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Rescue the Falinesti Faithful from the Wood Orcs.
Zone: Greenshade
Objective: Falinesti Spring Site — Help the Faithful at the Falinesti Spring Site.
Quest Giver: Egannor
Location(s): Falinesti Spring Site
Reward: Bloody War Boots
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 4788
A small group of Wood Elves entered the Falinesti Spring Site, which has been taken over by Wood Orcs. When they petitioned the Wood Orcs to leave, they were taken prisoner. Egannor managed to escape, but his friends are still in the camp.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Rescue the Falinesti Faithful.
  2. Find Fanrel and decide to help her get revenge or not.
    • Revenge: Kill Roog and Grashla, and take their heads to Fanrel.
      • Place the heads in the circle.
      • Defeat the Chieftain.
    • Otherwise: Return to Egannor.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Wood Orcs attacked the Falinesti Spring Site. You free the three captured elves tending the site. One of them, Fanrel wants to punish the Orcs for what they did to the Faithful. She wants to take one life for each of the Faithful, then kill the Orc Chieftain. You can choose to help her get revenge.

If you choose to help her, Roog is in the watchtower and Hearth-Wife Grashla is in the center of the Orc fortress at the hearth. Fanrel will take care of Hunt-Wife Thushleg and the Chief.

You collect the heads and places them on pikes in the ritual circle to send the Orcs into the ooze. Warchief Gorzesh arrives after you finish and attacks you. Once he is dead, return to Fanrel at the ritual circle for your reward.


  • There is a skyshard on top of Roog's watchtower in the Wood Orc camp.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Falinesti Faithful
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Reach Ritual Site
Objective: Mount Thushbeg's Head
Objective: Mount Dushgor's Head
Objective: Mount Grashla's Head
Objective: Mount Roog's Head
Objective: Kill Warchief Gorzesh
Hidden Objective: Rescue Nielas
Objective: Rescue Falinesti Faithful
Hidden Objective: Rescue Halalin
Hidden Objective: Rescue Fanrel
Objective: Find Fanrel
Objective: Talk to Fanrel
Objective: Collect Grashla's Head
Objective: Collect Roog's Head
Objective: Bring Heads to Fanrel
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