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ON-qico-Group Area.png Investigate two Altmer claiming to be aspects of the Mage.
Zone: Craglorn
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Celestial Investigator — Learn how the Serpent enslaved the Mage.
Quest Giver: Star-Gazer Nudryn at Crossroads Tavern
Location(s): Belkarth, Spellscar, Ogondar's Winery, Magical Anomalies, Rkundzelft, Hircine's Haunt, Elinhir Sewerworks
Prerequisite Quest: The Star-Gazers
Next Quest: The Missing Guardian
Concurrent Quest: The Corrupted Stone, The Warrior's Call, Elemental Army
Reward: Lost One's Cowl of Martial Knowledge
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
Group Group Size: 4
The Serpent draws the Mage out of her Apex Stone
I encountered a Star-Gazer who told me that two High Elf women inside the Crossroad [sic] Tavern claim to be aspects of the Celestial Mage. I should talk to them and investigate their claims.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Star-Gazer Nudryn outside the Crossroads Tavern.
  2. Talk to the High Elves inside the tavern.
  3. Gather the three gems from around Spellscar.
  4. Talk to Ahlora at Ogondar's Winery.
  5. Charge the gems by defeating three Magical Anomalies.
  6. Return to the Observatory and talk to Hara.
  7. Use the Seeker's Sight.
  8. Find the first Mage aspect located in Rkundzelft.
  9. Find the second Mage aspect located in Hircine's Haunt.
  10. Talk to Valla at Ogondar's Winery.
  11. Find the sewer entrance beneath Elinhir.
  12. Defeat the Lost One.
  13. Talk to Star-Gazer Trilion at the winery.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Mysterious Mages[edit]

Talk to Star-Gazer Nudryn outside the Crossroads Tavern to begin this quest. She says two Altmer women are claiming to be aspects of the Mage. You need to investigate their claims.

Head inside the tavern, and you will find the Altmer talking to another Star-Gazer.

Valla: "And this is why you should inform this Hara of yours immediately. It is urgent that we speak to her."
Ahlora: "Yes, we are wasting time repeating ourselves to a … lackey."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "I'm trying to understand what you just told me. There are other versions of you elsewhere in Craglorn?"
Valla: "As we explained—and with exceptional clarity—we are merely aspects of the one you call the Celestial Mage. Even as we stand here, the Serpent seeks to control us all!"
Ahlora: "Even now he gathers our aspects to use as his own, assembling them into a false Mage who is entirely in his control."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "Yes, of course. Whatever you say. I'll talk to Hara, but I can't make any promises. The constellations have disappeared from the sky and we have other things to deal with right now."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "Good gods, these High Elves are mad."
Ahlora: "The stars shine before him, pleading for help, and he's too busy looking at the empty sky to realize it."

Once they have finished, speak with Valla. She will explain their situation, and offer to show you what happened to the Celestial Mage.

"Ah, you're here at last. Do not be confused. We foresaw your arrival, the one who has walked across the planes and faced down gods. Or do we speak of things still to come? Time is much more fluid among the stars."
You seem to know who I am, but I don't think we've been properly introduced.
"We are the one you call the Celestial Mage—or at least two aspects of a larger whole. The Serpent shattered us, weakened us. He plans to control us, piece by piece, aspect by aspect."
How did such a thing happen?
"Hold still but a moment and we will show you. Witness the treachery of the Serpent."
The Mage: "You won't win, Malazar. I am too strong for you!"
The Serpent: "You underestimate me, Valla. I have more tricks at my disposal than you could ever imagine. I have drawn you out of your Apex Stone and made you vulnerable. I know the power you wield. I am not fool enough to try to swallow you whole. But a piece at a time …."
The Mage: "I will not let you do this. I will stop you!"
The Serpent: "Protest as you will, but I have already won."
"Now you know what the Serpent has done to us. How he split us into pieces. He intends to locate our weakened aspects and forge them into a being he can control—one poisoned by his corruption. You must find our aspects before the Serpent does."
What do you need me to do?
"Take this relic, the Seeker's Sight. It is a compass of sorts, one that is connected to all aspects of the Mage. But like the Mage, the relic is broken. When you repair it, it will recognize our other aspects and lead you to them."
How do we fix the Seeker's Sight?
"When we fell from the sky, the three gems that power the Seeker's Sight were lost. You will need to retrieve these gems to make use of the relic."
I'll find the gems and restore the Seeker's Sight.
"Thank you. With the Seeker's Sight restored, we can locate our other aspects before the Serpent takes control of them. When you finish mending the Seeker's Sight, meet us at the winery outside of Belkarth. We will wait for you there."
New Task: Find the Gems — Find the gems needed to restore the Seeker's Sight.

Begin by collecting the three gems located around the Spellscar area of central Craglorn. The Gem of Frost is just northwest of the Spellscar Wayshrine and is protected by a handful of crocodiles. The Gem of Thunder can be found in an Iron Orc encampment just to the south of the Valley of Scars Wayshrine. The Gem of Fire can be located south of the Mountain Overlook Wayshrine, guarded by a Storm Atronach.

Task Completed — You recovered the gems needed to restore the Seeker's Sight.

Now that you have all three gems, meet Ahlora at Ogondar's Winery, east of Belkarth. As you approach, you hear her discussing with Valla that the Serpent has found another aspect. Talk to Ahlora and she will explain that to fix the Seeker's Sight, you need to recharge the gems at places where "the magicka is so dense you can see it".

New Task: Power the Gems — Recharge the gems at a magical anomaly.

You will need to charge each of the three gems at nearby Magical Anomalies by triggering and defeating the events there. Repeat this step for a total of three Anomalies.

Task Completed — The Seeker's Sight is now fully functional.

Find the Aspects[edit]

The Shattered

Return to the Observatory in Belkarth and talk to Hara.

Hara: "A strange relic, this Seeker's Sight. It's a compass of sorts, you say?"
Valla: "Well, place it within the star map and let's see what happens."

You need to place the Seeker's Sight within the star map to see if it can locate the other aspects of the Mage.

Ahlora: "It's working. See how our other aspects appear."
Valla: "Thanks to this relic, we can locate the remaining aspects before the Scaled One."
Hara: "What is that strange one over there? It's different from the others."
Ahlora: "That's the Lost One. The part of us corrupted and controlled by the Scaled One."
Valla: "Let's not concern ourselves with her just yet. The other aspects are our first priority."

Talk to Ahlora to find out how to proceed. One aspect is located behind a Dwarven contraption|, while the other has taken refuge among ravenous werewolves|.

New Task: Locate the Aspects — Find the aspects of the Mage and send them back to Belkarth.

You are given the task of locating the two remaining Mage's aspects in nearby delves. The first aspect is located in Rkundzelft, a small delve northeast of the Winery. To find the aspect, go to the northwestern room after defeating Mzeklok, the giant Dwemer spider. You will be prompted to use the Seeker's Sight to make four golden mages appear. Activate the circles of light they are standing on in the same order they disappear: south-eastern, north-western, south-western and north-eastern. Speak to Mahlia, the first Mage aspect, before leaving the room.

"You. I remember you, though we have not met. I am glad you arrived before the Scaled One. I believe this place is no longer safe."
You remember me?
"We are one and many, both. We share many things, but we cannot talk to each other except when in each other's presence. I know I have spoken to you, but I do not know the details of those conversations."
The other aspects are waiting for you at the winery outside Belkarth.
"Belkarth … there is a powerful presence there, protecting it. It makes sense to hide near there. Away from the Scaled One's grip. At least for now. I will find my way to them."

She will then leave the room.

Mahlia: "Do not worry about me. I can reach the other aspects on my own. If you have other tasks, I suggest you hurry. The Lost One continues to grow in power."

The second aspect can be found in Hircine's Haunt just north of where you found the first Seeker's Sight gem. You must fight your way through the delve to the location where you will be prompted to use the Seeker's Sight. Upon using it, spectral mages will appear and disappear in a specific order and you must trigger the corresponding wards in the same order. Simply watch the mages to discern the order. If you miss the order, you can wait a few minutes—or run away a short distance and return—to get the prompt to Use the Seeker's Sight again. If you are standing facing south, with two wards on the left and three on the right, the correct order is: far left, near right, middle right, near left, far right. Be sure you speak to the Mage's Aspect Faryan before leaving the area.

"Fascinating creatures. Such uncomplicated lives. Kill or be killed. Consume or be consumed."
The Serpent is hunting you.
"I am aware. The Lost One, whom he has corrupted, grows stronger. I hear her calling to me. This is why the Serpent divided us. What he could not control whole, he now corrupts piece by piece."
I need to get you back to the others. They're at the winery outside Belkarth.
"Belkarth? Hmm. So I have chosen to hide near Belkarth. In a place made for another. Do you have any news of the Lost One? I know that she is moving against us, but I do not perceive her actions directly."
I don't know.
"Unfortunate. We will have to find her, then. I will make my way back to my other selves. Now that I know my location, it will be easy enough to find me."

She will create a portal for herself and leave the cave.

Faryan: Watch yourself as you exit this cave. You resemble food to the residents of this place. When you finish your tasks, meet us back at this winery. We will proceed with our plan from there."
Task Completed — You found the remaining aspects of the Mage.

Go to Ogondar's Winery and meet the aspects.

Valla: "You made it. Good. We could not proceed without you."
Mahlia: "The aspects have been gathered. It is time to confront the Lost One."
Ahlora: "We know exactly where she hides. At the beginning. At the source of our power."

Speak to Valla to find out where the Lost One is hiding.

"Thank you for returning the aspects to us. We have discussed among ourselves and concluded that the Lost One is too powerful for us to defeat. The best we can hope for is to weaken her."
What do you mean?
"We were caught off guard and weakened when the Serpent divided us. He has been gathering our aspects, bringing them under his control one by one. The Lost One is more powerful than the four of us combined."
So how do we stop her?
"We must join with her. We may not be strong enough to defeat the Lost One in a fight, but together we can resist the Serpent's corruption. The Lost One will no longer be whole, but divided within herself. This will make her vulnerable."
How can you join with the Lost One?
"It will not be easy. The Lost One is powerful. You will need to engage her in battle and distract her. Unfortunately, she has anticipated this course and fled to a place of strength—our Apex Stone."
Apex Stone?
"The Apex Stones are what allow the Celstials to manifest in this plane. By corrupting our Apex Stone, the Serpent sought to submit our consciousness to his will and corrupt us. This is what happened to the Lost One."
Can't we just destroy the Apex Stone?
"If you did, our full power would be released. Mundus could not withstand such force. Our Apex Stone rests in a hidden place beneath the city of Elinhir. Use the Seeker's Sight to locate it and the Lost One. We will join you when the time is right."
New Task: Defeat the Lost One — Find and defeat the corrupted lost aspect of the Mage.

Leave the Winery and head east to the city of Elinhir.

The Apex Stone[edit]

The Lost

Near the entrance to Elinhir, close to the Alarice Bienne's grocer stand, you see a small river flowing out of a grate in the city's wall. The grate is the entrance to the Elinhir Sewerworks. When you reach the western circular room, the aspects of the Mage teleport in, and you need to find and defeat the Lost One.

Valla: "The Lost One waits for us. She knows we are coming."
Ahlora: "I sense her presence. Below. She waits in the shadow of our Apex Stone."
Mahlia: "Defeat the Lost One and we will do the rest."
Faryan: "Do not hold back. If you hesitate or falter, the Lost One will destroy you."

The Lost One is inside the Apex Stone room. She is a high damage Mage boss who summons atronachs of every element to defend her. A full traditional group is recommended for this fight.

The Lost One: "The others are near. I can sense them. You think to stop me? I am too strong for you, mortal. I cannot be defeated."

Once you defeat her, her spectral form will stagger to the bottom of the steps, with her arms outstretched...

The Lost One: "Fools! This stone is the source of my strength. You cannot defeat me here."

...and turn to stone.

Task Completed — You weakened the Serpent's control over the Celestial Mage.

There is a rear exit from the Apex Stone room which will bring you out near the entrance to Molavar.

To inform the Star-Gazers of the Mage's joining, return to Ogondar's Winery and talk to Star-Gazer Trilion.

"Have you seen the High Elves that were here by any chance? I was supposed to keep an eye on them, and I only turned away for a moment and now they're gone! Oh, Hara is going to be very angry with me."
The aspects have been reunited with the Lost One. Now they must resist the Serpent's corruption.

He says he will inform the Star-Gazers, and gives you a reward in celebration of the turning tides.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Shattered and the Lost
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should enter the Crossroad Tavern in Belkarth and seek out these strange High Elves the Star-Gazer told me about.
Objective: Find the High Elves In the Crossroads Tavern
I located the High Elves, but they're talking to another Star-Gazer. I should wait to speak to the High Elves after they finish talking.
Objective: Observe the High Elves
I should talk to the High Elf and see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Valla
The High Elves claim to be aspects of the Celestial Mage. They have offered to show me what happened to them. I should watch and learn.
Objective: Observe What Happened to the Mage
I witnessed events as they transpired between the Serpent and the Celestial Mage. I should talk to Valla and find out what it all means.
Objective: Talk to Valla
The Mage's aspect gave me a relic called the Seeker's Sight, but the gems that power it have been scattered across Craglorn. I need to gather these gems to power the relic.
Objective: Gather the Seeker's Sight Gems: 0/3
I recovered the gems that power the Seeker's Sight. I should meet with the aspects of the Mage at the winery near Belkarth to determine what I need to do next.
Objective: Meet the Mage's Aspects at the Winery
I should talk to Ahlora about the Seeker's Sight.
Objective: Talk to Ahlora
Now that the Seeker's Sight is whole, I need to find magical anomaly points in Craglorn and defeat the guardians to charge the gems.
Objective: Defeat the Guardians to Charge the Gems: 0/3
Now that I've charged the Seeker's Sight, I should meet the Mage's aspects at the Star-Gazers' Observatory.
Objective: Meet the Aspects at the Star-Gazers' Observatory
I entered the Star-Gazers' Observatory and spotted Hara with the aspects of the Mage. I should talk to her and let her know what I've done.
Objective: Talk to Hara
I should place the Seeker's Sight in the star map and observe what happens.
Objective: Place the Seeker's Sight and Observe
The Seeker's Sight has shown us where we can find other aspects of the Celestial Mage. I should talk to Ahlora about our next steps.
Objective: Talk to Ahlora
I need to locate the other aspects of the Celestial Mage.
Objective: Find the First Mage Aspect
Objective: Find the Second Mage Aspect
Now that I've gathered other aspects of the Celestial Mage, I should meet Valla and Ahlora at the winery outside of Belkarth.
Objective: Meet the Aspects at the Winery
I arrived at the winery. I should talk to Valla.
Objective: Talk to Valla
Valla told me that the Lost One abides near the Mage's Apex Stone, beneath the city of Elinhir. I can reach the Mage's Apex Stone through the city's sewers.
Objective: Find the Sewer Entrance Beneath Elinhir
The Seeker's Sight can help me locate the Mage's Apex Stone within these sewers. I should use it to find my way.
Objective: Find the Apex Stone
I arrived at the Mage's Apex Stone. Now I must defeat the Lost One so that the Mage can be made whole.
Objective: Find and Defeat the Lost One
☑Finishes quest I reunited the aspects of the Mage with the Lost One. It's now up to them to resist the Serpent's corruption. I should tell Star-Gazer Trilion what happened.
Objective: Inform the Star-Gazers of the Mage's Joining