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Put an end to the rupture caused by the Eye of Magnus.
Quest Giver: Tolfdir
Location(s): College of Winterhold, Radiant location
Prerequisite Quest: The Eye of Magnus
Reward: Leveled gold
Magic Anomalies emerging from the rupture

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak with Tolfdir.
  2. Travel to location where the rupture is and defeat enemies in its vicinity.
  3. Return for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

This quest is initiated from Tolfdir at the College of Winterhold after becoming Archmage. When asked "Is there anything I should be aware of?" Tolfdir will respond that there is some sort of magical disturbance which seems to be related to the Eye of Magnus, and will provide a quest location.

Travel to the quest location given. The map marker will point you to any one of twenty-seven locations in Skyrim (there are three possible locations in each hold). Defeat the Magic Anomalies and return to Tolfdir for a leveled gold reward. However, if the rupture occurred in Winterhold, then you do not receive anything, as the College gets no thanks from the already unhappy citizens.


Levels Reward
1-9 500
10-19 750
20-29 1,000
30-39 1,250
40+ 1,500

Possible Locations[edit]

Hold X Y Z Map
Eastmarch 156774 34973.2 -12097.3 (map)
150116 -19969.3 -9522.54 (map)
157887 -10004 -5701.51 (map)
Falkreath 11456.6 -87138.9 9099.58 (map)
3191.81 -74939.1 4265.12 (map)
-6586.35 -53651.6 1571.73 (map)
Haafingar -115923 125363 -13348 (map)
-150279 112002 -13856 (map)
-59606 129451 -10192.1 (map)
Hjaalmarch -26330.7 54009.8 -11479.4 (map)
-22964.2 96914.9 -13116.8 (map)
-17923.1 114182 -13608.7 (map)
The Pale 67783.6 41701.1 -7949.6 (map)
13956.8 81918.3 -10131.7 (map)
26322 53657.4 -7227.48 (map)
The Reach -122084 15215.7 -4146.69 (map)
-93317 63170.8 -12512 (map)
-129837 60564.9 -9449.18 (map)
The Rift 154730 -106058 10797.1 (map)
105575 -74706.2 10646.9 (map)
136527 -69979 14900.1 (map)
Whiterun -51447.9 14353.8 -6905.97 (map)
43888.8 -9992.87 -2488.3 (map)
-5524.83 2130.19 -6528.94 (map)
Winterhold 87612.1 91605 -10019.7 (map)
87813.4 76805.4 -5513.69 (map)
138605 68813.2 -7901.52 (map)


  • Although Tolfdir suggests that you bring the Staff of Magnus with you, it is not required to complete the mission.
  • You may encounter Magic Anomalies in the wilderness without accepting the quest from Tolfdir. The Magic Anomalies will never disappear or change its location until you destroy them.
  • One of the possible sites for a magical rupture to appear is located right next to Windstad Manor.HF
  • Magic Anomalies scale with you and on higher levels will all have grand souls.
  • This quest may be repeated as many times as you like by asking Tolfdir if there is anything you should be aware of.


  • The rupture may be randomly placed intersecting water, if this is the case then it cannot be completed as the rift does not properly show up and anomalies do not spawn.
  • If you come across the Magic Anomalies before speaking to Tolfdir then the quest cannot be completed.
    • This issue has been addressed by version 1.3 of the Official Skyrim Patch; the quest will automatically start at stage 20 upon defeating all Magic Anomalies. You can then return to Tolfdir for your reward and the quest will end normally.

Quest Stages[edit]

Aftershock (MGR30)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 There have been reports of some sort of magical anomaly in Skyrim. Tolfdir fears it is a side-effect of Ancano's meddling with the Eye of Magnus, and has asked that I look into it. He suggested I take the Staff of Magnus with me, just in case.
Objective 10: Close the Rupture
20 I have found and shut down the magical anomaly Tolfdir was worried about. I should return to him and let him know it's been dealt with.
Objective 20: Return to Tolfdir
200 ☑Finishes quest A magical anomaly was reported in Skyrim; it seems to have been connected to Ancano's meddling with the Eye of Magnus. I successfully shut it down before it could become a greater problem.
201 ☑Finishes quest

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