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AvA Town:
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Cyrodiil (Disputed)
Discoverable No
Southeast of Castle Brindle
Other Buildings

Vlastarus is a town in southwestern Cyrodiil, southeast of Castle Brindle. The town can be captured by gaining control of the three objective flags for your alliance. It is connected via the Transitus Network to Castle Brindle. The roads of Vlastarus are frequented by guards deployed by the Alliance which controls Castle Brindle, which can result in conflict with the guards defending Vlastarus.

Related Quests[edit]

Vlastarus Adventurer[edit]

Aside from Stolen Banner, these quests are repeatable and can be completed once a day. Doing so will reward you with 0000250250Alliance Points and a Vlastrus Reward Container [sic].

Other Quests[edit]

  • Best Left Unknown: Deliver a letter to Vlastarus.
  • [[File:{{#if:|ON-qico-Group Area.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Raid.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Instance.png|{{#switch:side|story|storyline|alliance=ON-qico-Zone Story.png|}}}}}}}}}}|bottom|20px]]The Changing Kind: Help save someone being hunted by werewolves.
  • The High Cost of Travel: Break the bad news to a husband.
  • Homeward: Help the refugees from Pell's Gate.
  • The List: Return murder victims' belongings to their loved ones.
  • [[File:{{#if:|ON-qico-Group Area.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Raid.png|{{#if:|ON-qico-Instance.png|{{#switch:side|story|storyline|alliance=ON-qico-Zone Story.png|}}}}}}}}}}|bottom|20px]]The Shurgak Job: Find an Orc raider's brother.

Protected Safe House[edit]

Vlastarus Safe House

The Vlastarus Safe House is located on the southern edge of the town, beside the main road. The alliance which controls the town can use the Safe House to access the Transitus Network.

ON-mapicon-AvA Flag.png Capture Points[edit]

There are three capture points in Vlastarus, all of which must be controlled by the same alliance in order to gain control of the town:

  • Central flag: In the center of the town (three guards)
  • Merchant flag: On a platform to the north of the town (two guards, and the quartermaster)
  • Outlier flag: Behind the watchtower (no guards)

Shops and Services[edit]


Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-quest-Book 03.png Vlastarus Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Vlastarus.


The following sets can be obtained in Vlastarus, either in Vlastrus Reward Containers [sic] or purchased for 001200012,000Alliance Points:


  • Prior to Update 11, Vlastarus was an Explorable Location and used a ON-mapicon-Town.pngTown map marker. It originally provided experience on discovery, but this Discovery XP was removed when the town became an Alliance War objective.
  • Prior to Update 20, the Safe House could be used as a respawn location for the controlling alliance, but was not connected to the Transitus Network.


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