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Aurmazl Kaneh
(RefID: 000120EE)
Location Cylarne
Race Golden Saint Gender Female
Level PC+5 Class Golden Saint
RefID 000120EE BaseID 000120EC
Other Information
Health 55 + (6+1.8)x(PC+4), PC=1-16
Magicka 100 + 1.5x(PC+4) (max=250)
Respons. 100 Aggress. 10
Essential Until the player allies with the Dark Seducers during The Cold Flame of Agnon
Faction(s) Aureal; Aureal
Aurmazl Kaneh

Aurmazl Kaneh is a Golden Saint officer commanding the Golden Saint troops at the Battle of Cylarne. During the related quest, it's up to you to either help her win or lose the struggle.

Asking any Saint in Cylarne about her will provide you with some background information: "She commands the Aureals here at Cylarne. She has just arrived with reinforcements from Brellach to end this stalemate once and for all."

She is enabled at the beginning of the related quest and will never survive, either because you choose to side with the Mazken or because she gets to sacrifice herself at the Altar of Rapture. Before you enter the Saint-controlled part of Cylarne, she will wander around the area, awaiting your arrival. Once you enter, she and Mirel will engage in a conversation and Kaneh will take a firm negative stance on his proposal:

"Too risky. It's likely to be a trap. They could cut us to pieces down there if they knew we were coming."
"Enough! I've made my decision. We will attack down the main passage, as planned. The Mazken will not withstand us!"

After she has given her final and negative answer, she will be found either wandering around or, more likely, praying at the Altar of Rapture. She will greet with little enthusiasm: "This is no place for a mortal. We are about to join battle against the Mazken. You'd best stand aside." When you inform her of your status as Sheogorath's messenger, she will be more respectful: "My pardon, Emissary. I am at your service. We are preparing to sweep the Mazken scum from Cylarne. Perhaps Sheogorath sent you to help us?"

When you ask her about the Flame she will tell you: "Only the servants of Sheogorath can light the Flame, by kindling the Altars of Despair and Rapture which feed the Flame. Alas, we hold only the Altar of Rapture. The treacherous Mazken hold the Altar of Despair. We must control both to light the Flame. If you help us seize the Altar of Despair from the Mazken, I will be honored to kindle the Flame of Agnon for my Lord Sheogorath." Inquiring about the battle will net you "The only way to assault the Altar of Despair is down the main passage between the two altars. It will be difficult. The Mazken have fortified their position. But I am confident that with your help, we can defeat them. Will you help us retake the Altar of Despair, and drive the Mazken out of Cylarne once and for all?" Depending on whether you suggest spying on the Seducers, put forward Mirel's plan to attack through the Underdeep, state your disinterest or agree to help her, you will receive one of the following replies:

"That's an excellent idea. They cannot refuse entry to an emissary of Lord Sheogorath. Return at once when you have their deployments. This could make all the difference."
"Ah, Mirel's beloved surprise attack. A perfect example of why males do not hold command positions. He has failed to consider the risks of his plan. If the Mazken have prepared an ambush along that route, we would be slaughtered. We're better off storming the main passage, where our superior strength and bladework can come into play."
"You're making a mistake. There is no other way to light the Flame. If you think the Mazken will help you, you will be disappointed. We will destroy them with or without your help. Go then. I will hold off on my attack to give you a chance to reconsider. But I will not wait forever."
"Very good, Emissary. With your help, we will rid Cylarne of the Mazken once and for all! Aureals! The cleansing of Cylarne begins now! Follow me!"

After this last reply, she will launch herself in the attack down the main passage, followed by her troops. If you instead decide to scout ahead and report back that the Underdeep is defenseless she will say: "Are all males so obstinate? Have I not already told you that I consider that route too risky?" or "I've already made my decision. We attack down the main passage! What makes you think you can persuade me when my own lieutenant cannot?" If you insist on Mirel's plan she will finally agree: "Mirel was very convincing as well... Very well. We'll risk it. The Underdeep it is. May Sheogorath's divine madness possess us today! Aureals! We attack through the Underdeep! The Mazken will be destroyed before they awake to their danger. Follow me!" If you bow to her wishes she will say: "That's why females command and males take orders." or "You'll make a fine commander one day. Come. Let us surrender to the madness of battle!"

Whichever course of action you have decided, she will carry out your orders to the letter, leading her troops into Cylarne by whatever route you indicated. If you have deceived her, she will realize only when it is too late and will fall to the blows of the defending Dark Seducers. If, on the other hand, you decide to help her, after all of the Seducers are dead she will proceed to the altar and then thank you one last time: "Victory is ours! I have already selected a candidate for the honor of kindling the Altar of Rapture. I will now claim the honor of victory for myself here on the Altar of Despair." Depending on your answer you will receive one of three replies:

"The Altars can only be kindled by the willing sacrifice of a Mazken or an Aureal. It is my great honor to release my soul to Oblivion in service to Lord Sheogorath. Farewell. I will not walk these lands for many a year."
"Not at all. It was an honor to carry out such an agreeable duty at the personal command of Lord Sheogorath's personal emissary. Now it is my even greater honor to die in my Lord's service. Farewell!"
"My Lord's choice of emissaries is strange. But He tolerates the Mazken in His service as well, so who can fathom His ways? No matter. I serve him, not you. Stand aside."

She then strides in the middle of the altar, draws a sword and stabs herself, in the process kindling the flame.

She wears a leveled suit of full Golden Saint armor and a leveled Golden Saint shield and wields a leveled Golden Saint weapon. She also has a small chance (10% each) of carrying a random gem, a random potion and a random scroll. She also carries the key to Cylarne. In addition, she will also be able to cast a set of standard Golden Saint spells. Once the battle commences, she will equip a Golden Saint helmet of the best possible quality for your level.

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  • Although she nominally an Aurmazl, she is only really a lowly Auren.
  • All three of her final speeches should end the conversation with her, but if you receive the first one, you will still be able to talk to her about the Mazken and the Aureals.