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Worm Cult Battlemage
Location Dark Anchors; Unfinished Dolmen
Race Varied Gender Varies
Health 29870
57,500 rounded (Unfinished Dolmen)
Reaction Hostile Class Battlemage
Other Information
Faction(s) Worm Cult

Worm Cult Battlemage is a generic member of the Worm Cult.

Related Quests[edit]

Known Locations[edit]


At dark anchors, a Battlemage may take part in the summoning ritual, there are a few versions:

Worm Cult Pyromancer: "Bring forth the blood offering."
Worm Cult Battlemage: "When Coldharbour calls, Nirn obeys!"
Worm Cult Pyromancer: "God of Schemes, we offer this victim to honor you!"
Worm Cult Battlemage: "Through the spilled blood of an innocent, we call forth your anchor to join our worlds!"
Worm Cult Pyromancer: "Bind this world with your chains! Draw it ever closer to your realm!"
<The ritual is completed and chains connect to the dolmen.>
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