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Location Shattered Shoals
Ship The Prowler
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Virkvild is a Nord sailor who can be found aboard the Prowler at Shattered Shoals. While he was out scavenging, he was captured by Sea Vipers to be used in a sea ritual. Once he is rescued, he can be found aboard the ship, singing sea shanties.

Related Quests[edit]


Cast Adrift[edit]

He is one of the sailors you need to save from the Maormer ship to stop their ritual. When you free him with the lodestone, he exclaims "They won't kill me today!", and escapes.

The Prowler[edit]

After his rescue, he can be found working on the top deck of the ship, singing the chorus of Over The Seas.

Virkvild: "O'er the seas and o'er the Lane …"
Virkvild: "For Ayrenn, Edhelorn, or the Mane …"
Virkvild: "The lords command and we obey …"
Virkvild: "O'ver the seas and far away!"

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