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Swarming Wasp
Location Silent Mire
Obsidian Gorge
Shadowfen, Stormhold, Hatching Pools
Bangkorai, Hallin's Stand
Craglorn, Belkarth
Greenshade, Marbruk
Species Giant Wasp
Health 13187
20769 (Craglorn)
Reaction Hostile
A Swarming Wasp
A Wasp Nest

Swarming Wasps are smaller, red Giant Wasps. They can be found at several locations, such as Silent Mire and the Obsidian Gorge, defending Wasp Nests.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

The wasp stings you, dealing physical damage.
The wasp bites you, dealing physical damage.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Swarming Wasps defending their nest

Strange Guard Beasts[edit]

You can kill Swarming Wasps for Wasp Gizzards to concoct Churasu's alchemical wasp mixture.

Outside Interference[edit]

You will need to kill Swarming Wasps to reach their nests if you choose to retrieve Wasp Larvae from the Wasp Nests scattered around the Hatching Pools.