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Surii Dreth
Home Settlement Mud Tree Village
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Surii Dreth

Surii Dreth is a Dunmer who can be found in Mud Tree Village.

Related Quests[edit]


"Nothing ever goes right."
"You can't be here for the reward. I just had it posted."
Reward? What reward?
"I oversee an ore mine behind the village. The Goblins we employ started a labor dispute. Now some of my best workers are trapped inside.
Normally the Goblins are easy to control, but now that they have their Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem they think they're unstoppable."
What would you have me do?
"Retrieve the totem, rescue my employees, and you will be rewarded. Try not to kill all the Goblins, we need a workforce to be profitable. Use this rotten food to distract them.
Oh, and if you see Miharil, tell him to start looking for another job."
I will do all I can.


"If you can get this mess sorted out we'll be back to business as usual and I won't have to listen to any more of Tel Dravel's moaning."
I have some questions about the mine. / About the mine...
"It's not operational without miners, if you catch my meaning.
What do you really want?"
[Persuade] Can't you spare more food scraps? I'm trying to save your mine.
"Take some more. It's not like slop is expensive."
Where did the Goblins come from? Why did they attack?
"Their camp's above the mine. We employed a few of them, but otherwise we left each other alone. I don't know why they'd be upset at us.
Maybe they decided we looked funny. Or maybe they wanted my favorite dress. Either way, it has to stop."

If the quest is taken from one of Miharil's brothers:

"Sorry, but if you're here to buy iron, the metalworks is running low. A minor labor dispute, that's all.
Come back in a few days, and I'll give you a good deal on iron ingots."
I'm looking for Miharil.
"Miharil? His brothers put you up to this? Well, he's not here. He's in the mine with more valuable, productive employees.
Now excuse me, I've got a labor problem to deal with."
You mean your Goblin problem?
"Damn those Argonians! They can't keep anything quiet. All right. It's Goblins.
You want Miharil? Then rescue my workers. Just try not to kill the Goblins. Oh, and bring back their Goblin totem."
Why the concern about these Goblins? What does a totem have to o with this?
"I don't need a all-out war, not until the vicecanons send help. The fewer dead, the fewer angry Goblins.
And with that totem, I'll have some bargaining power."
How do I avoid killing Goblins?
"Well, I had the men gather table scraps from the mess. There's no food in that mine. The Goblins will be starving.
Throw scraps at them, and they'll go mad for it. They might even fight over it. That's better than them eating my miners."
I'll check out the mine.
"Well, you saved my miners, but I still don't see the Goblin totem.
The gold I'll reward you with doesn't multiply the longer you take, so you should hurry on."
"Good. A totem and miners.
Now find Thragnar, my overseer. He'll tell you how to get the Goblins back under control with that thing... assuming he's not dead."
"After a few shows of strength, those Goblins will be eating out of your hand.
Oh, just make sure to count your fingers afterwards. Filthy beasts."
"Give that thing to Thragnar. He'll restore order in the mine. That's what he's paid to do."

If you gave the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Miharil:

"I'm not amused. Was this your scheme the whole time?"
"Get out before I have you thrown out."

If you gave the Gnaw-Root Goblin Totem to Thragnar the Breaker:

"Excellent! You're a bit slow, but you got the job done. You showed these scaleskins what a real citizen of the Pact will do for the cause.
We'll get things back on schedule in a few days. The mine's already back to work!"
Glad I could help.
"And here's your reward, as promised.
If you need someone to put in a good word for you, let me know. I always repay my debts."
"The mine's up and running, thanks to you! Those little Goblins are as busy as little bees.
Could I interest you in some bulk iron ore? I'll make you a good deal."

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