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Sun Mages (or Suncasters) are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using melee and magical abilities. They are usually equipped with a two-handed sword, battleaxe or mace. The class was introduced in Update 20, though became more common in Dragonhold.

Types of Sun Mages[edit]

Location Name Race Gender Health
Vakka-Bok Xanmeer Ayleid Sun Mage Ayleid, Undead Varies 29870
Halls of Colossus Captain Martio Calsivius Imperial Male 100383
Shadow Dance Temple Moon-Sentinel Suncaster Khajiit, Mummy Varies 29870
Black Kiergo Arena Red Rook Sun Mage Breton Varies 29870

Skills and Abilities[edit]


Their swords becomes covered in flame and then they repeatably strike at their target.

Solar Storm[edit]

Two miniature suns will appear on either side of the Sun Mage, these suns will then move towards their target.


Circular AoE will appear at target's feet

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