted darkness out of me. Thank you."
"I am their most beloved. I can feel that."