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Home Settlement Dhalmora
Location Behind the Dhalmora Hall of Merchants
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Teeth-Like-Stars is an Argonian found in Dhalmora. She can be overheard conversing with Restless-Tail about various topics, often touching upon their past when they were enslaved by the Dark Elves and working at the nearby plantations.

She and Restless-Tail can be found hanging out behind Target Trades near the southwest entrance to the village. She cannot be interacted with, in fact she cannot be pickpocketed or assassinated with the Blade of Woe.


Teeth-Like-Stars: "I heard you tossing and turning last night."
Restless-Tail: "It's nothing. Just dreams."
Teeth-Like-Stars: "About the plantation?"
Restless-Tail: "You never wake up feeling the lashes again?"
Teeth-Like-Stars: "Don't you think Fetches-Glitter acts strange?"
Restless-Tail: "Only when he's talking to you."
Teeth-Like-Stars: "Why does he always bring me little gifts?"
Restless-Tail: "That's how Dark Elves woo their mates. Remember?"
Teeth-Like-Stars: "But we're not Elves. It's not our way."
Restless-Tail: "We were all raised in slave camps. What's "our way"?"
Teeth-Like-Stars : "Do you have any guar intestines?"
Restless-Tail : "You plan to cook them or read them?"
Teeth-Like-Stars : "It's for the meal. Unless you wanted a reading?"
Restless-Tail : "Hrrk. No, thanks. I'd prefer to ask tea leaves."