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Reason for Page[edit]

The reasoning for this page, and the Online:Eidetic Memory is a follow on from the discussion on the Community Portal a little while back. We can see (so far) that all books, letters and notes are divided into 2 large parent categories. Shalidor's Library and Eiditic Memory.

These two categories divided further into many sub-categories. Here is a link to a screenshot that shows the Eiditic Memory indeed exists in-game. From what I understand, the Eiditic Memory unlocks only when you collect all the books for Shalidor's Library for the Mages Guild - and it includes all the books, letters and notes not contained in Shalidor's Library.

Since the books are essentially collectables in the game, it would make sense to have seperate pages (in addition to Online:Books) where a user can easily check what ones they have or need. While a "sort column" option on Online:Books would do this, it is very cumbersome. It's not an idea system, as we usually seperate books and journals from notes, but this is how it's categorized in-game.

Going back to the additional column on the Online: Books mega table to denote the collection - we can have these collections link to redirects that lead to one of the parent pages. For example, Online:Motalion Necropolis Report would have a link in the new column to Online:Alik'r Desert Lore. This page would redirect to Online:Shalidor's Library#Alik'r Desert Lore, where a list of all the books in that collections would be found.

I have made a tweak to Template:Book Summary/Game so the word "Collection" links to the "Collections" header on Online:Books where I have added some detail. My problem is I don't understand the Books template too well, and so my request to anyone is to tweak the "collections" field, so the text within would be a link to the Online namespace - as described in my example above. Then I would go into all the books in the Online namespace and begin adding the Collection field in the template - and these would appear in the new column as links. Which in turn would lead to either Online: Shalidor's Library or Online: Eidetic Memory. I hope that made sense. --Jimeee (talk) 18:20, 10 March 2014 (GMT)

Done. Robin Hood  (talk) 22:18, 10 March 2014 (GMT)