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"What can the mortal mind do when transported to a place that is not a place? It has no choice but to interpret its surroundings as best it can."—Morian Zenas
The Remnant of Argon
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Discoverable No
Completion None
Accessible by touching the relic during respective quest
Within the Remnant of Argon

The Remnant of Argon is a magical refuge hidden inside a powerful Argonian relic. The Remnant was created by the elders of Root-Whisper tribe to provide safe harbor from the invading Ayleid forces. As you assist Cyrodilic Collections in Murkmire and discover the truth about the Remnant, you will also be given the opportunity to travel inside the relic itself and help free the spirits trapped within.

When you enter the relic, the interior takes the form of a lush but unchanging jungle. It is filled with Argonian Spirits, including the spirits of Tsixotl and Sap-Speaker Kuzei.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Zone Story.pngBy River and Root: Guide the trapped spirits of the Root-Whisper tribe back to the cycle of rebirth.
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