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Sealed Correspondence
by G. Malifant
Excuses for delays in a grand plan

Lord --

I regret to inform you that my return may not be as swift as originally hoped. As you know, I have been summoned away on family business, the full nature of which was not known to me when the courier's message arrived. Now that I am here, it is clear that I will need to spend at least a few days longer before leaving.

I know that you'll insist on knowing the specifics of my absence, so I'll spare us both the headache and disclose them now. The family member is an older cousin -- technically the patriarch of my family -- who has been working tirelessly on restoring our family crypt following the death of his mother. Knowing my interest in stonework, he was keen to enlist my help with certain deterrents he has been installing, and having seen the work to be done, I know it will be enough to fill the better part of a week.

On a personal note, the ruins themselves are fascinating. I hope to get the time to take down some sketches -- you recall the drawings from my journeys last year, of course. Oddly, I can't remember anything about my trip after meeting my escort, but I'm told that this site is very near the border, although this structure is unlike any of the Nord ruins I'm familiar with, and the air is stifling hot for a Skyrim structure. Perhaps you and I can research this further when I return.

I hear my name being called -- I'd better go see what is needed and have this letter handed to a courier before any more time passes. I hope it finds you well.

- G. Malifant