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The second largest of the Summerset Isles, Auridon has always served the High Elves as a buffer between their serene archipelago and the turmoil of Tamriel. The Altmer of Auridon have been hardened by generations of repelling invaders, pirates, and plagues.


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Zone Story Quests[edit]

Zone Story Quests are the main story arc for the zone. Completing these quests can award you with skill points, experience, gold, and gear.


Wayshrines allow free, instantaneous travel between wayshrines that have been discovered and unlocked. You can also travel directly to any unlocked wayshrine from anywhere in the world for a small amount of gold.

Cave Delver[edit]

Delves are solo-able dungeons found throughout the world. Delves will always contain a single skyshard and a boss who drops item set gear.

Points of Interest[edit]

Points of Interest are self-contained stories that explore the lore, characters, and locations within a zone. These can award you with experience, gold, and gear.


Striking Locales are places of interest within the world. Discovering all of the Striking Locales in a zone will award that zone's Pathfinder achievement.

Set Stations[edit]

Set Stations are locations in the world where you can craft items with specific item set bonuses.

Mundus Stones[edit]

Mundus Stones are objects in the world that grant a boon in the form of a temporary player buff. This buff will persist until replaced with a different Mundus Stone boon.

Public Dungeons[edit]

Public Dungeons are open world dungeons found throughout Tamriel and beyond. These are designed for four player groups. Completing different parts of Public Dungeons can award you with a skill point, experience, gold, and gear.

World Events[edit]

World Events such as Dark Anchors are activities that occur in the world that are best tackled by a group of adventurers. Completing a World Event can award you experience, gold, and higher tier gear.

World Bosses[edit]

World Bosses are difficult enemies meant to be tackled by a group of adventurers. Defeating a world boss can award you higher tier gear.

Skyshard Hunter[edit]

Skyshards are scattered throughout the world and can be identified by the bright beam of white light they emanate. Discovering three Skyshards will grant you a skill point, which can be used to unlock or morph new abilities.

Clue Location Notes
A landing of noble's blood. In Vulkhel Guard, on the Manor & Treasury's middle balcony. (map)
Adorns Valano's terrace. Second floor balcony of Valano Manor. (map) Not easily accessible until Teldur's End quest because the front door of the manor is locked. However, there is a second entrance via ladder on the beach behind the manor that can be used to get in earlier.
Offered to appease riled ancestors. Southwest of Tanzelwil, overlooking the sea. (map)
Watching the sky in a tower of swords. On a balcony of Skywatch's Fighters Guild building. (map)
Between cursed ruin and shrine. Between Ezduiin and its corresponding wayshrine, behind a wall. (map)
Near Merormo's refreshment. West-southwest of Shattered Grove, outside of Merormo's tower. (map)
Contemplation's overlook. On top of a waterfall northwest of the Isle of Contemplation. (map)
Up and west in the broken dawn. In a destroyed house in Dawnbreak, on the stairs. (map)
Gleaming beacon, ship-guide. On top of the North Beacon lighthouse. (map) The way to the top of the tower is somewhat twisty. You'll have to head there for The Wayward Dagger and Eye Spy quests. Don't forget to enter the lighthouse to collect the shard.
Ancient chamber of golden glow. Inside Bewan, southeastern corner of the delve. (map)
The Heritance stakes this claim. Inside Del's Claim. (map)
Near the folly's end. Inside Entila's Folly, on top of a platform. (map)
Held in a corner by the House of Troubles. Inside Mehrunes' Spite, on the left in the first room. (map)
Blood-drained thralls stumble past. Inside Ondil, in a short side passage lined with bookcases. (map)
Corpses from another age walk here. Inside Wansalen. (map)
Hidden home in the gully's wall. Inside Toothmaul Gully. (map)

Shalidor's Library Books[edit]

Shalidor's Library Books are scattered throughout the world. These books are identified by their distinctive purple glow. Discovering these books will improve your Mages Guild rank and advance the associated skill line.

Auridon Lore[edit]


Daedric Princes[edit]

  • Aedra and Daedra by Anonymous — Overview of the basic differences between Gods, Demons, Aedra, and Daedra
  • Boethiah's Proving by Anonymous — An account of a fatal summoning of Boethiah

Divines and Deities[edit]

Dungeon Lore[edit]


Tamriel History[edit]