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Vicecanon Hrondar
Home City Stormhold
Location Stormhold Guild Hall
Race Nord Gender Male
Health (?)
Reaction (?)
Vicecanon Hrondar

Hrondar is one of three vicecanons overseeing the city of Stormhold. He works with Heita-Meen and Servyna, trying to keep the city's racial tensions from boiling over. He is initially found in the Stormhold Guild Hall.

Hrondar is often frustrated by the politicking inherent in his job, lamenting, "I miss the days of kicking arse. Now I'm expected to kiss them." He also notes that racial tensions have eroded trust in the local government: "A while back, Argonians in Stormhold were slaves to the local Dark Elves. The two other vicecanons work to mend the bad blood, but it's slow to get anything done when nobody trusts the guard." He has full confidence in the city guard, but acknowledges that they aren't always the best at navigating these tensions. "As my son says, mammoths can't dance."

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