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This article is about the friendly version. For the enemy in Hel Ra Citadel, see The Warrior (Celestial).

The Celestial Warrior
Location Outside the Star-Gazers' Observatory
Outside the Howling Sepulchers
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Celestial
The Celestial Warrior

The Celestial Warrior is one of the three guardian signs who protect Tamriel from the Celestial Serpent. Following the defeat of the Exalted Viper, he requests your assistance in returning Titus to his original time through the use of his sword, War-Sworn.

He appears in the game only during the related quest.

Related Quests[edit]


The Celestial Warrior will appear outside the Star-Gazers' Observatory to ask for your aid.

"Mortal, this Celestial Guardian has one more obligation for you to fulfill."
Of course. What do you need me to do?
"My champion, Titus, who I called across the sands of time in my moment of need, is fading. His mortal mind can't deal with the shift in his reality. The longer he remains here, the more likely he will lose all that he is."
Can't you just send him back to his own time?
"If only it were that simple. As Titus loses parts of himself, his connection to me is severed. I can no longer reach him with my blessing. Titus has done everything I asked of him. It is time to send him home. Will you help him remember who he is?"
Yes, I'll help Titus.
"I knew I could count on you. I last saw Titus is the north, searching for his wife's grave. As his mind slips away, he fights to hold onto it. It pains him to accept that all he knew is dead and gone, yet he strives to keep the memories alive."
Why did you bring Titus to this time period?
"The Serpent's corruption was insidious. By the time I realised what was happening to my Apex Stone, I was too weak to fight back. But I was able to call my champion to me. Titus is valiant and he knows this region well. I knew he would be an asset."
The other summoned soldiers, such as Tarish-Zi, were controlled by the Serpent. Why wasn't Titus?
"The Serpent forced me to summon Tarish-Zi and his army, using our connection to infiltrate their minds. I summoned Titus before the Serpent completed his control over me. It was my last free act, and it allowed Titus to remain true to his own heart."
Did you know Titus would lose his memories?
"Such complex and powerful magic always contains an element of risk. But it was never my intention to harm Titus. Now I want to make things right. Help restore Titus's memories and his connection to me, and I can send him back where he belongs."

When you have spoken to Titus at his wife's grave, the Warrior will appear atop a nearby precipice.

"The darkness that shrouds Titus's mind blocks my connection to him. But since you touched my Apex Stone, I can still communicate with you. You consider Titus to be a friend. Are you ready to help him?"
Yes. Tell me what I have to do.
"Once there was a blade of legend called War-Sworn, wielded by my greatest champions. It has been without a true consort for far too long. We much change that. Currently, an Iron Orc carries the blade like a trophy, even though he cannot wield it."
And this sword can help Titus recover his memories?
"War-Sworn can do many things—in the hands of one worthy to wield it. Recover the blade and give it to Titus. It will remind Titus of who he is and restore his connection to me. Then I can send Titus home."
Where can I find this Iron Orc?
"The blade resides in the ruins to the southwest. While the Iron Orc, Skarath of the Many, is not worthy of War-Sworn, he is a powerful combatant. He collects trophies from his victims and will not give up the blade willingly."
I'll find Skarath and retrieve the blade.
"The blade will restore Titus to his true self, but time grows short. Already, I sense that Titus contemplates a warrior's death as a release from his torment. We cannot allow that. Titus still has many battles to win before his life comes to an end."

After completing the quest, the Warrior will appear to Titus and return him to the First Era.

The Celestial Warrior: "Take up my blade, Titus Valerius. You have earned it. Let its might flow through you and remind you who and what you are—a warrior true!"
Titus Valerius: "I feel stronger. My memories return! Celestial Warrior, hear me! I have done all you have demanded. I have served faithfully. Now, please, send me home."
The Celestial Warrior: "You are my champion, Titus, in whom I am well pleased. Hold tightly to the blade. It will travel with you and serve you well in your own time."
Titus Valerius: "My comrades! My friends. Never have I fought beside more noble heroes. This may be farewell, but I will not forget you. Fight on, and never let your values falter. With you, I know the future is in capable hands."
"Larisa … beloved. My part in this war is over. I'm coming home."
The Celestial Warrior: "Do not fear. The story of Titus Valerius recounts one of the greatest warriors to ever walk the surface of Tamriel. His achievements echo even into the future. Perhaps the same will be true of you."