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Location North of Nen Ria
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Teegya is an Argonian merchant who was attacked by crocodiles north of Nen Ria, while on her way to a nearby settlement with her guar caravan.

Related Quests[edit]


Before the related quest:

Teegya: "I'm ruined. What am I going to do?"

Speaking to her:

"Horrible things... they've never done this before.
I'm ruined. I should just let myself be eaten."
What happened?
"Crocodiles! This route has always been safe before. I left the road to avoid wasps, and the crocodiles attacked. My favorite guar, Wades-In-Muck, fled into the swamp. The rest of my guar followed."
Did you lose much?
"Everything! I thought I was so clever, trading all my gold for a large ruby. So much easier to hide from thieves.
It's in one of the guar's bags and now it's gone. I beg you—find my guar and ruby, please!"
I'll find them for you./I'll find your ruby.

Unbridled Wealth[edit]

"Please, that isn't all I need. I'm hurt. I won't make it out on my own.
Wades-In-Muck is out there somewhere. If you catch her, bring her back to me. I'm doomed without her."
How can I catch her?
"Takes these berries. Wades-In-Muck loves them. Feed her a few and she'll follow you anywhere."
I'll bring her back, too.
"Thank you. I'll be here, waiting. Unless a crocodile gets me."

Speaking to her after this exchange:

"My head is full of cobwebs. I can't remember which guar had the ruby.
Please, search all of them. The Hist will guide you, I know it!"
"The berries I gave you should lure Wades-In-Muck to you, if she's still alive.
Please get her before the crocs do!"
"If I lose my pack beasts and all my money, I'm doomed. I might as well die here."

Bringing her guar back:

"Wades-In-Muck! And she's unhurt! The Hist guided you, as I knew it would.
But did it also guide you to my ruby? Please, tell me!"
Yes, in a crocodile's stomach.
"No details, please!
With Wades-In-Muck and my ruby back, I just may survive this trip. I kept a few coins for expenses. Here, take them with my thanks."

Speaking to her after the quest will allow her to tell you about several locations in Shadowfen. She will mark them on your map when asked about, if you haven't already discovered them.

"My the Hist, I'll be more careful next time. If you're ever in Duskwallow Hamlet, my nest is yours!"
Where is Duskhallow Hamlet?
"Far to the south. I travel all over Shadowfen, selling my goods in every town and city. I had a particularly good season this year, until the crocodiles attacked.
Still, I can probably catch and train more pack guar on my way back."
What can you tell me about the area?
"Stormhold's the largest settlement, a good place for trade.
My main route takes me to Stillrise and Mud Tree Village. I used to travel down to Zuuk too, but not in the last few years."
Tell me about Stillrise./What can you tell me about Stillrise?
"I've been stopping there for the last, oh, five or six years. I usually stop there after Mud Tree Village. Stillrisers are crazy for tools and iron ore. They pay with old Kothringi coins sometimes."
Mud Tree Village?/Tell me about Mud Tree Village.
"Mud Tree was once an old Dunmer fort, but now it's a mining town.
My people used to be slaves to the Dunmer, but now they are mine for living 
[sic]. I heard rumbling about Goblins at the mines lately, though."
What's in Zuuk?/What do you know about Zuuk?
"I haven't been to Zuuk in a long time. It was a Kothringi village, but the Knahaten flu took a heavy toll there.
Now that I think about it, a merchant in Stillrise said something about a brother who lived in Zuuk, I think."