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Trynhild Earth-Turner
Home Settlement Bleakrock Village
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Farmer
Trynhild Earth-Turner

Trynhild Earth-Turner is a Nord and the daughter of Denskar and Aera Earth-Turner, and the sister of Littrek Earth-Turner.

She seems to find water safe, as she hides near the Bleakrock docks during Sparking the Flame. She remembers swimming in the surf.

If you do not help Captain Rana at the docks during Crossroads Trynhild will die. If she survives the Covenant attack she will move to Bal Foyen and can later be found in Kragenmoor.

Related Quests[edit]


"I'm glad you're awake. When Holsgar brought you in, everyone thought for sure you'd die"
Are you a blacksmith?
"Ha! Do I look like one? I'm glad you have to ask.
I'm just Maesa's apprentice... so far, anyway. She's been teaching me for about a year now."
Do you enjoy the work?
"Oh, yes. We start with a lump of metal and end up with something useful. Horseshoes and nails and swords and whatnot.
I hear there are other kinds of crafters on the mainland, but I'd never be anything but a smith."
Why not?
"Have you seen the size of Maesa's arms? Holsgar says she once punched out a mammoth.
Smithing is a great way to let out frustration, especially after Otroggar comes over. "
Who's Otroggar?
"He's a fisherman. Fisher-lad. He stops by every day to see me.
He's always making dirty comments. Someday, my da's going to hurt him. "

Sparking the Flame[edit]

Trynhild can be found sitting by the sea while the Covenant burns down Bleakrock Village:

"Tillrani told us to run. I thought of the water and all those calm days in the surf. What was I thinking?"
Your family is gathering at the tomb. Quick! Run!
"Yes, my family. I should go to them. Here I go!"

Speaking with her by the tomb:

"I'm going to kill Covenant soldiers. They let you do that in the Pact army.
If I have to, I'll just buy an axe and start walking west."

Escape From Bleakrock[edit]

Speaking with her safely on the shores of Dhalmora after the escape:

"I'm going to join up, and nothing Mother says will stop me.
I'm not too young. I can hold a sword. I'm ready to fight. I'm better than my daft brother Littrek, anyway."

Breaking the Tide[edit]

After helping Rana at the docks, she will be injured and slumped on the ground:

"I'll be fine don't worry. The surgeon will get me patched right up."