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(lore page)
Location Wilderking Court
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
The Wilderking
The Wilderking on his throne in Greenheart.

The Wilderking is a Bosmer god who manifests on Nirn in the body of a mortal. He is often encountered levitating in the air, with a trail of faded green lights and leaves falling down around him. At the conclusion of the Greenshade questline, he becomes the Wilderqueen.

Related Quests[edit]


"It is good you're here. With earth magic and fire, Aranias and Andur force their way towardsmy throne, leaving chaos in their wake.
I've lost control of my guardians. My power fades. I've always wondered what death would be like. Soon, I will know."
You're just going to give up?
"My end was inevitable all along. Someone new must become caretaker of the Valenwood. Aranias was guided here for this purpose.
It's fascinating. In here hearth, I think she knows the truth, but she's conflicted. Perhaps its Andur's influence?"
What should I do to change that?
"I think you should catch up with them. Follow the trail of fire.
Aranias must choose to accept the responsibility of her own accord, but Andur will not understand. I expect he will oppose her and she will need your help to defeat him."
Then I will try and catch up quickly.


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