Thieves Guild


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Home City Abah's Landing
Location Thieves Den, Along the main street in Abah's Landing
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild

Thrag is an Orc member of the Thieves Guild. Along with Andarri, he will contact you when the guildmaster wants to meet with you, depending on your reputation within the guild. He is also Ghazana's sponsor within the guild and may have been a Nocturnal cultist earlier in life.

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Thrag in Abah's Landing

When you enter the Den for the first time:

"The guildmaster is expecting you. Go on in."

Cleaning House[edit]

"Zeira sent me to find you. You're needed in the Den."
What's going on?
"Zeira thinks someone sold out the guild to the Iron Wheel. She wants to deal with this mess fast, before everyone starts pointing fingers."
I'll speak with her.
"Don't keep Zeira waiting."
Why does Zeira want my help?
"Because she knows it can't be you. You weren't part of the guild when the Iron Wheel first attacked.
Also, she knows you can handle yourself."
What makes Zeira think there was a traitor?
"The Iron Wheel struck us shortly after the dowry heist. They knew where to find every stash, safe house, and hiding spot. The only way to do that was with knowledge from the inside."
Tell me what you know about the dowry heist.
"Nicolas, our old guildmaster, had a plan to raid the family tomb of a Taneth noble. He died when the heist went bad—so did nearly all the rest. The best of us, cut down when they were needed most.
Only Zeira survived. Ugly business."

The Long Game[edit]

"Just got word. Zeira wants to see you."
Did she say why?
"A merchant lord named Cosh forced Silver-Claw from his warehouse. Zeira thinks Cosh is after the rackets our guild used to control."
I'll talk to Zeira.
"Zeira should be in the Den. Wouldn't keep her waiting."
What do we know about Cosh?
"The name is new to me. But we haven't been keeping as close an eye on the merchant lords as we used to.
Whoever he is, he seems ambitious."
The Thieves Guild used to watch the merchant lords?
"All the time. Our old guildmaster Nicolas was a master at playing them against one another. They spent so much time watching each other's moves, they never saw our own."
Who are the merchant lords?
"The magnates who pretend to run Abah's Landing. They buy and sell to anyone—it's why the pirates offload their goods in this port.
Take away all their riches and they'd be little more than bandits. But all the gold makes them think they're nobles."

A Flawless Plan[edit]

"Zeira needs you. It's always important, but this time is especially important."
Did she say why?
"Our failed attempt to steal Magnifica Falorah's dowry. If we left the tomb empty-handed, why does the Iron Wheel think we have it? And if it's gone, who actually stole it?
Zeira needs you to help her find answers."
All right, I'll speak with her. Where is she?
"You'll find Zeira in the Den. She's … a bit withdrawn.
Not my business, but I figured you should know."
What do you know about the dowry heist?/Tell me what you know about the dowry heist.
"Just what the rest of us know. Nicolas, our former guildmaster, planned to steal Magnifica Falorah's dowry from her family tomb. He brought Zeira and a few others—the best of the guild.
Zeira is the only one who made it out alive."
What happened?
"Zeira hasn't shared the details. She watched her friends die, I know that much.
Nicolas wasn't exactly a father to her, but she took his death the hardest."
Why does the Iron Wheel think we stole the dowry?/I don't understand why the Iron Wheel thinks we stole the dowry.
"We thought they were punishing us for our failed attempt. But you overheard Chief Inspector Rhanbiq himself. The dowry was stolen.
For some reason, the Iron Wheel thinks we have it. And they'll keep after us until they learn otherwise."
But why is the Iron Wheel so concerned about a dowry?
"A dowry is like a coin pouch. When it's full, everyone wants something from you. That makes you feel important, and maybe you are.
But when it's empty, nobody has time for you. It's why Magnifica Falorah is relying on the Iron Wheel to find it."

Forever Hold Your Peace[edit]

When you talk to him, he will ask you about a wedding.

"Did Zeira speak with you about the wedding?"
Wedding? What wedding?
"Cosh returned Magnifica Falorah's dowry. Seems she's agreed to marry him, to "bind the futures of Taneth and Abah's Landing." How romantic.
Our old guildmaster is behind all this. Zeira wants Nicolas to pay for his betrayal."
I'll speak with Zeira.
"Find Zeira in the Den. And hurry—the wedding is very soon."
Why would Magnifica Falorah marry Cosh?
"My theory? Nicolas gives Cosh the stolen dowry. Cosh "returns" it to Chief Inspector Rhanbiq. With the dowry recovered, the Iron Wheel departs.
This gives Cosh great influence with the merchant lords—the same ones who buy from all the pirates raiding Taneth."
So what does Falorah get out of it?
"Cosh becomes her puppet. He keeps the Abah's Landing merchant lords in line. This removes a threat to Taneth, which elevates her among her peers.
Better yet, she gets to marry and keep her own dowry. She gains money and influence. How about that?"
Thrag, why do you know so much about this?
"I read. Hammerfell politics are fascinating.
You ask me? Nobles are thieves who pick the pockets of nations."
How does Nicolas gain from this wedding?
"Cosh pays him a large sum of money for the dowry. He heads somewhere remote—retires, like Velsa did. Spends his fortune on all those paintings he loved to acquire.
Unless one of us finds him and feeds him his own liver. I'd do it, if Zeira asked."

Prison Break[edit]

After Zeira's capture, Thrag will eventually come to you with news.

"Silver-Claw has information you'll want to hear. I sent him to the Den's library."
What does Silver-Claw know?
"The Iron Wheel is about to put Zeira on a prison ship to Taneth. Silver-Claw found out when it's going to happen.
This is the only chance we'll have to recover our guildmaster before she's locked away in a Taneth dungeon."
I'll talk to Silver-Claw. Tell Quen, Walks-Softly, and Velsa to meet us.

If talk to him again, he will tell you, "You'll get Zeira back."


  • Thrag is one of the people to give his theory on the identity of the Lady in the Cistern statue in the Den.
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