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ON-icon-misc-Coin Bag.png Crime Pays
ON-icon-achievement-Golden Palms.png Give to the Poor
ON-icon-achievement-Mages Guild.png Lightbringer
Type Exploration Achievements
Points 15 each
Extort gold from merchants across Tamriel.
Share your wealth with needy beggars across Tamriel.
Bring light to the dark places of the world.

These three World Event Achievements all work in essentially the same way. In each of the 15 Alliance zones, there are specific locations where one of three random world events can occur. They do not happen every time, and you can get the same one multiple times in a zone, so it can take a while to complete all three of them in each zone. Completing all of them once each in all 15 zones awards you with one of these three achievements. The events are as follows:

Crime Pays[edit]

A merchant appears at a location with a horse. (Often the horse will appear first, so if you see a horse standing around, you might want to wait a few seconds to see if its owner shows up.) You can talk to the merchant, and above the usual option to trade with them, you will be given the option to rob them instead. This option can only be chosen if you have the Fighters Guild Intimidating Presence passive. If you choose to rob them, they will put a backpack on the ground which contains some random loot. (Not gold, despite the achievement's description and much of the associated dialogue.) They will then sit down next to the horse and sulk. If you meet the same merchant again, they will remember you, and you can rob them again, though this does not help with the achievement. You will earn a small amount of experience every time however.

Give to the Poor[edit]

A beggar appears, digging through a bag on the ground. (Often the bag will appear first, along with an icon that floats over the beggar's head which looks just like the icon you see when you have an NPC follower during certain quests.) If you talk to the beggar, they will tell you a small story and ask for some gold. The gold is a level-dependent amount up to 0000006969 Gold. If you give it to them, you'll receive a small amount of experience. Choosing any other dialogue options will cause you to miss the opportunity. If you encounter the same beggar later, they will recognize you, and you can give them gold for experience again, but it will not help with the achievement.


Two people will appear around an unlit campfire and have a brief conversation about the incompetence of one of them to start a fire. (Often the campfire will appear first, so if you see a campfire appear, wait a few seconds for the campers to show up.) You can then activate the campfire to light it. Doing so earns you some experience, and also gives you increased Maximum Stamina for a short time. If you meet the same campers again later, they will recognize you, and you can activate their still-lit fire again to receive the experience and Maximum Stamina boost, but it will not help with the achievement after the first time.


Zone Locations NPCs
Aldmeri Dominion
Auridon Crime Pays Erinquen
Give to the Poor Kusirnaz-dar
Lightbringer Ei-Ei & Muslabeh
Grahtwood Crime Pays Trader Rabamak
Give to the Poor Mathys
Lightbringer Hareglor & Maenrin
Greenshade Crime Pays Quentyn
Give to the Poor Maralfar Foxbite
Lightbringer Aryamo & Uluga gra-Durbug
Malabal Tor Crime Pays Teldryni
Give to the Poor Lionora Two-Tongue
Lightbringer Alalura & Mylis
Reaper's March Crime Pays Bilaira
Give to the Poor Breezes-Whisper
Lightbringer Abadai & Parriot Conele
Daggerfall Covenant
Alik'r Desert Crime Pays Ila
Give to the Poor Wallows-In-Sand
Lightbringer Erimroth & Miruin Burr-Hair
Bangkorai Crime Pays Redvayn
Give to the Poor Thaliwen Verminhair
Lightbringer Geeh-Lurz & Splitwhisker
Glenumbra Crime Pays Trader Renko
Give to the Poor Vofalgar the Wretch
Lightbringer Radwa at-Ginal & Trystan Boissart
Rivenspire Crime Pays Maladdak
Give to the Poor Solumor
Lightbringer Eldinaran & Guz
Stormhaven Crime Pays Ohtarona
Give to the Poor Dustyclaw
Lightbringer Urava & Iry Hlervu
Ebonheart Pact
Deshaan Crime Pays Evien
Give to the Poor Nedasilf Too-Bold
Lightbringer Kylian Astier & Mihra af-Abadiran
Eastmarch Crime Pays Sahaz
Give to the Poor Nael
Lightbringer Alander Stickyfoot & Maenrin
The Rift Crime Pays Anirione
Give to the Poor Filthwhisker
Lightbringer Farmir & Haghai
Shadowfen Crime Pays Sefra
Give to the Poor Deet-Waska
Lightbringer Walks-With-Rushes & Sanadarin
Stonefalls Crime Pays Selenor
Give to the Poor Indel Swollen-Foot
Lightbringer Vlaasti & Ervyla Hlaalu