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Warcaller Targoth
Location Moriseli
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Warcaller Targoth

Warcaller Targoth is the ghost of an Orc chief. His and his soldiers' souls have been tormented by cultists, and he wants you to defeat the priestess, Drusilla Nerva, to allow them to rest peacefully.

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Tormented Souls[edit]

"You … you are not one of them. You have not the taint. Help us. Free us from this torment!"
Who are you? What's happening here?
"I am Targoth, Warcaller of the Stonewolves. Cultists have violated my tomb and those of my warriors. The vile priestess Drusilla leads the cult, dragging our spirits back to this realm."
"In life, I wielded a magical war horn. My soldiers obeyed it, hearing its call across all barriers. Drusilla now uses it to call my warriors from beyond the grave, binding them to her will."
How can Drusilla be stopped?
"She is in the lower chambers. Kill her before she can send my soldiers against our descendants. That will free me from her bonds. Then the horn can return my warband to its honored rest."
I'll find her.

If you speak to him again, he'll divulge more information:

"Be wary. Drusilla is powerful. You will need all your cunning to overcome her."
Why are there so many Orc dead here?
"My band of warriors—the Stonewolves—fought and died here. To honor our sacrifice, our remains were left upon the bloodied fields."
Can you come with me?
"No. I am shackled to this circle. Drusilla bound me here to gain access to my war horn. I will not be free until she is dead."
What do the cultists want here?
"They seek to add my warriors to their numbers. But that is only part of their plan. Aid me, and I will tell you all I know."

Recover Targoth's War Horn and he'll appear at the altar:

"You have freed me! But my warriors still cry out for an end to their torment."
What did the cultists want with your warband?
"I overheard them mention the ruin of Carzog's Demise. Whatever they are planning, it is to take place there.
But that is not my concern. Now that you have the horn, free my warriors."
"Return the horn to its rightful place atop my tomb in the next chamber. Then my warriors will rest once again."
What if I keep the horn?
"Then you condemn my warriors to further degradation! Surely you have more honor than that.
We no longer belong in this realm. Our battle is over. Let us have peace."
I understand.

Place the horn on his tomb and he'll appear once more:

Warcaller Targoth: "Your efforts honor us, champion."
Warcaller Targoth: "I feel the spirits of my warriors return to rest. And so I shall follow."
Warcaller Targoth: "Be bold, warrior. The cultists still plague this island. You will meet them again, to their sorrow."


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