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Home City Lilmoth
Store Vohta-Lan's Mundane Market
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Grocer

Vohta-Lan is an Argonian grocer who can be found outside the Lusty Argonian Footman in Lilmoth. He runs his stall, Vohta-Lan's Mundane Market, and has capitalized on the lack of appeal local foods have for most dryskin visitors by providing something more familiar. Though he does mock them for this.


"Do not hesitate to make a purchase. My provender will suit even the most mundane palette."
"I used to sell more local cuisine, until the dryskins started to kick up a fuss. They run from strangeness as the mouse runs from the serpent."
"Looking to purchase? Have no fear. I sell only that which the dryskins consider quality goods. Whatever that should mean."
"Bland palate? No wish to dine upon our native eel-pears? Disgusted by the thought of local cuisine? My shop has just what you need!"