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Tervur Sadri
Location Darkshade Caverns I
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health Friendly-Normal103144Veteran278877
Reaction Varies
Deed to Darkshade (Only during related quest.)
Other Information
Follower During Mine All Mine
Tervur Sadri

Tervur Sadri is a Dunmer found in Darkshade Caverns I. He sends you to look for his partner Selos, but Selos' daughter reveals that he murdered Selos and stole the deed while also double-crossing the thugs that took over the mine.

After a confrontation with Nervyna, he will flee and be found hiding behind the Sentinel of Rkugamz, where he can be attacked to retrieve the Deed.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He can be found standing in the first chamber of the mine caverns, where he will convince you to help him clear out the mine from ne'er-do-wells.

quest dialogue needed
"I don't see how I can get through to Selos without help. He's probably at the bottom of the mine, beyond all these invaders.
We're going to have to cut our way through. If we kill the thugs' leaders, they'll probably run for it."
"I understand. But if there's even a chance …."

Speaking to him:

"What's the delay?"
Where are the regular mine workers?
"These blasted thugs came in and ran them off.
If they smash the equipment or the eggs, we'll be ruined."
Why would they come in and smash up your mine?
Who's occupying the mine now?

If you try to talk to him while he is a follower, he will say,

"Sorry, I'm busy. Don't have time to be bothered."

After fighting your way through Pit Rats who say various incriminating things about Tervur Sadri. When you reach the harvest cavern, Tervur will examine the Kwama Eggs on the top level.

Tervur Sadri: "Time to go!"
<Tervur examines some kwama eggs.>
Tervur Sadri: "Damn it! Broken!"
Tervur Sadri: "Maybe the eggs down there are in better shape. Do me a favor and take care of the undesirables down there. I'll stay here and supervise."

(He will then become non-interactive.)

Once the Pit Rats are killed,Tervur will call out to you.

"I'll stay here and supervise."
Tervur Sadri: "Good. But you're not done yet."
<Foreman Llothman walks into the room.>
Foreman Llothan: "Cowards the lot of you! This mine belongs to House Selos. You are intruders, and will be disciplined as such!"

When Foreman Llothan is killed, Tervur will jump down and start inspecting the damage before he starts gloating at you for helping him.

Tervur Sadri: "Productive bugs, these Kwama. They're practically laying money down here."
Tervur Sadri: "We'll have this place cleaned out in no time."
Tervur Sadri: "Oh this is good stuff. Old Selos must have been raking in a fortune."
Tervur Sadri: "So you believed there was gold in here. Fools."
<Nervyna appears on the balcony above.>
Nervyna Selos: "Tervur Sadri!"
Tervur Sadri: "Drop those weapons, murderer!"
Tervur Sadri: "Ah, Nervyna. I suspected you were smarter than your father."
Nervyna Selos: "You'll pay for this, Sadri!"
Tervur Sadri: "Well, well … you'll have to catch me first!"
<Tervur throws a smoke bomb down and flees.>
Nervyna Selos: "By Vivec, no!"

Once the Sentinel of Rkugamz is dead, Tervur can be found trying to get through the door.

Tervur Sadri: "Come on! Open!"

Once you attack him he will yell and throw himself at you.

Tervur Sadri: "You want me? Come and get me."


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