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Investigate the mysterious cave village.
Zone: Greenshade
Objective: Shrouded Vale — Discover the secret of the disappearing village.
Quest Giver: Lataryon
Location(s): Shrouded Vale, Shrouded Hollow, Fading Tree
Reward: Vale's Legacy Leggings
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
A merchant in the Shrouded Vale reports seeing a village that has mysteriously and suddenly appeared in a nearby cave.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lataryon.
  2. Investigate Shrouded Hollow.
  3. Find the Fading Tree.
  4. Defeat the attacking Wood Orcs.
  5. Return to Shrouded Hollow and talk to Laniriel.
  6. Talk to Erunor at the Fading Tree.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Strange Village[edit]

To begin the quest, talk to Lataryon near the Wilderking Court Dolmen. He will tell you about how he camped in the nearby cave, and that when he woke up there was a whole village there. He says that you can investigate the village inside the cave if you wish. Head inside the nearby Shrouded Hollow to investigate this.

Once you are inside the village, a Bosmer runs up to you to welcome you. She says that the village has an oath with the Wilderking allowing them to travel to the cave every hundred years or so. She says that she doesn't know much about the oath, however, and that you can talk to her husband Erunor if you want to know more. He is currently at the choosing ceremony at the Fading Tree.

The Choosing Ceremony[edit]

Go through the cave towards the quest marker to go to the Fading Tree. Erunor can be found there, as well as multiple other Bosmer. Talk to him, and he is rather secretive about the oath; he says it's not his place to say anything about it and that you can ask the current caretaker in charge of defending the tree, Henodras. Talk to Henodras and he is a bit distrustful of you, but he realizes that the Wilderking would not let you enter if you were hostile towards the village. As his oath binds him to provide you with knowledge, he tells you about the choosing ceremony; where the new caretaker is chosen once the old caretaker becomes too old to continue protecting the Fading Tree while the village is gone. As the ceremony begins, a shroud of green leaves surrounds Erunor. He is the new caretaker! However, celebrations are short; Laniriel runs in, warning everyone that the village has been attacked by Wood Orcs.

Village Defense[edit]

Laniriel asks you to defend the village by burning the Wood Orcs' tents outside, and killing their leader, in order to distract them and cause them to retreat. Go through the cave, killing the Lhurgash orcs as you go, and leaving via the south exit. This leads to the orcs' encampment. You must burn three tents and kill the leader. To burn a tent, walk up to it and interact with it; this causes you to burn it with a torch. The leader (War Captain Muzgash) can be found outside the forge building, near a Shaman. He has quite a bit of health, and could be a problem to less well-geared characters, but he shouldn't be too hard. Once he is killed and you have burnt three tents, head back inside Shrouded Hollow.

A Tough Decision[edit]

Once you are inside the cave, go and talk to Laniriel again. She praises you for saving the village; but she doesn't yet know about Erunor's selection to be the next caretaker. Tell her of this and she is worried; she reveals she is pregnant, and Erunor doesn't know. She desperately wants Erunor to stay so that he can help her look after the child, and begs you to go convince him. As you arrive, you see Erunor being declared the new caretaker. Tell him that Laniriel is pregnant and he is shocked, because he as a complication as well; the Fading Tree is weakening and needs a caretaker to look after it. Everyone else is ready to leave, so no one else can be appointed as caretaker. You must now decide whether you want Erunor to stay and look after the tree, or leave and look after his child.

If you tell him to stay, he honors your decision and asks you to return to Laniriel and inform her of this. She is distraught, but accepts his decision and says that she'll ensure that her child knows him and the sacrifice he made. Laniriel will reward you with some leveled gold and the Vale's Legacy Leggings.

If you tell him to go with his family, he accepts the fact that they need him, and takes your advice as a sign that the Wilderking is pleased with their services and won't let anything happen to the Fading Tree. You must then meet him inside the Shrouded Hollow, where you can watch a short conversation between Laniriel and Erunor. Before leaving, he tells you his decision was the correct one, and if the Fading Tree doesn't survive, at least he will be with his family. Erunor will reward you with some leveled gold and the Vale's Legacy Leggings.


  • The journal entry about Laniriel's pregnancy will show up before Laniriel actually tells you she's pregnant. After she tells you this, the journal entry goes away. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Fading Tree
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should see the village and find out what's going on. It's hidden from view within a cave.
Objective: Explore Shrouded Hollow
I entered the cave. I should find someone at the village itself who can tell me how it came to exist.
Objective: Talk to Laniriel
One of the village's residents, Laniriel, told me a bit about the strange village, and said her husband Erunor can answer my questions about the village. He's at the Fading Tree for the village's ceremony.
Objective: Talk to Erunor
Though Erunor told me a little about the village, he said I can find out more about the Fading Tree from its current caretaker, Henodras.
Objective: Talk to Henodras
The village will choose their next caretaker at the Fading Tree. They've invited me to watch as the name is selected.
Objective: Watch the Choosing of the Caretaker
Erunor, chosen as the next caretaker, asked me to find his wife, Laniriel.
Objective: Talk to Laniriel
Laniriel told me the village is under an attack by the Wood Orcs. She told me War Captain Muzgash may still be at the Orcs' southern camp. I should help the villagers in the cave, and find their leader.
Objective: Burn Orc Tents
Objective: Kill War Captain Muzgash
With War Captain Muzgash dead, the remaining Wood Orcs will need to regroup. I need to get back to Shrouded Hollow to tell Laniriel and the others.
Objective: Return to Shrouded Hollow
Laniriel confided her pregnancy to me. She recently found out, and has yet to tell her husband. She asked me to convince Erunor to return to the Wilderking's realm with the rest of the village. Erunor remains at the Fading Tree to begin his duty as caretaker.
Objective: Talk to Laniriel
Erunor is in the midst of a ceremony to replace the former caretaker. I need to wait until its [sic] over to speak with him.
Objective: Watch the Changing of the Caretaker
Laniriel asked me to convince her husband Erunor to return with the village due to her unexpected pregnancy. I should go to the Fading Tree and learn what his decision will be.
Objective: Talk to Erunor
If you told Erunor to stay with the tree: I agreed with Erunor that he should stay behind and fulfill his oath to guard the Fading Tree. I should return to Laniriel and tell her.
Objective: Return to Shrouded Hollow
☑Finishes quest If you told Erunor to stay with the tree: Erunor remains at the Fading Tree to begin his duty as caretaker.
Objective: Talk to Laniriel
☑Finishes quest If you told Erunor to go with Laniriel: (?)
Objective: Meet Erunor inside Shrouded Hollow