Shadowkey:Pergan Asuul

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First Incarnation
Location Twilight Temple
Gender Male
Other Information
Level 10 XP 750
Health 150 Armor 1
Attack 30 Defense 70
Magic Resistance 50 Spellcasting 10
Damage 15-25
Pergan Asuul's first incarnation

Pergan Asuul is the principal antagonist during the events of Shadowkey. Although Skelos Undriel is worried that Jagar Tharn will come to control the Umbra' Keth it is Asuul who comes closest, and who is willing to sacrifice himself to strengthen the shadow.

Although the non-linear nature of the game means it isn't guaranteed, his first appearance is supposed to be in Twilight Temple, where he describes your shadow as "practically marinated in courage", a taste he acquired some time ago. At this point, he will drop the Twilight Shadowkey when slain.

Second Incarnation
Location Lakvan's Stronghold
Gender Male
Other Information
Level 13 XP 1500
Health 250 Armor 1
Attack 60 Defense 90
Magic Resistance 55 Spellcasting 20
Damage 35-45
Pergan Asuul's second incarnation

His second incarnation is found in Lakvan's Stronghold, despite Jagar Tharn's advice to Lakvan to end his association with Asuul. It is this incarnation that will eventually prove Asuul's undoing, as his slip of the tongue reveals either the location or identity of Azra Nightwielder and restores Azra's memory.

If the meeting in Twilight Temple has been avoided, Asuul has just one word to say before beginning combat: "die". Otherwise he will ask if you found slaying him to your liking, and tell you that you should take comfort in the fact that you are doing his will if you try to kill him again.

In either case, his last words in this incarnation are "It is even better than I could have hoped for." before giving away the knowledge about Azra.

It should be clear at this point that Pergan Asuul hopes to strengthen the Umbra' Keth through your continued conflict with him. You will have to fight him one last time...

Third Incarnation
Location Crypt of Hearts II
Gender Male
Other Information
Level 22 XP 2500
Health 450 Armor 1
Attack 125 Defense 225
Magic Resistance 175 Spellcasting 30
Damage 60-75
Pergan Asuul's third incarnation

His final incarnation stands at the top of the stairs leading to Crypt of Hearts III - the final stairs before the Umbra' Keth can be encountered. Trying to use the stairway reveals that Asuul has cursed them to prevent anybody descending; he must be killed before the final level can be accessed.